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Modern Foreign Languages

Modern Foreign Languages, French or Spanish, are taught to every year group at Brill School. We believe that learning a new language helps children develop confidence and resilience as well as adding a depth and breadth to the whole school curriculum.

We follow the National Curriculum Programme of Study and adhere to the purpose of studying a modern foreign language found therein, "  ... a liberation from insularity and provides an opening to other cultures. A high-quality languages education should foster pupils’ curiosity and deepen their understanding of the world."

MFL lessons are taught by a specialist teacher and are active and engaging. They concentrate on the 4 main skill areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing. All are transferable skills and prepare the children for secondary school and beyond.

Intercultural understanding is integrated into all the schemes of work to ensure that the children have an awareness of the world around them. Children will enjoy the opportunity to learn about other cultures throughout the World where the languages are spoken. 

We work hard to make sure that, where appropriate,  there are strong cross-curricular links such as Drama (Year 6 French Nativity), RE (Easter traditions in France and Spain), Art (Matisse in Year 5), Literacy ( phonics and grammar), Geography (where in the world is Spanish and  French are spoken ) 

We try to ensure that learners  experience first-hand communication with native speakers and benefit from these encounters to add value and purpose to their learning. We link with schools in France and Spain and every year we offer a week's residential trip to France to all Year 6 children.

Above all, through an enthusiasm and passion for language learning, we aim to create an inspiring culture which challenges pupils of all abilities and enriches their learning experience.



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YEAR R: We had lots of fun both inside and out playing games and singing songs to do with parts of the body in French. We drew round Xanthe and labelled her outline. You can see it hanging up in the classroom to remind the children of the French words. 

YEAR 1 AND 2: Both classes showed fantastic knowledge of phonics as we filled in a worksheet with Spanish words for parts of the body. Senora Tate has never given out so many dojos in one class! Have a look at the post on this page to see the photos of the children trying a bit of Flamenco dancing. I think we will all be sorry to say adios to this topic next week.

YEAR 3:It was great to see Madame Tate's soft toys helping the children remember the words for some animals in French this week. They even categorised them into masculine / feminine words successfully. Good work, Year 3!

YEAR 4:The children had remembered so many of the weather expressions from last week, they were able to complete the worksheet in record time! We can now start to apply some of the language and learn where a few French speaking places are in the world too!

YEAR 5: The children remain undaunted by a new topic involving geometric shapes and colours. They all successfully managed to describe their sketches and this will be excellent preparation for when Mr Dickson, our art coordinator, teaches them how to create a Delaunay style picture. The finished pictures will all have a description written in French. WOW!!

YEAR 6:The children had just finished a maths SATs paper so we had a " gentle"  lesson which involved watching a DVD about places in a French town. They seemed to really enjoy finding some of these places on authentic town maps. it brought the topic to life. They now have a completed list of all the places so the next step is to learn how to ask to get to them. Bravo Year 6, you managed to stay focussed despite being tired after a test!  


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MFL Blog Week ending May 6th

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There was no French for Years R, 3 and 4 this week due to the Bank Holiday on Monday.

Years 1 and 2 : We are having such fun learning the parts of the body and singing along to the South American song. We played a game like a Beetle Drive but we threw the dice to make up a teddy bear instead of a beetle.  It was a good way of revising numbers 1 -6 too!  

Year 5:  Year 5 have remembered how to use adjectives in a sentence, and we are already at the stage of planning their own version of a Delaunay painting. Some BRILLIANT sketches were drawn, Madame Tate was super impressed with the imagination and use of geometric shapes to create an image.

Year 6 :   We finally waved "au revoir" to the time with one last exerise.

Year 6 are now working towards their French Day, and we started with creating a class mind map of places you would find in a French town. They came up with some brilliant ideas - now to learn the French words for them!   

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Welcome back to MFL

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Year R : Year R love being active so learning parts of the body in French was a perfect start to our learning this term! They enjoyed showing Mrs White how well they could sing " Head, shoulder, knees and toes " in French.

Here is a link to the song if you'd like to learn / practise it too :  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVbbLXPdJKQ&t=37s 

Year 1 and 2 : Spanish lessons started well with both groups as we started to learn parts of the body in Spanish this week. The children particularly enjoyed the song. Here's a link for you to share : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOg6y-Q59eM 

Year 3 : After the success of our class French book, we spent 10 minutes reading it, looking at the fabulous pictures and congratulating ourselves on a brilliant job! This term's topic is all about animals. We need to revise lots of animals that have been forgotten since Year R and add a few more. 

Year 4: Time to start a brand new topic ( last seen in Year R ) We started looking at Le Temps ( the weather ) and already the children have remembered a few of the expressions. Lots of fun to be had, and hopefully a French weather forecast to film! 

Year 5 : After the success of the fashion show, our new topic is built around the French a painter Robert Delaunay who used geometric shapes in his work. We started by learning some shapes in French, and gradually we will be able to describe a painting in French using adjectives and prepositions.    

 Year 6 : We started the term with ne last lesson on telling the time to make sure everyone was up to speed. Next week we will start to look at places in a French town which will lead into giving and understanding directions. Madame Tate announced the date for French Day 2022 ( a compensation for not going to France )

It will take place on Thursday July 14th  France Flags and Accessories - CRW Flags Store in Glen Burnie, Maryland

.France Flags and Accessories - CRW Flags Store in Glen Burnie, Maryland

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MFL at Brill School week ending April 1st 2022

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Year R were learnt some Easter word this week and then had a look at some pictures of some of the chocolate creations you can enjoy in France at Easter time. Here is a picture of them in front of the whiteboard. The chocolate dinosaur proved very popular!                          

            Yekutanga Easter monas - Dhizeti yeIsita! | Bezzia        Mona de Pasqua | The Bellesguardian                 11 Easter Traditions and Customs You Should Know About in Spain     LA SEMANA SANTA – THE HOLY WEEK 

Years 1 and 2 were quite surprised to find out that chocolate eggs are not an Easter tradition in Spain. Instead Godparents give their Godchildren monas (decorated cakes with eggs on top ) The children were introduced to the Spanish tradition of carrying highly decorated floats depicting the Easter story through the streets of towns and villages throughout Spain.  

Year 3 are well on their way to finishing their book. The French has been written and most of the drawings completed. Watch out for this wonderful story!                

As can be seen from the photographs on this page, Year 4 enjoyed a brilliant morning of Guess Who in French, helped with the addition of hot chocolate and croissants! Their hard work paid off, it was such a pleasure to hear fluent French being spoken and the game being played and enjoyed. Bravo, Year 4, Madame Tate is super proud of you! 

Year 5's fashion show as a triumph! so much brilliant French was spoken by ALL who participated. The children should be super proud of themselves.

 More time telling for Year 6 this week, and they are all making excellent progress so far. We decided to continue for at least one more week after the Easter holidays to make sure everyone has understood it. 

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MFL at Brill School week ending March 18th 2022

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Where better to talk in French about the weather than outside on the front playground near the wind sock? Year R had a lovely time in the sunshine watching the wind sock and saying " il y a du vent" and " il fait beau"! Bon travail, mes amis!

Years 1 and 2 consolidated all their Spanish work on family by writing out who is in their family and then drawing and colouring a fabulous portrait  in a frame. Buen trabajo ninos!

Year 3 made sure that they know all the vocabulary necessary to read " La Chenille qui fait des Trous"  and then put their minds to deciding who is going to be the main character of the book they are going to write. Watch out for a brand new French story about a Hungry TURTLE! Writing starts next week!

Year 4 practised their descriptions of people in French and tested out a sheet to see if it would be a good learning aid for when they play Guess Who. It seemed to work well.

The Year 4 Guess Who morning will be on Monday March 28th.  An email will be arriving next week asking parents to lend us their copies of the game so we can all play.

Year 5 wrote out a description of their chosen outfits. We ALL learnt some new words and Madame Tate is super impressed with how well the children have learnt to use adjective endings. Bon travail, Year 5! The  Fashion Show takes place on Wednesday March 30th.

Year 6 really rose to the challenge of building a complex sentence in French this week. To hear them all speaking French so well was a very proud moment for Madame Tate. Next week they are going to face the challenge of learning to tell the time in French ..... I have high hopes for more success.

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Year 5's French Art Work

We are all so excited to be doing a joint French /Art project in Year 5. The children have planned their Delaunay style pictures in art lessons and will soon be describing them in French. It's been a great learning experience, and Year 5 have given it their all in both Art and French lessons. Merci, les enfants! Bravo!

KS1 Flamenco Dancing

May 11th 2022

Years 1 and 2 have been having lots of fun learning parts of the body in Spanish, and what better way to show off their knowledge than to sing a song and dance flamenco at the same time? 

IMG_7796.jpg Year 3's French Book.

Year 3 have been reading " La Chenille qui fait des Trous"    ( The French version of " The Very Hungry Caterpillar " ) They then set about writing and illustrating one of their own but with different vocabulary. They chose to write a story about a very hungry turtle who started out life as an egg on a beach and ended up as a beautiful giant turtle in the ocean.  April 4th, 2022

         Poisson d'avril : April 1st 2022



Every year on April 1st in France, children try and stick paper fish on the backs of their friends and teachers without them realising! We thought we would adopt this tradition at Brill School today.

During our collective worship in the hall, the children were shown the significance of Ichthus ( the Ancient Greek symbol of a fish first used by Christians during Roman times and still used today) and the French tradition of sticking fish on each other's backs was explained.

Finally, at break time, it was time for the children to try it out for themselves. As you can see from the photos, great fun was had! Thank you to Mrs Ardley for sharing the idea, it is hoped that this will become an annual event!

Year 4's French "Guess Who" Morning

What a brilliant morning Year 4 had playing "Guess Who" in French, eating croissants and drinking chocolat chaud! All their hard work and preparation paid off. They all felt very proud of themselves, and so they should! 

Bravo, Year 4 !

Year 6 French Day  June 2021

Year 4 Guess Who April 2021



Follow the 2 short videos below to see how the Spanish make their famous tortillas.

You will need:

1 small onion finely copped

2 potatoes peeled and sliced thinly

5 eggs

olive oil to cover the bottom of a small frying pan

a good pinch of salt.

MFL Coordinator

                      Madame / Senora Tate


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"Can I show you in my literacy book that I used prepositions in English AND in French?" -  Year 4 child.

"I loved the market, it was wonderful to have your own freedom and it helped me feel confident with my French " - Year 6 child after our trip to France.

"Thank you so much ..... Our daughter has loved her first introduction to French "  -  Year R parents.

"I never knew you could drink hot chocolate out of a bowl !" -  Year 1 child after the French breakfast

"I am loving languages at my new school , but I still can't roll my r's!! .....Doing French and Spanish at Brill means that I find languages easier than most people in my class. I also heard that D's French teacher says he has a natural accent! "- Former Brill pupil now in Year 8.