Important letters and documents

Curriculum Related Polices

Letter on pupil attendance

Fixed penalty fines letter

School uniform guidelines

New (Year R) starters information booklet

Pupil absence form letter for parents

School Closure Procedure


Able child policy 2016

Assessment policy 2016

Curriculum policy 2016

Healthy Eating


Marking and Feedback policy 2016

Monitoring and Evaluation

Behaviour Policy 2016

Pupils internet code of practice

SEN Policy 2016

Inclusion Policy 2016

Pupil Premium policy 2016

SMSC policy 2016

 Collective Worship policy 2016

E-Safety policy 2016

Teaching and Learning





Child protection related policies Other policies and documents

Child Protection 2016

Safeguarding policy for FGM 2016

Safeguarding statement for parents 2016

Management of records 2016


Diversity and Equality policy 2016

Managing medicines 2016

Disability  and Equality scheme

Whistling blowing policy 2016



Admissions Policy 2017/2018

Admission appeal timetable

Accessibility policy

Charging policy 2016

Complaints Procedure policy 2016

Value for money statement

Health and Safety

Privacy Notice

Anti bullying policy 2016

Attendance policy 2016

Transgender Policy 2017

Subject related policies

Art and Design policy 2016

English policy 2016

Foundation Stage 2016



Handwriting policy 2016


Computing policy 2016

Maths policy 2016

MFL policy 2016


PE policy 2016


PSHE 2016

Religious Education Policy 2016

Science 2016

Sex Education policy 2016