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With the Wind in our Sails

Open Morning on Monday 11th November 9.00-11.30am. See News page for more details.

Update from the organiser of Echoes 2019!


Please spend some time rehearsing for our part (Chorus 2) for the finale song in the section entitled Mais - see link:


We have now completed our final rehearsal before the concert on Monday so it's time to practise the songs by yourself to make sure you are as ready as you can be. It's going to be a great event. Remember what we've said at rehearsals: The more you put into this in terms of effort, the more you will get out of this in terms of enjoyment and sense of achievement!

Echoes 2019


Please click on the following link for music tracks, lyrics and other resources for Echoes 2019. These tracks are for rehearsal purposes only.


From the words the children already have at home, they will know which part they are singing for each song. Please only rehearse with the musical line of our part rather than listening to other parts so you don't get confused about what notes we need to sing!


Happy rehearsing!