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Our lunch waste matters!

Posted: Oct 5, 2022 by: teachers on: Eco School

Our lunch waste matters!

Above you can see our food waste from Tuesday's 'Fish burger'.

At the end of every lunch food not eaten from each year group is weighed.

We are keeping a running total each week to see which class(es) are the best eaters with the least amount of waste! 

So far Year 6 have had hardly any waste with Year 1 and R closely following! 

Its really important that when you're booking meals at home the children help out. Not only does the food get wasted, we are using excess electricity and gas to cook and we have children entering their afternoon lessons having not had a good meal!

Today it was 'Spanish chicken' and Year R had only 5grams of waste! Thats a 'pair of pants' for your class Mrs Salt!


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