What does Science look like at Brill?



At Brill Primary School we have invested in raising the profile of science. We’ve introduced an annual Science Week, which involves lots of hands-on, engaging activities for the children. We have extended the length of science lessons so children have more time to learn and explore, and have introduced CPD sessions to ensure teachers are trained and enthusiastic about their lessons! We have also invited parents in to talk about science-based professions to support our collaboration with home and school. We want the children to be inspired by science and to develop their curiosity by encouraging them to think big. Children learn that science is not just in their local level (Cultural Capital), but they also understand how it affects everyone around the world. We understand that exploration and discovery is vital to children’s learning and this is done through a broad, balanced and engaging curriculum. The progressive knowledge throughout the school from EYFS to Year 6 creates an exciting opportunity to learn a rich diet of knowledge, which helps to provide connections between concepts and other curriculum subjects. The inclusion of science skills, knowledge and enquiry, combines to create ambitious lessons for all children to thrive and become scientists in each science lesson, supported by well-matched and high-quality resources across the school.


In EYFS Science is taught as a part of the Understanding of the World area of the curriculum. Children are provided with hands on opportunities to investigate, observe and to ask and answer questions. All of these skills help to prepare them for Science in KS1.

Our Science curriculum is based on the National Curriculum which provides a structure for skill and knowledge development for the Science curriculum being taught throughout the school.  We ensure progression throughout the school using our progression documents and scheme of learning which link directly to the National Curriculum.  

At Brill, we have developed our scheme of learning into topics which are creatively themed to support the delivery of the curriculum. Each topic identifies the correct scientific vocabulary and knowledge that the children need to have learnt by the end of that unit of work. Our systematic approach supports children in retaining and retrieving knowledge from previous experiences and enables them to build on these.  

Children asking and answering questions is a key part of their learning and Science lessons at Brill often start with a question and are followed up with key learning questions. Sequential lessons are planned to support answering these questions.  Working scientifically, skills are embedded into lessons to ensure these skills are being developed throughout the children’s school life.  New vocabulary and challenging concepts are introduced through direct teaching and revisited regularly to ensure children remember and build on them.

Science is enriched through school visits, trips and experiences.  We will ensure that the Science curriculum we provide will equipchildren the confidence and motivation to continue to further develop their skills into the next stage of their education and life experiences.  


The measure of this is to ensure children not only acquire the appropriate age-related knowledge linked to the Science curriculum, but also have skills to move their learning forward.  

All children at Brill will develop:

  • A greater scientific knowledge and understanding
  • A wider range of scientific enquiry skills
  • A richer scientific vocabulary
  • An enjoyment and enthusiasm about Science in our school and as future scientists
  • Standards in Science at the end of Key Stages are good or better than National average


Exploring solids, liquids and changes of state in Yr4 with chocolate!! 

Science Blog 

Science Club (2022)

We had so much fun at science club this year. We investigated the best parachute, boat and zip wire! We also explored dissolving using skittles! I can’t wait until next year! 


Tooth Decay in Year 4!

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Year 4 have been learning all about the human body, the digestive system and we are finishing off with tooth decay! We have created our own experiment where we are submerging a variety of items in various liquids. We are using our observational skills to see the changes in the items over the week. We have already seen lots of changes and had great discussions as to why this may be! We have made a prediction that it could be linked to the sugar and acid in the liquids! 

Science Week

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We had lots of fun this Science Week!

We had the highly successful Ella Podmore (who used to go to our school) talk about her dream job as an engineer for Mclaren.

Every year group went on a fantastic trip to Science Oxford.




Each year group also took part in some engaging child-led investigations, that focused on some of the work missed over lockdown.


Overall, an amazing week (even if I am slightly biased)!

Miss Webb

Inspired by Science

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Ethan, in y1, was inspired to source his own experiment during Science Week.

Year 1 were fascinated with the bubbling volcano which Ethan had made at home.

Fantastic effort!

Science Club

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We had a wonderful time during science club yesterday, looking at rollercoasters and how they built and lost momentum. We then designed our own wonderful marble rollercoasters - one group even managed to make their marble do two loop-the-loops!




Science Winners!

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Over the last few Science lessons, Year 6 have been designing and carrying out their own Science investigations based on their topic: Light.
For their final lesson today, each group presented their findings to the class. 
Here is a photo of the winning group!

'Healthy Me' videos

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Year 2 had great fun filming their 'healthy me' videos - these included how to eat healthily, exercise and maintain proper hygiene! 




Terrific Traffic Lights

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Wow Year 6 - I am very impressed with these!

A write-up from Harriet:

This morning, in Science, we built traffic lights using boxes, tissue paper and electrical equipment.

Firstly, we tried making different circuits with bulbs, batteries, switches and wires. Some groups chose to make simple circuits while other groups chose to make a series or parallel circuit.

We thoroughly enjoyed it as it was an exciting mix of Science and D.T.

Our Butterflies!

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Year 2's butterflies were ready to be released yesterday. We have watched them go through their life cycle (known as complete metamorphosis)! Year two have loved watching the changes they have gone through and were sad to say goodbye!

Super sounds

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Year 4 have been exploring sound in our music lessons. We have been experimenting with pitch and volume along with sound waves and vibrations. We have made our own instruments to demonstrate our learning. Here is a super ukulele that Jacob made at home during the weekend. What a fabulous job! 

Year 3 Rocks!

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We have absolutely loved exploring rocks in Year 3. We are now super knowledgeable about the three types of rock: Igneous, Metamorphic and Sedimentary, and can describe how each type is formed. We've explored the properties of rocks and grouped them according to these. Lots of us have even thought about the uses of different rocks based on their properties. Our favourite lesson has definitely been making (and eating!) edible rocks so here are some photos of us doing this.       


Amazing Adaptation!

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Year 6 have wowed us already with their investigations into how living things have adapted and evolved through time. Well done Oliver for your incredible independent work this week! 

Freddie's Fossils

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Well done Freddie, who had a go at the fossil making activity on the science page. As you can see, they look amazing! :)

Jodie's Creative Science Learning

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Look at Jodie's wonderful creation; it is showing the circulatory system! A new member for Year 6? 

Another Little Superstar!

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Louie has sent me in pictures of him playing a family game of boules and tracking his family's scores on a chart (from our STEM grid :) )
He has also been experimenting with food colouring and celery. He was able to see where the water travels through, and that the leaves on the top turned a different shade of green. 
Keep exploring Louie! 

Doctor Maddie

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Well done Maddie for doing extra science work at home! She has been exploring the respiratory system and has made a model to explain what happens to your lungs when you breathe and your diaphragm contracts!

Fantastic work Maddie!

Louie's Legendary Lego Maze!

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Look at this wonderful maze Louie has created in his spare time. He has also printed off the STEM activity sheet to do some more of the fun activities! Well done Louie - keep up the hard work you star! 

Annabel and Sam impressing Miss Webb!

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Wow, look at these two little scientists! They have made me very jealous with their chemistry set - I wonder what cool things they found out... Annabel also built this amazing bug hotel and it already has its first inhabitants! Well done Annabel and Sam you stars!

More Amazing Scientists!

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Just look at the fabulous STEM activities Jessica and Theo have been doing at home during their time off. I am so impressed with their creativity! They have created a series circuit in order to power LED eyes in Theo's picture, they have also been growing cress and sewing. Well done Jessica and Theo you little superstars! 

My Star Scientists

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Felicity and Rupert have impressed me yet again this week with more exciting STEM activities. Including: duplo maze making, crystal growing (loving the science safety goggles) and fossil hunting! I must say I got a bit jealous when I saw all the pictures! Keep up the hard work you two and if there are any other little scientists out there please share your pictures with us.

My Mini Scientists

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Hello, My Mini Scientists!

If you have any time to spare over the Easter holidays please have a go at some of the activities below. The STEM activities are great and there is such a big range of things to do. Or you could 'grow' a rainbow, or make a fossil using the contents of your parents' cupboards!

If you do have a go at any of the challenges, please send in pictures and I will blog my favourite on Wednesday! Also if you come across any cool new ideas let me know!

Miss Webb x 

Calling all Wannabe Palaeontologists

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Can you make one of these awesome fossils? 

Please send me pictures if you manage it :) 

Can you grow your own rainbow??

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STEM ideas for your home learning

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Science Week

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Monday 9th March- Friday 13th March - what an amazing Science Week we have had at Brill School! So many exciting experiments going on; a visit from a planetarium; tree planting and Mrs Flasck sharing her interesting science career with Years 5 and 6. The children have certainly been very lucky to experience a wide range of scientific experiences and seem to have loved every minute! 

Marble Mazes

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In Year 5, we are exploring forces as part of our Science lessons.   In groups, we had to create marble mazes using various resources around the classroom.  Each maze we created had a differing objective.  These varied from slowing the marble down, to speeding it up.  This allowed the children to explore how they could manipulate the friction the marble came into contact with and how they could use gravity to move the marble around the maze.  The children worked collaboratively and effectively and I was pleased to see and hear the scientific language being used in each group!

Teachers' Science Lesson

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Here are the teachers having a training session in order to make their science lessons even more engaging! 



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We are looking forward to March 12th and our visit from 'The Astronomy Roadshow' who are bringing a mobile planetarium for the children to enjoy. Thank you to the PTA who have kindly agreed to fund this!

Forest School

 Each year group is very fortunate to take part in forest school once a year. This nature-based learning is rich with scientific exploration and enquiry.

Here are Yr4, who are learning about King John as part of their topic. As they imitated John's royal hunting party in Bernwood forest, they explored the different types of trees and their wood. They then made a bow and arrow using the most suitable wood.

Observing Nature

This site has been recommended by Mrs Salt, and I love it: 

My favourite part is that you can see live streams from different schools who have set up bird boxes on their grounds.

If you go to 'School Zone,' then 'Bird Box School Zone' and finally 'Live Streams,' you can see the footage. I can't wait until the eggs hatch :)

I would love to take part at Brill! What do you think? 

STEM at home

There are so many exciting STEM activities you could be trying while you are not at school.

I am so impressed with Felicity and Rupert who have been so creative with their home learning: Felicity made a dam in the brook from bricks and stones; Rupert made his own car track with parking spaces - he then used this to teach his brother counting; finally they both made an awesome den to hide out in. 

If you would like to have a go at some fun STEM activities look at the blog for some ideas or make up some of your own!

Well done Felicity and Rupert!

Jodie also found out STEM could lead to some tasty results:

Miss Webb

Science Coordinator


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Parental Involvement

So far this year, we have been very grateful for the support of Mrs Soden and Mrs Flasck for sharing their particular passion with the students.  Mrs Soden explored the constellations with Year 5; the children made their own planispheres which allowed them to see what the sky looked like when they were born! Mrs Flasck talked to Years 5 and 6 about her career as an Environmental Scientist and explored the children’s ‘environmental footprint’ with them. After this particular talk one of the children informed us he would love to become a Scientist!

We are fortunate at Brill School to have an involved and supportive set of Parents.  Do any of you have a Science background or a genuine passion for the subject, if so, please get in contact with us as we would love you to share this with our children.

Mad Science Club

Want to explore even further?  We offer ‘Mad Science Club’ to the children. This exciting club provides the perfect platform for your mini scientist to explore and shine!

Science Week

At Brill school we LOVE Science Week. The children are engaged in a variety of interactive and fun activities which promote resilience and critical thinking. Last year, we had a visit from a ‘forensic scientist’ and the children became detectives for the day! The year prior to that we were lucky enough to have a visit from an Astronomer who thoroughly engaged and inspired a number of our students. So much so, we even had children asking for telescopes for their birthdays!