Modern Foreign Languages

Modern Foreign Languages, French or Spanish, are taught to every year group at Brill School. We believe that learning a new language helps children develop confidence and resilience as well as offering a depth and breadth to the whole school curriculum.

MFL lessons are taught by a specialist teacher and are active and engaging. They concentrate on the 4 main skill areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing. All are transferable skills and prepare the children for secondary school and beyond.

Intercultural understanding is integrated into all the schemes of work to ensure that the children have an awareness of the world around them. Children will enjoy the opportunity to learn about other cultures where the languages are spoken. 

We work hard to make sure that there are strong cross-curricular links such as Drama (Year 6 French Nativity), RE (Easter traditions in France and Spain), Art (Picasso in Year 5), Literacy ( grammar), Geography (where in the world is Spanish and  French are spoken) and many more. 

We try to ensure, where possible, that learners should experience and be inspired by first-hand communication with native speakers and benefit from opportunities to enhance their learning. We link with schools in France and Spain and every year we offer a week's residential trip to France to all Year 6 children.

Above all, through an enthusiasm and passion for language learning, we aim to create an inspiring culture which challenges all pupils and enriches their learning.



You will find ideas for your backing track on the Music page ( under Creative Curriculum ) 

Here are some sheets with French and Spanish words on to help you, but please feel free to use your own ideas if you prefer. It can be ANY words in ANY language ( except English!! ). Good luck, we can't wait to hear them! 

 ideas for Rap ( Spanish).docx     

ideas for Rap ( French ) 


Easter Challenge Number 2

To make a Spanish omelette ( una tortilla de patatas )

Here are photos of the ingredients you will need and then you can follow the 2 videos I have made to show you what to do. You may even learn a few new words - always a bonus! Please send any photos of your Masterchef tortillas to your teachers so they can share them with me and your friends. I hope you enjoy making them and eating them. 

PS If you look very carefully at the end of the second video, you may be able to spot a labrador dog's nose! 



Easter eggs cute bunny. Funny ... | Stock image | Colourbox

MFL  Easter Challenge

Hello all! Guten Tag! As you know, we learn French and Spanish at Brill School, but Frau Tate thought it would be a challenge to learn some GERMAN!

Let's begin with numbers ! Follow the links below, start with 1 - 10 and see how you get on, and then maybe you can progress to 100!  For some of you it may help to pause the video clip and write down the numbers so you can practise at you own pace and maybe teach somebody else in your family at the same time.

Please send videos of yourself counting in German to your class teacher's e-mail so they can pass them on to me. I would love to see and hear all you budding linguists learning a new language! I will put them on the MFL blog on this page for you to see.   

Good luck everyone and Happy Easter!   



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-78fjkPzyVQ   for 1- 10

     ... and here's a little song to help you :  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KO9DAnw39do


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=juXWp1DT-_k      for 10 - 100

Another song to help with pronunciation :  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMtITBD7Vds


Poisson d'avril - le 1 avril

nphipps on: MFL BLOG

In France on the 1st April, April Fool's Day it is the tradition to stick paper fish on people's backs. It's more fun if you can do it without them noticing! Felix and Axel coloured in fish and secretly stuck them to each other's back! Do you think Felix knows he's got un poisson sur le dos? Great to see French traditions happening at home, it brought a big smile to Madame Tate's face. MERCI!

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Coming soon .... Yoga in French

nphipps on: MFL BLOG

As you can see, my dog, Charlie is not very excited about doing yoga, but I am!

I'm looking forward to teaching you some relaxation techniques and to having fun doing poses, and true to the Brill spirit of Growth Mindset, I thought we could challenge ourselves and do it in FRENCH! 

See you soon. À bientôt, mes amis!

Madame Tate

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Keep learning your Languages at home!

nphipps on: MFL BLOG

Asana and Basecamp now offered in Spanish and French through Bridge24

I've been having fun playing on some games on this website and you might like to try it too...... https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize 

You can learn some new words and revise words and grammar you already know. There are little video clips to show you French and Spanish schools too! It's really simple!

Click on Go to Primary   

ENGLAND KS1 for Years R, 1 and 2  and the rest on ENGLAND KS2.

Go to Modern Foreign Languages, choose your language and away you go! 

I've been trying out a bit of Mandarin this morning too! Why don't you do the same?

Have fun, I'm hoping that you have been teaching your parents some new words and we are soon going to all be multi-lingual at Brill School!

Madame / Senora Tate


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Year 2's Spanish Survey

nphipps on: MFL BLOG


On Wednesday 11th March, Year 2 children started to carry out a survey on how many pets they have. The children asked all their classmates the Spanish question, "¿Tienes alguna mascota? " (Do you have any pets?) and noted down the answer. Next week they will continue to fill in their surveys and then count up how many pets class 2 have in total. Todo en español por supuesto  (all in Spanish of course!)


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Year R's French Nursery Rhyme

nphipps on: MFL BLOG


On Thursday 5th March, Year R children ( all dressed up in their World Book Day costumes ) learnt the chorus to a French nursery rhyme called " Dans La Forêt Lointaine". They seemed to really enjoy the " Coucou hibou! " refrain. Their French accents are coming on apace, and their confidence is growing all the time. Bravo Year R children, we've got some brilliant little linguists in the making! 

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Enter te


International Fun

We firmly believe in the value of offering our pupils an international element to the curriculum and in summer 2019, we were very proud to be reaccredited with the British Council's International School Award. This is what the assessors had to say about Brill School's international work:

 "Brill Church of England School. International School Award Re-Accreditation 2019 -2022: APPROVED 

The international dimension is firmly embedded in the curriculum and whole-school ethos at Brill Church of England School. It is clearly well coordinated and managed to feature in different subject areas, providing an extra dimension of enrichment and dovetailing neatly with strategic planning and key priorities. Your Impact Evaluation is detailed and insightful. Your pupils have gained citizenship attitudes and attributes and an appreciation for cultural diversity as well as increased curiosity about the wider world. The quotes from pupils' evaluations are useful in conveying their excitement and enjoyment about the international projects. The extract from the letter from your Indian colleague highlights how much your partnership is valued by your partner school, and bodes well for the sustainability and further development of this link. Congratulations to all at Brill Church of England School who have contributed to this achievement in the 20th Anniversary Year of the International School Award! We wish you continuing success and enjoyment with your international work."


Mrs Tate

MFL Coordinator


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"Can I show you in my literacy book that I used prepositions in English AND in French?" -  Year 4 child.

"I loved the market, it was wonderful to have your own freedom and it helped me feel confident with my French " - Year 6 child after our trip to France.

"Thank you so much ..... Our daughter has loved her first introduction to French "  -  Year R parents.

"I never knew you could drink hot chocolate out of a bowl !" -  Year 1 child after the French breakfast

"I am loving languages at my new school , but I still can't roll my r's!! .....Doing French and Spanish at Brill means that I find language easier than most people in my class. I also heard that D's French teacher says he has a natural accent! "- Former Brill pupil now in Year 8.