At Brill School, we believe that Music is a universal language that embodies one of the highest forms of creativity. A high-quality music education should engage and inspire pupils to develop a love of music and increase their musical skills, and so increase self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement. As pupils progress, they develop a critical engagement with music, allowing them to compose, and to listen with discrimination to a wide range of musical styles and works by a variety of composers.

Every child at Brill is an individual and our musical provision is one of the many curriculum areas where we encourage all to thrive, to be themselves, to enjoy participating and growing, and to be the best they can be whilst demonstrating and developing their own unique flare!

A Musical Challenge - Languages and Music Combine!

Madame Tate has set a rap writing challenge and to accompany this, why not create your own musical backing track? Felix sent in a video of him using this software, which inspired me to think you could compose your own musical accompaniment. Click here for the link to the website where you will find it. If you need a small tutorial from Felix, do check out his video in the centre column below as this might help to get you started. Alternatively, you can have a go at working out how to use it yourself. :) Madame Tate and I are very excited to hear what you will produce! Enjoy creating! Send to or or you could upload to Class Dojo.

The Royal Opera House........

.......have put together some brilliant Music learning resources. They are definitely worth a look. Click here for access to them. Maybe you could try some of them out and then share what you have created or learnt by emailing me on 

You might even want to make a little video of you teaching others some of what you learnt. We could post those on our Music page.


Sounds for those Working on the Front Line!

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Felicity and Rupert are (to quote their mum) 'making a noise' at 6pm everyday for one minute to thank the front line services. They have persuaded many of their neighbours with and without children to join in too. On average, 20 people a day (including other children from Brill School) join with them to say thank you to all those who are working so hard in the current environment. What a fantastic idea! Thank you for sharing.

Bella is Busy Practising!

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All instruments are tricky to learn, but personally, I have huge respect for those that can play the French Horn! I decided to take it up once. It didn't end well! Thank you for sharing the photos, Bella. 

Kitty Was Inspired by 'Blog It' too!

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Brilliant, Kitty! I tried to upload your video but couldn't get it to convert; so I got this photo from it. Thank you for sharing! 

Watching Our 'Blog It' Release!

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Theo and Josh loved seeing the grown ups in school in our latest release 'Blog It'. Thank you for sharing this. 

George and Eadee are Rocking Out!

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Fantastic! Thank you for sharing. What piece are you playing? 

Julian and his Dad Make Music

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The video of you and your dad playing was great Julian. Thank you for sharing. Maybe you could think about doing a performance to your class when we get back to school. No pressure (as ever) but if you'd like to, it would be brilliant! Keep practising and ENJOY!

One of Our Resident Drummers in His Lesson This Week

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Tyler, this is brilliant! Thank you for sharing. Dad said you enjoyed it and that you said it was your best lesson ever! Keep up the hard work!

When we get back to school, I think it's time we created a Rock Band. What do you think? 

Theo's Piano Lesson Arrived Through his iPad

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It was the first lesson Theo had in this way and it was a brilliant success! Thank you for sharing, Theo. Keep up the brilliant playing.

Accomplished Piano Playing by Grace

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This photo was taken from a video Grace sent in of her playing (which was brilliant, if I may say so!) a piece she's been working on. Great home made instruments too! Thank you for sharing, Grace.

Sam Creates and then Plays his Shaker with Style

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Great work, Sam! Thank you for sharing. 

Hugo Tries Playing at Height - Well Why Not?

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Hugo, this is brilliant! Why play Fur Elise sat on a conventional piano stool when you have the opportunity to play it from an elevated position? Thank you for sharing and keep up the good work!

Annabel Plays 'I'm a Little Teapot' on the piano

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Thank you for sending this photo to us, Annabel. From the video your mum shared with us, it is clear you are definitely already ready for your next performance in assembly! :) Do let us know about any other pieces you manage to learn over the next few days and weeks. :) 

Harrison and his brother create their own Drum Kit!

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Who needs drums when the contents of the kitchen cupboards are available? I'm loving the creativity, Harrison. Great job! Maybe we should make a drum kit out of old saucepans for use in school when we get back. :) 

Franco is on Electric

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Thank you for this photo, Franco. I'm thinking we might need to form a Rock Band when we get back to school! Does that sound like a plan to you?

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Joe's Lessons Will Go On!

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Thanks for sending this photo, Joe. Great that your lessons can continue via the use of Zoom. 

(The Music blog is alive once more! Let's do this!)

Time to Share Your Musical Achievements!

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I think it's time we shared some of our musical achievements! Can you send me a photo of you playing an instrument or creating music of some kind? We'd love to see what you're up to. Let's bring this Music Blog alive (I've heard a rumour that Blog Posting is getting a little competitive amongst the teachers!). Thank you in advance! Mrs Baker (

Soon To Be Released!

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There is something exciting coming to a school website near you. I hope you're ready!

The world premier may even be this very evening. Exciting times. :) 

A Musical Visit - The New Mozart Orchestra

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A huge thank you to the members of the New Mozart Orchestra who came and visited us in school today. We were all delighted by the story of Hansel and Gretel and the musical accompaniment. Being introduced to all the different instruments in the orchestra was inspirational and the children enjoyed hearing a little more about each family of instruments. 

For the majority of our children at Brill, this was the first time they had seen an orchestra playing live, which was really exciting and enlightening. "I really liked being able to see all the instruments playing together!" (Arthur)

Caitlin IS Matilda!

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A huge well done to Caitlin who sang to us all in our Star of the Week Assembly today.

Caitlin, you've worked hard, you've practised lots and you should feel very proud of yourself. This is just the beginning!

Opportunities to Perform Musically

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Each week, we have slots at the beginning and end of Collective Worship for our children to perform either musically or through the medium of interpretive dance. Callum was our first performance this week and the whole school was delighted with his electric guitar playing. Thank you, Callum, and well done!

Music Rocks!

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We have an exciting opportunity to share for all children in Years 3-6. XYZ Music have been into school today and have inspired our children during an assembly where they played electric guitar, drums and bass guitar. The children loved the assembly and much head bobbing was spotted!

XYZ Music are going to be offering electric guitar lessons and drum lessons in school during this academic year. If your child is interested in taking up this opportunity, please contact the office on

In addition to the lessons provided by XYZ Music, we also facilitate lessons provided by Aylesbury Music Service on different musical instruments. If you are interested in any of these opportunities, do please contact the office and the appropriate paperwork/links will be sent to you either in letter or via email.

A Message from Mrs Baker

(and a musical plea!) 2.4.2020

Freya and Elizabeth have created a little musical show. Enjoy!

Grace and her mum have set themselves the challenge of learning the piano during lock-down. Grace is doing really well and shared this video with us. Enjoy! Keep up the fantastic work, Grace! 

Lara has been busy working on her Grade 2 pieces and has had daily remote piano practise with her Grandpa every morning! Can you tell? Thank you for sharing, Lara.

Check out Freya's progress in her piano playing! She has been practising hard and it shows! Well done, Freya!

Tyler has been busy learning some new pieces in his Zoom drumming lessons. Thank you for sharing, Tyler!

Felix has been playing with a brilliant programme. Check this out!

Freya, Elizabeth and their dad play (and sing) Scooby Dooby Doo! Such fun!

Lucas has sent in some of his Grade 1 pieces. Beautifully played, Lucas! Thank you for sharing.

Grace and her dad set you a challenge. What instrument is he playing?

Fabulous Franco (see what I did there?!)

Alexandra - This is Amazing!  

Maggie Leads the Warm Up, Mrs Baker Style!

Julian's Guitar Duet with his Dad - Enjoy!

Maisie and Jess composed this. Thank you for sharing, girls.

Hugo and Fur Elise from On High!

Annabel and 'I'm A Little Teapot'

Grace Performs 'Fire Dance'

We might not all be in school, but if you want to teach your family and friends some of our warm-ups or songs, you do that!


(If only we could have recorded more of our songs - but we didn't have much time to sort we have what we have!)

'5, 4, 3, 2, 1' (Then '1, 2, 3, 4, 5' at speed!)


'Boom Chicka Boom' and 'Proper Cup of Coffee'

'Black Socks' (In unison and then in a round of three parts - choose whichever part you like!)

'Calico is (indeed) a Charming Cat'

'Get Back Up Again' (We need to work on tempo - but it's always good to have something to work on! Right? Right!)

'Try Everything' - a tempo issue maybe but again, at Brill, we like something to work on - and we can't wait to be back together!

'Shadow' - New to some of the school but something to practise until we meet again! :) 

Our pupils know that to develop and grow in any area of learning, they need to be prepared to challenge themselves to do things that are sometimes outside of their ‘comfort zone’. Pupils at Brill School enjoy singing together, composing and exploring sound in small groups, developing musical technique and musicianship skills through individual instrumental lessons and through whole class music lessons. These opportunities lead towards various ways of sharing their unique musical creations or performances of music from a range of musical eras in class lessons or in our assembly performance slots.

As we inspire one another by being prepared to ‘have a go’ and by striving for excellence, we are developing a culture in our school where many pupils are rehearsing during break times to prepare for performances they have voluntarily signed up for. Some of our Year 6s are currently creating their own original songs with the intent of sharing this during an assembly.

Many pupils at Brill School have discovered that their enjoyment of music has built their inner confidence and has enabled them to believe in themselves in a different way. This confidence has then been transferred into other curriculum areas, which has ensured successes in many ways, both within the context of music but also in other areas of school life.

Sharing musical experiences with others from different schools is also a high priority, and one of our favourite and most challenging bi-annual events is the Echoes concert that take place at The Royal Albert Hall. Whilst being musically challenging, this opportunity enables our children to be part of a much larger event as they learn to love different aspects of their musical experiences.


A Trial Flute Duet

by Mrs Baker and Mrs Baker?!?!

If this works - I might have an idea about a little project we could try. Watch this space! :) 

Please excuse the recording quality - I'm on a steep learning curve! But you know how we do love a challenge at Brill School; right?!

Mrs Baker 

Music Coordinator

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Bella's mum is a violinist and she has kindly created us a video to teach us all about the violin.

(Click on the YouTube link here)

Emily, thank you SO much from all of us!

Do check out some more resources Emily has shared with us in the right hand column of this Music page.

If any other parents have musical skills and would be happy to create a similar teaching resource, do please email me on

Would you like to learn about other orchestral instruments? Check out the link here and explore!

Caitlin is Matilda (in 'Naughty' from 'Matilda')

Hugo has been practising 'Fur Elise' by Beethoven

Tijmen composes and performs

Caitlin and Tyler perform 'Faded'

Grace and Ellie - 'When I Grow Up' from Matilda. Go Girls!

Caitlin IS Matilda - 'Quiet'

What do our pupils think?

"I really like our Stomp project because it's really creative." (Year 6 pupil)


"We have lots of choice about different instruments we can learn in school, which is great." (Year 5 pupil)


"We are given freedom to create!" (Year 5 pupil)


"I love the singing we do in school and I enjoy playing drums. It makes me happy." (Year 1 pupil)



Maisie, Grace, Rose and Harriet perform their composition about our School Values

Rose, Layla and Ava Bl perform their composition about our School Values

Lucas, Calum, Iwan and Thomas perform their composition about our School Values

Ava Ba and Siena perform their composition about our School Values