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Remember, we have switched from the grids on here to our ClassDojo page - if anyone has any trouble getting on this page then please email me. If you would like to continue doing the work on here the grids will remain up until Friday and then we will switch over completely.

Remember, as always, you do not have to do all the work!

Have a good week everybody.

Mr Dickson 

YEAR 5 - Home Learning

Our children at Brill consistently demonstrate their abilities to learn in many different ways. In this season, we believe they will experience this in new ways. For those of you so busy putting measures in place for work and family, we have drawn up a suggested structure of a day. This can be found below the resources section below. There is a more pictorial representation on the SEN page. We would suggest planning what works with your children and work commitments, moving things around to suit your family. We do encourage that you set expectations of a structured day with your children, dividing up work, exercise and free play right from the outset, on week days.


Please use the grid below to support with home learning tasks. Each box within the grid outlines learning challenges and many of these have resources which you will find on this page below the grid. There are also some useful websites which can be accessed to support with home learning. If any of you have difficulties with printing resources or with accessing the internet to be able to engage with the learning tasks, do please get in touch with Mrs White or Mrs Baker by email on: or and they will be able to provide additional support. Additionally, there are further learning challenges on both the SEN page and the MFL pages of our website.

Story Time with Mr Dickson and Mrs Freeland

Hello Year 5!  There is a slight change to the plan, we are going to be starting a new novel today which you would have completed some work on today for your English task!  It is 'The Boy At The Back Of The Class' by Onjali Q.Raúf!

Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

Chapter 3:

Chapter 4:




Below are links to some extra stories read by different members of staff!

Miss Clayton Reads:


Below are the links to 'Letters From The Lighthouse' which we will hopefully continue at some point over the coming weeks!

Chapter 1:             

Chapter 2:             

Chapter 3:               

Chapter 4:

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Suggested Structure of a Day


Teacher's welcome

Welcome to Year 5!

I am incredibly excited to guide, support and motivate Brill's year 5 class this year.  I hope they not only make memories for the future, but are able to improve themselves in both their academic and social lives.  We are going to have a great time! 



Homework will be given out every Friday and will be due back in on the following Wednesday.  The homework in the learning logs is a chance for the children to discuss with you at home what they have been doing at school and show their understanding.  This will either be a “show me” task which is consolidating lessons learnt in class, online My Maths or research tasks.

Additionally, it would be great if you regularly practise learning times tables. To help with all kinds of Maths learning, knowledge of times tables is essential; so the more that is learnt in this area, the more progress across the curriculum in Maths is possible!


PE lessons are timetabled twice each week, but it is important that your child has their full PE kit in school every day.  Trainers are used daily for our five minute run that happens across the school each day.

A general PE kit would include; Brill polo shirt, hoodie, shorts, tracksuit bottoms/comfortable trousers, change of socks, appropriate trainers (hats and gloves maybe needed in the winter months).

General Information

In Year 5 we begin to foster independence at school, for example children look after their own letters, school equipment and other notices.  Children are expected to have a pencil, ruler and a pen at the very least in their pencil case.  We do provide other stationery but to aid transition to secondary education, we feel it is important for the children to look after and organise their own equipment and stationary.

If you have any queries or concerns, please email the office, who will forward any messages to me.

We can then arrange a meeting, if necessary, to discuss matters further.

Thank you!

Mr Dickson


Advice for Parent and Carers

Ways you can support your child's learning in school


In Year 5 the children are taught particular spelling patterns during Literacy lessons and we have recently begun a new 'Speller of the Week' initiative.  If children are able to use the spelling patterns correctly in independent writing, they are rewarded through our credit system and also, for additional effort, may receive the Speller of the Week certificate.  Additionally, we have some 'Words of the Week' too.  These aim to develop use of more adventurous vocabulary and sometimes these words are also related to the spelling pattern.

Year 5 have a spelling list of words that is used within lessons. These words form the basis of our weekly spelling tests.


In Year 5 the children take part in guided reading sessions, 4 times per week, where we focus on specific reading skills.  We prioritise reading in Year 5, recognising that regular reading of high quality books will impact learning in a positive way.  Reading appropriately pitched books will inevitably lead to an improved understanding of written material, whilst also positively impacting the childrens' writing content.

Do please encourage your child to read (and share with you) the texts from our Brill School Year 5 recommended book list.


Within the Year 5 curriculum, there are many times where secure knowledge of all of the times tables from x1 to x12 helps the children learn new skills and methods of calculating. Please encourage your children to frequently practise their times tables; both by rote methods and by asking questions out of order.  The more secure the times tables are, the more confident your child will be in lessons when learning much of the curriculum objectives for Year 5.

The Curriculum

At Brill School, English, Maths and Core Skills are taught through focused daily lessons; usually in the morning.  For other lessons we have developed a curriculum that is imaginative, child focused and cross curricular.

Year 5’s thematic topic units for this year are:




Main focus


Earth & Space

Science, Geography and Art




Ancient Egypt 

 Science, History and Art





 History, Science and Geography




Click on the topic units for an overview document for the term's work or on the subject links for more information about the long term curriculum in each specific area.

Year 5 Wow Moments!

We have an Engineer in our ranks!

teachers on: Year 5 Wow Moments!

Arlo has put his time into creating this amazing example of engineering.  I couldn't even begin to explain how he has created it and I wouldn't even try to explain it.  We all know Arlo would explain it perfectly and in depth like he always does!

Very Very Very impressive Arlo!

Relaxing in the Sun!

teachers on: Year 5 Wow Moments!

Harry has been 'chilling' in his treehouse with his sister Lara!  Before anyone asks, NO ADULTS ALLOWED!

He has also taken part in the competition to create his own dragon!  A very cool, very scary looking creature!!


Lilly The Illustrator

teachers on: Year 5 Wow Moments!

Below is a beautiful illustration created by Lilly.  It is based on her favourite book!  This is a great task to do and good to get your creativity flowing!  Send them in to me and I will blog them, if you want to!

Maya the Magical Gardener

teachers on: Year 5 Wow Moments!

Maya has been busy in the garden, planting away!  If anyone needs some gardening done, or their raised bed decorated.  I know the girl for the job!  Email (Not a real email! Please do not actually email!) 


Callum's Cakes

teachers on: Year 5 Wow Moments!

Callum showing he is not just a pro on the guitar, but clearly a kitchen pro too!  Mrs Freeland must take notes!  If you could save some for me, that would be amazing Callum!


Mrs Freeland's Clearly Crafty in the Kitchen

teachers on: Year 5 Wow Moments!

Mrs Freeland has been busy in the kitchen baking some Cheese Scones & Jam filled Goodies!


Dragon George!

teachers on: Year 5 Wow Moments!

George has taken part in an online competition where he had to design and create a dragon.  This looks and sounds amazing George, I am going to try and find the details so that hopefully others can join the competition!



Ava has been busy!

teachers on: Year 5 Wow Moments!

Ava has filled her days with many different projects!  She's been practicing all sorts of different skills across the last two weeks.  As we can see she's been baking, skating, painting, talking and planting!! How have you managed to fit that all in Ava? You must teach me!!



Mexican Spiced Lasagne anyone?

teachers on: Year 5 Wow Moments!

Below is a beautiful invention by Rose, called the 'Mexican Spiced Lasagne'.  According to a local source, Rose is having meetings with many major restaurant businesses to get her meal on the menu.

Masterchef Maisie!

teachers on: Year 5 Wow Moments!

Move over Jamie Oliver, Maisie is here with her homemade pasta!  An excellent and fun activity with a tasty result at the end.  


Hot Cross Bens

teachers on: Year 5 Wow Moments!

Looks like Ben has been busy not only in the kitchen baking some goodies for his family, but also out in the fresh air planting some seeds to grow.

Creativity flowing in Year 5!

teachers on: Year 5 Wow Moments!

Excellent to see the creativity still flowing through Year 5.  Here we have Harry's Lego creation and Emily's beautiful drawing.  If you have created something that you want me to share, please get an adult to email it to me at

Looks like Mr Dickson has a new baking challenger!

teachers on: Year 5 Wow Moments!

Lilly has shown off her baking skills by baking a cake that not only looks better than Mr Dickson's banana bread but probably tastes better too.


More Beautiful Picasso Art

teachers on: Year 5 Wow Moments!

A few more to add to our Year 5 collection of Picasso Artwork.  Myself and Señora Tate are hugely impressed with the artistic skills being shown by Year 5

Mrs Freeland Garden Reading!

teachers on: Year 5 Wow Moments!

Mrs Freeland keeping her mind busy by basking in the sun reading a new book!  I would echo this as a great activity if you are looking for something to do, if you have a garden space.  If you are like me and do not, open a window wide and get comfortable, the fresh air is refreshing!

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Was due a clean!

teachers on: Year 5 Wow Moments!

Sun was shining and my car was dirty!  A good way to spend a few hours!  Maybe even offer to wash your household's cars!

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Barlow Writers!

teachers on: Year 5 Wow Moments!

Excellent to see the girls working hard on their English work!  I look forward to reading all of your work when we are back!

Mr Dickson for British Bake Off 2021!

teachers on: Year 5 Wow Moments!

I have been keeping myself busy by giving baking a go.  I must say I think I would give Paul Hollywood a good battle in the kitchen!  I will try to save some for everyone!

Picasso Portraits from Y5

teachers on: Year 5 Wow Moments!

Excellent to see some Year 5 children trying their hand at their own Picasso Style portraits.  Keeping their creativity and originality flowing.  I'm excited to see more soon!

Mr Dickson, Class Teacher

Mrs Freeland, Teaching Assistant

Year 5 remind us to 'Be Kind!'