Welcome to PSHE at Brill School!

PSHE stands for Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education.

Here at Brill we believe it is important to deliver a varied, vibrant and up to date PSHE curriculum that is intertwined with our Christian School Values in order to empower our children to thrive in 21st century life. 

All children take part in weekly PSHE lessons which are fun and relevant for their age group. We follow the 'Jigsaw- The Mindful Approach to PSHE' scheme which is recognised by the PSHE Association to approach important topics in an engaging and sensitive manner. 

Additionally, the staff at Brill School aim for our Christian School Values to be embedded into daily school life and instilled in our children. We believe centring our school life around our values produces empathetic, resilient and compassionate individuals that are not only proud of themselves but make us proud in the wider community. 

Health and Wellbeing 

You may find this link helpful if looking for emotional or mental health support.

 The link below is a great explanation for children of the Coronavirus

Bucks Mind Identity Activities

Please find below some resources from Bucks Mind that help us to think about our identity and what makes us who we are. 

 ADULT Book List.pdfDownload
 ALL - Who am I.docxDownload
 ALL Identity-Activities.docDownload
 Parent&Staff weekly wellbeing 11 (Identity).pdfDownload
 PARENT-STAFF YM gender-identity advice and info.pdfDownload
 PRIMARY & KS3 About Me.pdfDownload
 PRIMARY Book List.pdfDownload
 PRIMARY lgbt_history_home_learning_pack_-_primary.pdfDownload
 PRIMARY my-family-tree-template.pdfDownload
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Arts and creativity for our mental well being

Buck's Mind have looked at the benefits of the arts and creativity for our mental well being.

Please find some resources below.

Parents may also be interested in the following:

Barclay’s life skills academy which not only provides great, workplace wellbeing content (everything from how to deal with setbacks to returning after a career break), there’s also some excellent virtual sessions on employability skills, finances, budgeting, families, mental health etc.

 ADULT Amateur film-making _ National Science and Media Museum blog.pdfDownload
 ADULT AND SECONDARY Creative Colouring.docxDownload
 ALL 30 day art challenge.pdfDownload
 ALL Action for Happiness June Calendar.pdfDownload
 ALL MHF One Day in Lockdown Activity.pdfDownload
 ALL Peer Mentor Article.pdfDownload
 ALL Young Minds Silly Stories.pdfDownload
 INFANT & PRIMARY Cardboard Tube Rocket Craft Instructions.pdfDownload
 INFANT mindful playdough recipe.pdfDownload
 Parent&Staff weekly wellbeing 9 (Arts).pdfDownload
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Mental Health Awareness Week, 2020

As you may know today marks the start of Mental Health Awareness Week 2020.

The topic chosen for this year is kindness, something we can all agree is pretty important in life, right now in particular. Kindness helps bring us together and can act as the glue that binds our communities. By helping our young people see this and encouraging it, we will create a happier, more compassionate world for all of us in the future.

It’s time to celebrate how powerful our kindness is.

Below are some great resources to raise awareness, get us all talking and give us some fresh ideas for how we can show and celebrate our kindness.

Activities for everyone

Kindness with Zumos – Part of our 70 Day Wellbeing Programme. Today we focus of Kindness.

The Mental Health Foundation - A selection of Mental Health Foundation materials, including some great social media graphics to raise awareness and show support online.

Random Acts of Kindness - A fun site focussing on positive action and experience. All sorts here from virtual tours of the world’s greatest museums, to energetic challenges focussing on this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week topic - Kindness.

Positive Psychology - A whole host of activities for all ages, some fun games and conversation starters all centred around being kind.

Take Action Get Active - Part of the MHF challenge to get active this May. Focussed on the links between physical activity and mental wellbeing. Would make a great virtual challenge or video project.

Time to Change - Some great games, posters and graphics to print and play.

Random Acts of Kindness Lesson Plans - Worth having a look as we are all educators in our home schools, some nice lesson plans and extra ideas to do at home. 

Do Good From Home - Some great inspiration on here, lots of great ideas of activities you can do at home as a family to show some kindness to others in the times of pandemic.

For Staff and Parents

The Human Givens Institute - Some more resources from Human Givens including webinars, online courses and hard copy materials such as posters.

The Human Givens Podcast - One for Parents and Staff. A really interesting podcast series from Human Givens, it discusses many varying issues covered by experts in the field.

Mrs White's Mental Health Awareness Week Session

Good afternoon and a very Happy Mental Health Awareness Week. The theme this year is Kindness.

To celebrate this important week, I have shared a session plan and video lesson focused on kindness which we would love you to use at home with your children. Please feel free to adapt the session plan, resources or activities as you wish. We hope the instructions are easy to follow but if you have any questions please do get in touch.

By clicking on the You Tube link below you will find a 'Choose Kindness’ video which supports and accompanies the session plan -Choose Kindness Video lesson. The session resources are below. 

Please share what you have been up to with your class teacher. Enjoy the sunshine, everyone!

Mrs White's Mental Health Awareness Week Session Resources

 Being Kind to Yourself (1) .pdfDownload
 Being Kind to Yourself (2) .pdfDownload
 Choose Kindness Session Plan .docxDownload
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Mental Health Resources - to help you stay upbeat while at home

 Here are a few documents, links and activities to help you and your family keep healthy minds and bodies during this unusual time. With a little more time on our hands we can focus on strengthening our family bonds and looking after ourselves.

Please also see below some PSHE Home Learning tasks and Miss Reynolds 'Kindness Challenge!'. If you complete any of the Home learning tasks please do email me (Miss Reynolds- so I can share it on the PSHE Blog :) 

Week 1-2

 ALL Action for Happiness - Active Coping April.pdfDownload
 Be kind to yourself.htmlDownload
 COVID19_advice for parents and carers.pdfDownload
 I am amazing.htmlDownload
 Kindness cards.htmlDownload
 PARENTS top-ten-tips-to help children cope.pdfDownload
 Parents weekly wellbeing Issue 1 (Spring) Mind Buckinghamshire.pdfDownload
 Primary Weekly Wellbeing Issue 1 (Spring) Mind Buckinghamshire.pdfDownload
 SECONDARY & PARENT Adult Self-Care To Do List.docxDownload
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Week 3

 ALL How to look after your Mental Health using exercise.pdfDownload
 INFANT&PRIMARY Physical Activity Cube.pdfDownload
 INFANTS Lets Move Story Time.mp3Download
 Parent&Staff weekly wellbeing Issue 3 (Be active).pdfDownload
 PARENT.STAFF get active bingo.pdfDownload
 PARENTS Get active at home.pdfDownload
 PRIMARY My Fitness Plan.docDownload
 SECONDARY & ADULTS Free Home Workouts .docxDownload
 Weekly Wellbeing Issue 3 (Be Active) (3).pdfDownload
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Week 4

 ADULT & SECONDARY Little-Book-Of-Mindfulness.pdfDownload
 ALL Photo challenge.docxDownload
 INFANT & PRIMARY mindfulness-challenge-cards_.pdfDownload
 INFANT & PRIMARY Plant a Seed Activity.pdfDownload
 INFANT - Emotions worksheet.pdfDownload
 little acts of kindness - make your own.jpgDownload
 little acts of kindness 1.pngDownload
 Parent&Staff weekly wellbeing 5 (Take Notice).pdfDownload
 PARENTS- How to help your child foster autonomy.pngDownload
 PRIMARY Mindful-Me-Activity-Poster.pdfDownload
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Week 5

 ALL Reading Well - recommended reading, books to help you feel better.pdfDownload
 INFANT & PRIMART Growth-Mindset-Affirmation-Activity-I-Can.pdfDownload
 INFANT & PRIMARY How to draw animals.pdfDownload
 INFANT & PRIMARY yoga poses.pdfDownload
 Parent&Staff weekly wellbeing 6 (Keep Learning).pdfDownload
 PARENTS Signposting for Parents and Young People in Bucks-COVID-19.pdfDownload
 PRIMARY Goal Setting Challenge Information Sheet.pdfDownload
 PRIMARY My Home Learning 2020 Diary.pdfDownload
 Primary Weekly Wellbeing Issue 6 (Keep Learning) .pdfDownload
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Week 6

 ALL MH Awareness Week-Supporter-Pack.pdfDownload
 ALL Things That Make Me Beautiful.pdfDownload
 Aylesbury Youth Concern.JPGDownload
 Parent&Staff weekly wellbeing 7 (Positivity).pdfDownload
 PRIMARY & SECONDARY Growth_Mindset_Action_Plan.pdfDownload
 PRIMARY Coronavirus - A book for children.pdfDownload
 PRIMARY Inspirational Quotes Colouring.pdfDownload
 PRIMARY Positive Quotes Colouring.pdfDownload
 PRIMARY Try_Saying_Something_Else.pdfDownload
 Primary Weekly Wellbeing Issue 7 (Positivity).pdfDownload
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Identity is important!

teachers on: PSHE BLOG

Bucks Mind have put together a selection of resources to get us thinking about our identity (see above on the PSHE page). It is lovely to celebrate what makes us unique! 

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Felix (Y2) is fundraising for a great cause - Show Racism the Red Card

teachers on: PSHE BLOG

In light of the recent events in America, Felix and his mum have been talking about racism, privilege and how we have a responsibility to speak up and be actively anti-racist. They're lucky to have a culturally diverse family but they think they can do more.
So they have decided to do a fundraising challenge for Show Racism the Red card, a charity that works with schools and football clubs to challenge misconceptions, stereotypes and negative attitudes, via a range of educational programmes.
They will run or cycle 5km a day together every day in June and would be really grateful is Felix's school friends could support him.
This is the link to our Justgiving page
Well done, Felix. We are very proud of you.

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Austin (Y2) is fundraising for WaterAid UK

teachers on: PSHE BLOG

Austin has decided he would like to raise some money for WaterAid UK, a charity that supports African children. This decision was inspired by his topic this term, 'Africa'. He will be shaving his hair in order to fund raise for this charity! 
Austin has set up his own fundraising page and needs your support. Please see link below.
We are all very proud of him.
Well done, Austin!

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Mental Health Awareness Week

teachers on: PSHE BLOG

Hosted by the Mental Health Foundation, Mental Health Awareness Week will take place from 18-24 May 2020. The theme is kindness.

Join their movement challenge during May!

The Mental Health Foundation are launching a brand new challenge this May, to get you moving and feeling good, whilst fundraising for the Mental Health Foundation. 

Their challenge is all about being kind to yourself by taking some time out each day for yourself.

They are asking you to be active for 30 minutes a day, which may include running, walking and cycling, but this does not have to be strenuous – you can do the gardening or get those arm muscles moving by baking a cake. Whatever your physical ability, this challenge is for everyone.

Follow the link to find out more and sign up :)

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Thinking Positive!

teachers on: PSHE BLOG

The Bucks Mental Health Support Team have made a video of 5 tips for positive thinking (link below):!AmUxogUn5munhggs4HFIK2bFYsdb

Image preview

Also check out this week's new mental health resources to support you under 'Week 6' on the PSHE page. 

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Value of our Values!

Our Christian Values are the backbone of all learning at Brill School. We want our children to not only understand the values but actively show them.

Each month we have a value that we focus on. Children are nominated throughout the month in our classes by teachers and pupils if they have shown the value of the month. Those children have their names displayed on their values poster in their classroom. At the end of each month the pupil who has really encapsulated the value of the month, gets featured on the Values Display in the Hall and has their name entered for the Mystery Values Prize draw. 

Previous prizes include the adoption of a hedgehog, a retired military horse, a guide dog puppy, a rescue dog, a donkey, and most recently a pig! 

Piecing the Jigsaw together...

Brill School follows the PSHE scheme 'Jigsaw'. Jigsaw is compliant with the new DfE 2020 Statutory Requirements and every child here at Brill has one session a week. 

The name 'Jigsaw' was chosen for the scheme as it carefully connects the pieces of Personal, Social and Health Education, emotional literacy, social skills and spiritual development. All these pieces are important for our children to be prepared for 21st century life. The content of this scheme involves a progressive, whole school approach which aims to help children know and value who they truly are and understand how they relate to other people in this ever-changing world.

Jigsaw lessons also include mindfulness allowing children to advance their emotional awareness, concentration and focus. Here at Brill we value the importance of mindfulness and the whole school comes together at the end of each busy week to clear our minds before the weekend. 

Miss Reynolds

PSHE Coordinator

 PSHE Policy 2019-2020.pdfDownload
 PSHE Progression doc..pdfDownload
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Home Learning Resources

 Jigsaw Families at Home - (Dreams and Goals theme)


'Healthy Me' Resources

Learn to Cook- Video Recipes (Healthy Body)

Mindfulness and Yoga Videos (Healthy Mind)


Relationships Resources

Fun Family Bonding Idea


Kindness Challenge!

KS1- Click the link below to watch the reading of the story, 'Have You Filled A Bucket Today?' by Carol McCloud

Can you and your family make your own buckets and put notes in to make each other feel good about yourselves, as well as acts of kindness you have done to each other? Who's bucket can you fill up first? 

KS2- Click the link below to watch the reading of the story, 'The Kindness Quilt' by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace.

Can you and your family make you own kindness quilt? Can you make it using recycled or unusual materials? Who can add the most to your families quilt? 


Year 1 child- "I think the Mystery Prize draw at the end of each term is exciting and makes people work hard to try and get up on the board."

Year 3 child- "I like PSHE lessons because you do fun learning through crafts and I like solving problems about life."

Year 5 child- "During PSHE lessons we learn lots about different things and can let our feelings out."

Rebecca Field (PSHE Govenor)- "From walking around school and interacting with our pupils it is clear to see that our School Values are known by children across all age groups and their meanings are embedded.

There is a positive attitude towards PSHE. From our pupil voice session children said they enjoy the variety of learning styles and approaches in PSHE lessons and recording these in their scrapbooks. What children really buzz about is the Mystery Prize. I wish I could win one!"

SIAMS (Outstanding Inspection Feedback)- "A broad and highly creative curriculum provides excellent spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) provision, resulting in the development of caring, reflective and articulate pupils."