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  Class information

Year 5 Information Booklet

Staff in Class 5 are:

Mrs Baker (Class teacher) & Mrs Worthington (Teaching Assistant)


As usual homework will be given out every Friday and will be due back in on the following Wednesday. The homework in the learning logs is a chance for the children to discuss with you at home what they have been doing at school and show their understanding.  This will either be a “show me” task which is consolidating lessons learnt in class, online My Maths or research tasks.

Additionally it would be great if you regular discuss learn timetables. We are ticking off timetables on a class room chart. I expect most children to know timetables 1-12, out of order, by the end of year 5

There are loads of great websites out there!



PE lessons are timetabled twice each week, but it is important that your child has their full PE kit in school every day. Trainers are used daily for our five minute run that happens across the school each day.

A general PE kit would include. Brill t-shirt, jumper, shorts, tracksuit bottoms/comfortable trousers, change of socks, appropriate trainers (hats and gloves maybe need in the winter months)

General Information:

In year 5 we begin to foster independence at school, for example children look after their own, money, letters, school equipment and other notices.  Children are expected to have a pencil, ruler and a pen at the very least in their pencil case. We do provide other stationary but to aid transition to secondary education, we feel it is important for the children to look after and organise their own equipment and stationary.


If you have any queries or concerns, please get in touch with me using the email below so that we can arrange a meeting, if necessary, to discuss it further.

Thank you.

Mrs Baker

Email: d.baker@brillschool.org.uk

 The Curriculum

At Brill School, English, maths and core skills are taught through focused daily lessons; usually in the morning. But for other lessons we have developed a curriculum that is imaginative, child focused and cross curricular.

Class 5’s thematic topic units for this year are:




Main focus

Autumn 1

A long, long time ago...


Autumn 2

The World Goes Pop!


Spring 1

Earth and Space


Spring 2

Building Bridges


Summer 1

Anglo Saxons and Scots


Summer 2


Click on the topic units for an overview document for the term's work or on the subject links for more information about the long term curriculum in each specific area.

 Class teacher: Mrs Baker                         


 Class teacher: Mrs Baker                    Teaching Assistant: Mrs Worthington



Ways you can help support your child’s learning in school are:



In Year 5 the children are taught particular spelling patterns during Literacy lessons and we have recently begun a new 'Speller of the Week' initiative. If children are able to use the spelling patterns correctly in independent writing, they are rewarded through our credit system and also, for additional effort, may receive the Speller of the Week certificate. Additionally, we have some 'Words of the Week' too. These aim to develop use of more adventurous vocabulary and sometimes these words are also related to the spelling pattern.

Year 5 have a spelling list of words that is used within lessons. These words form the basis of our weekly spelling tests.



In Year 5 the children take part in a guided reading sessions, 4 times per week, where we focus on specific reading skills. We prioritise reading in Year 5, in two silent reading sessions each day during registration. Reading quality and appropriately pitched books will inevitably lead to an improved understanding of written material, whilst also positively impacting the childrens' writing content.

Do please encourage your child to read (and share with you) the texts from our Brill School Year 5 recommended book list.



Within the Year 5 curriculum, there are many times where secure knowledge of all of the times tables from x1 to x12 helps the children learn new skills and methods of calculating. Please encourage your children to frequently practise their times tables; both by rote methods and by asking questions out of order. The more secure the times tables are, the more confident your child will be in lessons when learning much of the curriculum objectives for Year 5.


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Spelling and grammar:






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