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Many of our children expressed concerns about our world during discussion on our school value of Hope. As they learn about the challenges of Climate change and loss of Bio-diversity the children have a strong desire for us all to work together for positive change. So, all of us at Brill School have started the journey towards becoming a flag flying Eco-school.

We have chosen two enthusiastic eco-councillors from each class to communicate ideas from their class. We have completed our school environmental review. In Live lessons everyone from Year 1-6 everyone thought ideas and actions.

On Wednesday 3rd Feb we held our first Eco-council meeting. The children were all so full of good ideas and enthusiasm. Miss. Webb (as Science coordinator) and Mrs. Tuffley who helped carry out our Brill Environmental Review joined us. After a good chat about our favourite animals, the eco-council used ideas from our Live lessons and our environmental review to decide which of the 10 topics below the whole school should focus on first.

It was decided our first topic is to be Global Citizenship - neatly crossing over with our International week! During this week we have been inspired by people, their beliefs and way of life. We have also been learning about the wildlife, habitats and conservation in different countries around the world.

Healthy Living is our second topic. We have been working hard on our physical and mental wellbeing and healthy eating. Healthy Living is an important on-going topic at Brill School.

After half term the eco-council has chosen a big focus on Waste – all classes will be coming up with creative ideas on how to reduce how much we use, reuse and repair our things (and have fun doing it), and recycle more effectively at home and at school. Two of the children are working on learning and teaching us about compost which is really reducing, reusing and recycling!

Finally, the children have designed eco-certificates which will be awarded to children who work hard and have lots of fun taking eco-action. Thank you to parents and members of our Brill community who join them.

We have just earned our Eco Schools Bronze certificate. That’s a great start.

Ilona Keeping

Our Eco-Council

Ponderful Ponds- Brill children take action for our Earth.


Pledge-hogs - Children in Year 1-6 make eco pledges

Posted: Mar 17, 2021 by: teachers on: Eco School

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teachers Mar 17, 2021

Children in Year 1-6 have made eco pledges. Take a look at their Pledge hog!

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