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Racket Pack Badminton

Year 3/4 at Waddesdon

November 2017

Our year 3/4 badminton team had a super competition on the 28th of November 2017 at Waddesdon school, competing against 12 other school in our sports partnership. Miss Butler was super impressed by their motivation to succeed, the teamwork of the children and by the respect for the leaders that ran the games. As always we were impeccably behaved and polite. We came a respectable 6th overall. Special mentions to Charlotte, who stood out as a very talented badminton player.


We look forward to our next event which is Multi skills for years 1 and 2.



High 5 Netball

Year 5/6 at Waddesdon

November 2017

What a great evening at Waddesdon school, Brill Took 3 teams to complete against local schools, with our one year 6 team making the final therefore qualifying to represent the Buckingham Partnership at the level 2 games at Stoke Mandeville Stadium. Well done to our year 5 team, who played incredibly well and learnt lots for next year and our other year 6 who had and highly competitive group to compete in, including eventual winners Ickford.

Multi Skills Festival  

Year 1/2 at Waddesdon

January 2017

Fantastic performances from all children involved. The Brill team did themselves, teachers and parents proud. We came a decent 4th out of 8 schools and all loved taking part in this fun festival. We are looking forward to the next festival. 


 Football Year 5/6 vs Tetsworth

January 2017 

On a grim day the  footballers representing Brill gave a performance to write home about. The passing was crisp and well timed and the work rate and tackling back was second to none. 

The boys fully deserved their victory, and what a victory it was! Brill scored 11 to Tetsworth’s 3, despite Tetsworth never giving up and scoring some great goals.

Special mentions for ‘5 Goal Hero’ Billy, and ‘Man of the Match’ Jacob. Jacob played out of position, but looked like a young Franz Beckenbauer, pushing forward to join attacks whilst dominating at centre half. 

Well done to all, we are very proud of you !



Oxford United FC - Community tournament 

On January 27th a team of year 5 and 6 pupils took part in the Oxford United Community football tournament. It was a wet and windy day— but one which the children enjoyed tremendously. We were up against many other schools—lots of them much bigger ‘City’ schools from Oxford—and I have to say that we acquitted ourselves brilliantly, only losing 2 out of 9 games and playing with a teamwork and confidence that was very pleasing to see. 



Year 5 Badminton tournament

On 21st January we competed in the Year 5 BISI badminton festival at Waddesdon, one boys and one girls team, each consisting of 6 players participated in the fast and frenetic action. It was tremendously exciting stuff! Unfortunately we have developed a bit of a habit of starting slowly at sports events recently  and this was evident once again as both teams lost their opening two games. Once we got into our rhythm however we became unstoppable and were victorious in all the remaining games; the boys particularly enjoyed their fine win over Long Crendon!  We finished 3rd out of 8 schools which was a pleasing result.  Well done to all the pupils who took part.


Year 3/4 BISI Badminton Festival


On the 3rd December, the Badminton team arrived ready to compete after training hard in Badminton Club.  After the first few events and some brilliant scores, the children began to grow in confidence, and Mr Gore was very happy with their efforts, especially when the young leaders told them they had the highest score in the serving challenge.


At the half way stage, the children noticed that Brill were the only school using the correct backhand and forehand technique when hitting the shuttlecock (pictured), which they were very proud of.

The girls, consisting of Evie, Francine, Lara, and Freya, were working together as a team well, thinking about which strategies would score the most points.  The Boys, Freddie H, Freddie L, William, and Billy gave 100% and consistently congratulated every player in the team.

Overall we came a very respectable 3rd out of 8. Well done to this year’s Year 3/4 Badminton Team.



Waddeson Netball festival report by Ella, Poppy and Bella (October 2015)


On Thursday 22nd October seven Yr 6 children went to a netball tournament at Waddesdon School.  We started well but as the tournament went on we went slightly downhill.  On our first game against Grendon Underwood we scored in the first ten seconds and by the end of the match we had won 3-0.  After our first rotation we were all in different positions for our next match.  

In our second match Ella was goal shooter and Poppy was in attack.  Throughout the game the ball started to travel down to their hoop but luckily we stopped them from scoring.  Ella and Poppy scored a few goals between them and that helped to win the match 5-0. 

After a while of winning we played Ickford and Long Crendon, these were two teams that were very hard to beat and all of our team was shocked at their ability.  When we played Ickford we tried our hardest but we lost 6-0 and when we played Long Crendon we sadly lost 4-0 and one of our best players, Leon, took a tumble but luckily we didn’t loose points because it was right at the end of the match.  Finally we got the results, we came 3rd overall which everyone was pleased with.


We are the Champions... (June 2015)


The children from Yr 6 and a group from Yr 5 represented Brill School at the Waddesdon Games Festival yesterday (25th June 2015). 8 schools took part in a variety of sports, and it proved to be a very successful day for Brill. 3 of our children were awarded ‘Best Player’ in Table Tennis (Max P), Netball (Rosie S) and Rugby (Cameron H). The entire squad displayed the highest levels of sportsmanship, respect and support for their team mates at all times. We were all very proud of them and delighted to see this behaviour recognised when Brill picked up the ‘Fair Play’ award. The children were strong in all areas of the sports they were involved in, and as if the awards already mentioned weren’t enough, they finished the festival as overall winners! This is the first time they’ve won this event in many years, a fantastic result that was well deserved.




Waddesdon Netball festival

November 2016

The Brill Year 6 netball squads battled hard to a heroic 2nd and 9th place finish in the Waddesdon family festival on Wednesday 2nd November.

Our team lost out to the deserved champions, Ickford School, in a tough yet high quality match. Terrific performances from Khadim and Tilly.

Our B Team competed well, improving game on game. impressive game play came from Seth and Charlie in defence.

We will now represent the Waddesdon family in the Level 2 Games at Stoke Mandeville Stadium, for the first time in over 6 years!!!

A HUGE thank you to head coach, Andrea, who has developed the team for 2 years, with help from Jo , Karen and Miss Webb.

We are all very proud of the squad-well done!

Our BRILL-IANT netball teams in action to the right.










Year 4 Badminton Tournament 

The Brill Badminton Team competed well at the level 1 festival on Wednesday 30th of November. All team members performed consistently well and represented the school perfectly, as always.

There was a notable performance from Dennis, who showed talent and control of the racket. Miss Butler had trained and prepared the team well, we are all very proud of their performance.

Overall we came an impressive 3rd. 

Well done to all!

























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