Eco School 

Brill School children have worked hard and won their Eco school flag.

Congratulations to the eco-council for their leadership and ideas and to staff and children who caught their enthusiasm


Our focus for Eco School Award

Posted: Sep 13, 2022 by: teachers on: Eco School

We focused on three topics – Healthy living, Waste and Biodiversity.

Here’s just a few of the things we did – grew our own veg and had a plant sale, we now recycle our food waste into biofuel at Westcott and compost our fruit waste in our frog composter, we wrote suggestions for our leaders at the time of Cop 26 and made our own commitments, we had a ‘ponderful’ pond making competition in our gardens over Easter, we planted oak trees we’d grown from acorns for the Jubilee, we made kites from plastic bags…..

Here’s some feedback from Eco Schools

 We love your democratic and fair approach to appointing Eco-Committee members.

It was really great to read how your Environmental Review provided the basis for the projects in your Action Plan. It demonstrates a reflective and considered approach to your Eco-Schools work.

The pupils are very creative! Your curriculum links were really clear and creative. They challenged pupils to think outside of the box and approached topics in a fresh and different way.

We are looking forward to developing this further and following up our children’s ideas next year.


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 Brill School's Eco Action Plan 2020-2021