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Modern Foreign Languages

Modern Foreign Languages, French or Spanish, are taught to every year group at Brill School. We believe that learning a new language helps children develop confidence and resilience as well as adding a depth and breadth to the whole school curriculum.

We follow the National Curriculum Programme of Study and adhere to the purpose of studying a modern foreign language found therein, "  ... a liberation from insularity and provides an opening to other cultures. A high-quality languages education should foster pupils’ curiosity and deepen their understanding of the world."

MFL lessons are taught by a specialist teacher and are active and engaging. They concentrate on the 4 main skill areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing. All are transferable skills and prepare the children for secondary school and beyond.

Intercultural understanding is integrated into all the schemes of work to ensure that the children have an awareness of the world around them. Children will enjoy the opportunity to learn about other cultures throughout the World where the languages are spoken. 

We work hard to make sure that, where appropriate,  there are strong cross-curricular links such as Drama (Year 6 French Nativity), RE (Easter traditions in France and Spain), Art (Matisse in Year 5), Literacy ( phonics and grammar), Geography (where in the world is Spanish and  French are spoken ) 

We try to ensure that learners  experience first-hand communication with native speakers and benefit from these encounters to add value and purpose to their learning. We link with schools in France and Spain and every year we offer a week's residential trip to France to all Year 6 children.

Above all, through an enthusiasm and passion for language learning, we aim to create an inspiring culture which challenges pupils of all abilities and enriches their learning experience.

 Year 6 French Day

June 25th, 2021

We were all very disappointed not to be able to travel to France this year so instead we brought France to Brill for a day!

The children worked out clues using directions in French and made their way around the village on a treasure hunt. 

The school playground was transformed into a French market where the children used the language learnt in class to buy their own lunches. 

Finally, they all took part in a closely fought boules competition on the school field.

" The Year 6 kids were great, they all had a go and did an excellent job. " " What a delight all the children were...." - comments from some of the market stallholders. 

Listen to what Jessica, Grace, Edward and Jacob thought of their Guess Who French morning >>>>




MFL at Brill School week ending 26th November

office on: MFL BLOG

We have had another busy week learning languages this week....

YEAR R   : We continued with colours this week and added few more to the first four we'd already learnt. The children played a sort of "pass the Parcel" game and passed words for colours around a circle. They all joined in beautifully and everyone 's French pronunciation is coming on brilliantly. We watched a DVD of some French children playing games involving colours. Here is a link to a video clip which will remind the children of the French colours.


YEAR 1 and YEAR 2 : The children in both classes have done so well learning their colours that it was time this week to teach them to say what their favourite  colour is in Spanish. We managed to practise it in spoken Spanish AND write it ready for a display. We all also really enjoyed Senor Soto's RAP and here's a link to it so you can share it with the children. 


YEAR 3  Now the children have learnt the French for the items in a pencil case, it was time this week to learn how to identify if a word is masculine, feminine and plural. We used word books to look up lots of brand new words and categorised them. It's an important concept to learn early on in language learning, and Class 3 seem to have understood it very well so far. Bravo!

YEAR 4  The children enjoyed sharing their likes and dislikes this week ready to write on their postcards to send to France. The y learnt how to say and write the popular sentence , " j'adore le football " as well as the not quite so common " Je déteste le chocolat"! The French children who will receive these postcards will find out a lot about our Year 4 pupils.

YEAR 5  Year 5 progressed on to the 60's and 70's this week. Not long now until we reach 100 and can play Euromillions! As always, they wowed me with the speed at which they picked up the concept that there is no word for 70 in French  ( it is SIXTY TEN !! )  Those who need extra help spent time doing so. Next week 80's and 90's.Here is a link to help with all the numbers 1 - 100


YEAR 6   We are tweaking the children's  accents and pronunciation all the time at the moment and it can seem like hard work to learn the |Nativity play lines at times. However, Year 6 children are resilient enough to know that " it will be alright on the night" and practice certainly makes perfect. I am already very proud of them for having a go, trying their best and remaining positive. We are going to start staging it next week ready for the big performance on the 8th December.

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MFL at Brill School. Week ending 19th November

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Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam - Steven Lenton Illustration      The world of Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam - a guest post by Steven  Lenton - Nosy Crow   

Year R  We temporarily put on hold the learning of French colours to read the "Shifty McGifty" story in French. The children particularly enjoyed saying " MIAM! C'est délicieux " when talking about the delicious gateaux.

Year 1  What a fantastic lesson this week! The children applied their knowledge of Spanish colours to their Literacy Festival story, "Immi". The beautifully coloured worksheets will be on display for all to see how hard the Year 1 children have been working on their Spansih colours. They even manage to label them! 

Year 2 Year 2 started the lesson on Wednesday with only a very few knowing any colours in Spanish. By the end of the class the children knew lots, and were able to share them with a very special visitor : Mrs White popped in with her baby, and was very impressed with Year 2's Spanish colours.

Year 3 Year 3 are starting to not only say but also write the French for objects in a pencil case. The concept of masculine / feminine and plural words is starting to be understood too. We are making a list on the French board of any new words we come across and putting them in the correct column. 

Year 4 This week Year 4 consolidated their work on family members and saying / writing who is in their family. we ended the lesson with a " Find your Pair" game which the children enjoyed, Just likes and dislikes to go now and then the postcards will be ready to be written to send to France in time for Christmas.

Year 5 Year 5 were luck enough to have MIss Hackett teaching them the French numbers 20 - 60 this week. She introduced them to a new game which involved 2 teams trying to spot a number first. Luckily it ended in a draw! 

Year 6 We have been through the Nativity script in detail and some children are already becoming familiar with the French pronunciation. We even had time to look at  and  sing the carol. Good progress is being made. Next week we will start to tweak the lines and sing the carol through. We will soon be asking parents to provide simple costumes for the play which will take place on WEDNESDAY 8th DECEMBER at 2.30pm

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MFL at Brill School week ending November 12th

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Year R :  The children started learning some colours in French this week.:  Rouge ( red ) Vert ( green ) Bleu ( blue ) and Jaune ( yellow ). They enjoyed finding objects in the colours and using their French to say what colour they were. They also threw coloured beanbags to each other as a fun activity to practise the 4 colours they'd learnt. Here is a link to help with pronunciation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqeL4CFluWQ 

Year 1: Year 1 were brilliant this week as they started to learn some colours in Spanish. This is to complement the work they are doing on the story "Immi". Watch out for a Spanish element at the exhibition next week. In the meantime here is a link to Spanish colours if the children want to practise them at home.      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ri8La_o8zDk 

Year 2 :   Year 2 showed how well they can use phonics to WRITE in Spanish this week. They remembered 1 - 10 without any difficulty and then started to sound out the words and write them. They are making excellent progress so it's time to change topic next week. If the children want to practise at home here is a video which will really help with pronunciation   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=liP5GecvBQk 

Year 3 : The children started a new topic this week : Dans ma trousse il y a .....( in my pencilcase there is ....) They will be learning lots of new words and  whether or not they are MASCULINE or FEMININE. 

Year 4 : This week Year 4 added "family" to their postcards. They picked up how to say how many brother and sisters they have very quickly and they all wrote a short sentence about their family too. Great progress. It wont be long before we send off the postcards to France. 

Year 5 : 1 - 10 is sorted so Year 5 moved on to the teen numbers this week. It's going very well so far! We even had time to practise the French carol which Year 5 will sing alongside Year 6 at the French Nativity in December. 

Year 6 :  The rehearsals for the Nativity play in French are underway! It's always quite challenging for the children at this early stage, French pronunciation can be difficult,. However, early signs are very good, all that phonics work is paying off. Save the date : Wednesday December 8th at 2.30 for the performance.  

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MFL at Brill School. Week ending 22nd October

office on: MFL BLOG

Year R : The children consolidated their number 1 - 10 this week. They enjoyed watching and listening to French children counting and then doing the same with  objects on a worksheet. Here is a link to the French song to help learn the numbers  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsc3qLMaCu8 

Year 1 : After last week's fabulous Spanish prayer which I hope you were able to enjoy on the Harvest Festival video, Year 1 wowed me again with how quickly they picked up the Spanish numbers 1 - 10. Here is a link to a song to help learn them ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ydJr1Is8xI

Year 2 : Year 2 picked up Spanish numbers 1 - 10 amazingly quickly in the lesson this week. Their listening and enthusiasm were estupendos! Here is a link to a song to help learn the numbers. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ydJr1Is8xI

Year 3 : This week's lesson was a one-off. It was all about learning classroom instructions in French so Madame Tate can use more French during lessons. It was also a good chance to learn the sound -ez ( a short "ay" sound ) which is very common in French phonics.

Year 4 : The children in Year 4 showed what fantastic progress they have made so far this half term by memorising how to say their name, age and where they live in French. The finger puppets helped them share the information with each other. 

Year 5 : Year 5 children ended this half term's topic on a high. They chose countries the would like to live in, found them on a World map and labelled them in French. They then learnt the all-important " je voudrais ... " ( I would like ) and wrote sentences in French saying where they would like to live.

Year 6 : I was very impressed with how many Year 6 children volunteered to share information about themselves in French. Too few wanted to be filmed to include in the Blog, but they have all made great progress and achieved the long term objectives of the topic. Next stop, French Nativity planning!

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MFL at Brill. Week ending October 15th 2021

office on: MFL BLOG

Year R : Un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq, six, sept, huit, neuf, dix! The children have picked up the French numbers to 10 amazingly quickly. We managed to build a very high tower of bricks to help us learn them. 

Year 1 : The first time we have ever said a prayer in Spanish in church, and Year 1 did it brilliantly! We were all very proud of them as it's not easy to speak in a foreign language in front of lots of people. It made the Harvest service very special.

    Year 3 using the puppets             The puppets after their bath!

Year 3 : The children were all delighted to welcome back the finger puppets to help them put together a short conversation in French. There was a real buzz in the classroom, lots of great French being spoken and learning objectives achieved. 

Year 4 : The children furthered their knowledge of French cities and can now pronounce them, all without any hesitation. They played a guessing game to practise "j'habite ....." and watched a video clip with the same language and photos of the cities they had marked on the maps.

Year 5 : What a lesson this week! Madame Tate decided to stretch Year 5's writing skills, and by the end of the lesson every pupil had built a sentence, some had created LOTS! Learning objectives were well and truly achieved. Bravo Year 5 !

Year 6 : Thanks to great focus and recognising the long term learning objectives for this topic, the children showed excellent writing skills. They are now ready to show off their speaking ...... some may even want to be filmed doing so next week. Watch this space!  

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International Fun

We firmly believe in the value of offering our pupils an international element to the curriculum and in summer 2019, we were very proud to be reaccredited with the British Council's International School Award. This is what the assessors had to say about Brill School's international work:

 "Brill Church of England School. International School Award Re-Accreditation 2019 -2022: APPROVED 

The international dimension is firmly embedded in the curriculum and whole-school ethos at Brill Church of England School. It is clearly well coordinated and managed to feature in different subject areas, providing an extra dimension of enrichment and dovetailing neatly with strategic planning and key priorities. Your Impact Evaluation is detailed and insightful. Your pupils have gained citizenship attitudes and attributes and an appreciation for cultural diversity as well as increased curiosity about the wider world. The quotes from pupils' evaluations are useful in conveying their excitement and enjoyment about the international projects. The extract from the letter from your Indian colleague highlights how much your partnership is valued by your partner school, and bodes well for the sustainability and further development of this link. Congratulations to all at Brill Church of England School who have contributed to this achievement in the 20th Anniversary Year of the International School Award! We wish you continuing success and enjoyment with your international work."




Follow the 2 short videos below to see how the Spanish make their famous tortillas.

You will need:

1 small onion finely copped

2 potatoes peeled and sliced thinly

5 eggs

olive oil to cover the bottom of a small frying pan

a good pinch of salt.

MFL Coordinator

                      Madame / Senora Tate


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"Can I show you in my literacy book that I used prepositions in English AND in French?" -  Year 4 child.

"I loved the market, it was wonderful to have your own freedom and it helped me feel confident with my French " - Year 6 child after our trip to France.

"Thank you so much ..... Our daughter has loved her first introduction to French "  -  Year R parents.

"I never knew you could drink hot chocolate out of a bowl !" -  Year 1 child after the French breakfast

"I am loving languages at my new school , but I still can't roll my r's!! .....Doing French and Spanish at Brill means that I find languages easier than most people in my class. I also heard that D's French teacher says he has a natural accent! "- Former Brill pupil now in Year 8.