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Remember, we have switched from the grids on here to our ClassDojo page - if anyone has any trouble getting on this page then please email me. If you would like to continue doing the work on here the grids will remain up until Friday and then we will switch over completely.

Remember, as always, you do not have to do all the work!

Have a good week everybody.

Miss Allen

YEAR 3 - Home Learning

Our children at Brill consistently demonstrate their abilities to learn in many different ways. In this season, we believe they will experience this in new ways. For those of you so busy putting measures in place for work and family, we have drawn up a suggested structure of a day. This can be found below the resources section below. There is a more pictorial representation on the SEN page. We would suggest planning what works with your children and work commitments, moving things around to suit your family. We do encourage that you set expectations of a structured day with your children, dividing up work, exercise and free play right from the outset, on week days.


Please use the grid below to support with home learning tasks. Each box within the grid outlines learning challenges and many of these have resources which you will find on this page below the grid. There are also some useful websites which can be accessed to support with home learning. If any of you have difficulties with printing resources or with accessing the internet to be able to engage with the learning tasks, do please get in touch with Mrs White or Mrs Baker by email on: or and they will be able to provide additional support. Additionally, there are further learning challenges on both the SEN page and the MFL pages of our website.

Story Time With Miss Allen and Mrs Barlow

Get yourselves comfortable and enjoy listening to Miss Allen read the first two chapters of 'You're a Bad Man Mr. Gum' by Andy Stanton. I hope you enjoy!

First episode: 

Second episode: 

Third episode: 

Fourth episode:

Fifth episode: 

Sixth episode:

Seventh episode:

Final episode:


'George's Secret Key to the Universe' by Stephen and Lucy Hawking

Chapter 1: 

Week 3 Learning Grid

 Equivalent Fractions Practically.pdfDownload
 Maths. Equivalent Fractions on Number Line.pdfDownload
 Maths. Finding Equivalent Fractions Practically.pdfDownload
 Maths. Fraction Wall.pdfDownload
 Maths. Missing Fractions.pdfDownload
 Maths. Using Bar Models.pdfDownload
 Reading. Lost Luggage.pdfDownload
 SPAG Activity.pdfDownload
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Week 2 Learning Grid

 Looking After Yourself .pdfDownload
 Maths. Fractions on a Number Line.pdfDownload
 Maths. Non-Unit Fractions of an Amount.pdfDownload
 Maths. Solve Fractions Problems.pdfDownload
 Maths. Unit Fractions of an Amount.pdfDownload
 Reading Comprehension. The Hunter With a Heart.pdfDownload
 Science .pdfDownload
 SPAG. Time Conjunctions.pdfDownload
 SPAG. Year 3 4 Spelling List.pdfDownload
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Week 1 Learning Grid

 examples of house plans.docxDownload
 Recognising Tenths as a Decimal.docxDownload
 Recognising Tenths as a Fraction Doc.docxDownload
 Representing Tenths in Different Ways.docxDownload
 Survival landscapes.pptxDownload
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Suggested Structure of a Day

Advice for Parents and Carers


Teacher's welcome


Our scheduled P.E. days are Monday and Thursday however, there may be further opportunities to participate in physical activity. Therefore, we ask that you ensure your child has their P.E. kit at school during the whole week.


Each week we begin a new spelling pattern that should be practised at home. We ask children to take home their spelling books so that they can do this, but it is important that books are brought in to school every day as they are needed in class.

Reading books

Children will have the opportunity to take home a book from school which they should continue to read outside of school. We do expect children to bring their books in everyday as we participate in quiet reading throughout the day. If your child needs to change their reading book then it is their responsibility to inform myself or Mrs Barlow and they will be able to change it independently.

If you have anything you wish to discuss, please do not hesitate to email me through my school email.

Thank you for your support.

Miss Allen 


Ways you can help support your child’s learning in school

Please continue to read a variety of books with your child and share their reading and library books with them by discussing the content, characters and their likes and dislikes of the book.

Encourage your child to read (and share with you) the texts from our Brill School Year 3 recommended book list.

Your children take part in daily Wizard Maths sessions every afternoon which helps them quickly recall their times tables.A  ny practice of your child’s times tables at home would be a great aid to their learning.

The children will have spelling logbooks in their bags every day and these may contain some spellings that they found tricky during the week.  Please could you spend time helping your child to learn the spellings and patterns.  These need to be in school every day ready for our daily spelling sessions.

Homework – Please continue to support your child with their homework when needed, but where possible allow them to have a go independently.

If you'd like to further support your child in addition to homework then I would suggest listening to them read for 10 minutes every day aloud and discussing the book in depth. Check that your child fully understands the words and can decode the context of the story.  To help them with mathematics then focus of the 4 operations; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, as well as times tables and number bonds (10, 20 and 100).  Below are some useful websites however there are many more online and plenty of apps that can help.

The Curriculum

At Brill School, English, Maths and Core Skills are taught through focused daily lessons; usually in the morning. For other lessons we have in recent years moved away from narrow subject based teaching and have developed a curriculum that is imaginative, child focused and cross curricular.

Year 3’s thematic topic units for this year are:




Main focus


Life in a Rainforest!



Can You Dig It? History/ Science


Click on the topic units for an overview document for the term's work or on the subject links for more information about the long term curriculum in each specific area.

Year 3 Wow Moments!

Painting in the Sunshine!

teachers on: Year 3 Wow Moments!

This week, Ryan has enjoyed painting a diagram of his body and then checked up on his seeds that he had planted on the 19th of April to find that they were already growing very strong! Amazing!! I bet you were feeling very happy being out in the sunshine and very proud to see your own seeds grow. 

Lara's Mirror Maze!

teachers on: Year 3 Wow Moments!

This was a challenge I set Year 3 with their Science work this week and Lara has absolutely smashed it! Their task was to create a mirror maze and use what they had just learnt about light and how it is reflected, to reflect the light the whole way around the maze. 

Lara Strikes Again!

teachers on: Year 3 Wow Moments!




As part of Year 3's work this week, they have been asked to research Stephen Hawking as we will be focusing on him for some weeks. Lara has thoroughly enjoyed doing this and has obviously put a lot of hard work into it too! She has also created a membership to the National Geographic Kids magazine, which was useful when researching about him. As well as this, Lara has a new art tool that she has been loving and got involved in a very tasty maths session! Great work Lara and good choice of pizza and chocolate!

George Gets Planting

teachers on: Year 3 Wow Moments!



This week, George has put on his gardening gloves, picked up his tools and has been busy planting some plants with his sister. He's also stayed active by going on regular runs and even bumping into some cute, baby animals and it doesn't surprise me that George has been 'in the zone' with his maths work as this is always the case at school. Fantastic!! 

Jessica's Birthday!

teachers on: Year 3 Wow Moments!

Today is Jessica's birthday! Let's all wish her a happy birthday from where we are. Hope you are enjoying yourself Jessica! Click on the link below to open my birthday wishes to Jessica. 

Ryan's Fortress!

teachers on: Year 3 Wow Moments!

Prepare to be amazed...

Ryan created such an incredible piece of artwork today based on his 'fortress' that he has in his back garden. Not only is it so neatly presented, with colours that reflect the real thing, it is also labelled very clearly. I can tell that a lot of effort has gone into this, so well done Ryan, you superstar! If only you could all see the video of him in action, firing an arrow too!

Sharing The Love

teachers on: Year 3 Wow Moments!

Tessa has been very busy doing lots of different activities! She has been cooking, helping her parents out in the garden and lots of creative activities using wood and paint. Some of you may have already seen this piece of art as you come into Brill, but if you haven't, go and check it out! Tessa and her family carved out and painted this beautiful heart which is such a wonderful way to spread love during this time - well done all of you!

Outdoor Fun and Cheesecake Making!

teachers on: Year 3 Wow Moments!



Chef James has been busy in his garden making mud dough balls with his siblings. As well as this, James and his family have enjoyed many walks, playing stuck in the mud and hide and seek on their journey. Such a simple but fun way to stay entertained. As you can see in one of the pictures, James also made mini strawberry cheesecakes which his mum says were delicious - they certainly look it!

Happy Easter!

teachers on: Year 3 Wow Moments!

Thank you so much for sending over your wonderful pictures. I have really loved seeing what you have all been up to over the past couple of weeks and I hope you have all enjoyed seeing what your friends have been involved in.

Take the time over the next two week to spend some more time with your family and relax. There will not be any learning grids to work from during this period, but if you do fancy a little challenge, then don't forget to go onto the subject pages where teachers will have some activities for you to do. 

I am missing you all and look forward to seeing you when we are back at school.

Remember - you are BRILL and continue to keep smiling!

Lara's African Adventure

teachers on: Year 3 Wow Moments!

Be ready to be blown away!

Lara wrote a beautiful piece of writing this week as one of her tasks. She has created a phenomenal diary entry based on her holiday in an African country and the epic pictures show just some of the animals she saw.

One, isn't she so lucky to have experienced this and two, isn't she so talented with her writing? 

Jessica's Celebrations

teachers on: Year 3 Wow Moments!

Birthday celebrations, baking, exercising and making paper dolls are just some of the activities that Jessica and her family have been doing this week! Jessica celebrated her Mum's birthday in style with fireworks and a homemade cake - fantastic! I wonder if you are all feeling healthier since doing Joe Wicks' workouts like I am?

Reggie Allen

teachers on: Year 3 Wow Moments!

Hi everyone, I'm Reggie!

This is my dog - he's a Bichon Frise and a Maltese Terrier. We went on a lovely dog walk yesterday around a lake. He's a little bit camera shy, which meant it took a long time to get a good picture but this is the best I could get :). He's a very cuddly dog but also very mischievous at times! I'm sure you will see more pictures of him over this period, so keep an eye out. 

James And The Chocolate Coated Raisins

teachers on: Year 3 Wow Moments!

James has been using fruit pastilles and chocolate covered raisins to help him with his times tables which has helped him hugely - I'm sure he was able to sneak a few into his mouth whilst doing it too! He has also been down at the allotment planting seeds and going on many field walks around his area, as well as reading and spelling. Great work James!

Tessa's Outdoor Adventure

teachers on: Year 3 Wow Moments!

Tessa has spent most of her time outside in her garden which is great!! She has been playing games with her brother, trampolining, riding bikes, jumping on her pogo stick and even created an insect hotel! I think Tessa is made for the outdoors, wouldn't you agree? So watch out because you may see Tessa jumping hundreds of metres in the air from your back garden. 

Gabriel The Gardener

teachers on: Year 3 Wow Moments!

Can we just take a moment to look at all of the different activities Gabriel has taken part in? Gabriel built the raised beds that you can see in the first picture and he plans on growing; peas, broad beans, cauliflower, purple sprouting, broccoli, brussel sprouts and lettuces. So many vegetables he could use for a Sunday roast dinner once they have grown! He has also participated in Joe Wicks' daily workout, reading, French work and created a beautiful button rainbow to spread the joy. Incredible!

Volcano Eruption

teachers on: Year 3 Wow Moments!

Isn't this just a perfect day of FUN? Mya baked some tasty cookies for her family and then made her own volcano. She then added bicarbonate of soda, water, washing up liquid and food colouring to create a big volcanic eruption - what a fantastic idea! She also planted some rainbow radish seeds and peas in her garden which she will look after to make them grow, as well as writing letters and posting them. You superstar Mya!

Puppet Art

teachers on: Year 3 Wow Moments!

This week, Gabriel has shown his creative skills by creating this amazing sock puppet. Doesn't it look cool? Currently, sock puppet doesn't have a name but what name do you think would suit he/she?

One Handed Washing

teachers on: Year 3 Wow Moments!

Benedict had a lovely day today, starting off with the Joe Wicks' workout, then washing and drying clothes. He had a lovely discussion with his mum about standard and economic cycles and which is better for the environment and why. They also discussed the good and bad points to drying your laundry on a line outside in comparison to inside e.g. using a tumble machine and clothes rack. Not only has he nailed the skill of doing laundry and reflecting on this, he has also mastered hanging the clothes up with ONE HAND! Go Benedict! 

Ryan vs The Lion

teachers on: Year 3 Wow Moments!

Last week, Ryan was super busy. He got involved in some cooking, fractions work, filtering dirty water and bravely taking on a lion with 'Google Animals'! You absolute superstar Ryan! I wonder what other animals he will be ready to take on this week? 

Spot Tilly B!

teachers on: Year 3 Wow Moments!

Tilly B got a bit of fresh air and took part in her favourite activity - tree climbing. Can you spot her in the tree? She also had a catch up with some of her friends over Face Time. It's great to see they are keeping in contact over this period. 

George's Marvellous Week

teachers on: Year 3 Wow Moments!

George took part in many practical activities last week, which all look like fun! From painting, to making jelly, to wanting to be a mud man and covering half of his body in mud - whoops! 

Magnetic magic!

teachers on: Year 3 Wow Moments!


Look at Lara's creative, magnetic game! Doesn't it look fab? A game that I would love to play. Great work Lara!

Grace's Exciting Week!

teachers on: Year 3 Wow Moments!



Grace and her family were very busy last week by taking part in loads of practical activities around the house. All of these activities look so exciting and looks like they made the most of the lovely sunshine! What a fantastic way to spend the week! 

Vegetable fun

teachers on: Year 3 Wow Moments!

This unique vegetable figure was create by Freya. A great way to be creative whilst preparing a home meal. 

Wicked Writing!

teachers on: Year 3 Wow Moments!

This was a snapshot of Freya who was hard at work with her writing this week. I really loved reading her writing and I am sure all of you will too. Round of applause Freya. Fantastic work!

Miss Allen, Class Teacher

Mrs Barlow, Teaching Assistant

Year 3 Remind Us to 'Be Kind!'

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