Brill Church Of England School

With the Wind in our Sails

Brill School is in the top 10% of Buckinghamshire schools for progress and attainment!


A huge amount of money is raised each year for the School through PTA events (put on through the hard work of parents and staff).  From very large events like Art on the Hill and Big Brill Camp, to smaller events such as a quiz, a gin tasting night, selling DVDs of the Nativity, as well as refreshments on the night, ice cream sales, selling tea towels, bags and calendars (with the children’s designs).  We also put on a Christmas party for the children, along with a summer fete including teacher and pupil stalls.  Parents can also raise funds by signing up to easy fundraising, and the Vale Lottery.

In the last few years we have funded the wooden ‘adventure’ playground, AV equipment for the school hall, refurbishment of the library and ICT suite (including supplying over 1000 new books and 30 new laptops and Ipads), Year 6 summer production and improvements to Reception’s indoor and outdoor space.  We are currently funding the replacement of the desks and chairs to help improve the space and environment in several classrooms.  The next project is to make further improvements to the outside space.

To continue to be successful - we really need more support from parents to join the PTA committee (which meets in a local pub three times a year).  The committee’s role is to liaise with the school about what the money raised will be spent on, as well as run and encouraging parents to run/help at some of the smaller events.

To join the PTA committee, or if you are interested in helping at or running an existing event, or if you have a new idea for an event, please contact us at, or via our Facebook page.  Please also ‘like’ our Facebook page to be kept up to date with our events.