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Remember, we have switched from the grids on here to our ClassDojo page - if anyone has any trouble getting on this page then please email me. If you would like to continue doing the work on here the grids will remain up until Friday and then we will switch over completely.

Remember, as always, you do not have to do all the work!

Have a good week everybody.

Miss Webb 

YEAR 6 - Home Learning

Our children at Brill consistently demonstrate their abilities to learn in many different ways. In this season, we believe they will experience this in new ways. For those of you so busy putting measures in place for work and family, we have drawn up a suggested structure of a day. This can be found below the resources section below. There is a more pictorial representation on the SEN page. We would suggest planning what works with your children and work commitments, moving things around to suit your family. We do encourage that you set expectations of a structured day with your children, dividing up work, exercise and free play right from the outset, on week days.


Please use the grid below to support with home learning tasks. Each box within the grid outlines learning challenges and many of these have resources which you will find on this page below the grid. There are also some useful websites which can be accessed to support with home learning. If any of you have difficulties with printing resources or with accessing the internet to be able to engage with the learning tasks, do please get in touch with Mrs White or Mrs Baker by email on: or and they will be able to provide additional support. Additionally, there are further learning challenges on both the SEN page and the MFL pages of our website.

A Story with Miss Webb

Sit back and relax while Miss Webb reads one of her favourite books, 'Skellig' by David Almond. More chapters will be added daily.

Chapters 1-3 can be accessed here:

Chapters 4-5 can be accessed here from 3pm on April 1st: 

Chapters 6-7 can be accessed here from 3pm on April 2nd: 

Chapters 8-10 can be accessed here from 3pm on April 3rd:

 Chapters 11-12 can be accessed here on April 20th: 

21.04.20: Unfortunately, I can't load today's chapters. Hopefully I'll have better luck with my Internet tomorrow! Look at the other class pages if you would like a story :) 

Chapters 13-14 can be accessed here from 3pm on April 22nd: 

Chapters 15-16 can be accessed here from 3pm on April 23rd: 

Chapter 17 can be accessed here from 3pm on April 24th:  

 + and - fractions (easier).pptxDownload
 + and - fractions.pptxDownload
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 Persuasive Letter Example Recycling Plastic Waste.pdfDownload
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 Challenge- Codebreaking.pptxDownload
 Ideas for persuasive letters.docxDownload
 Linear Sequences.pptDownload
 Maths Dictionary.docxDownload
 Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy PPT.pptxDownload
 Sentence Types.pptxDownload
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 Division- the bus stop method.pptxDownload
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 Example persuasive letter.docxDownload
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Suggested Structure of a Day

Advice for Parent and Carers


Teacher's welcome

Dear Parents,

Our P.E. days are Tuesday and Thursday, but it would be beneficial for your child to have their P.E. kits in at all times.

Homework is set on a Friday and is due in on the following Wednesday.

Every morning, we will have 20 minutes of quiet reading so it is important that your child has their book on a daily basis.  A Guided Reading session will also take place for alternate groups.  During this session, the content of a book, or text, will be discussed and the children will answer comprehension questions.  As part of your child's homework, they will be asked to read a section of their Guided Reading book/text in advance to prepare for these sessions. 

Core Skills will be a part of our daily timetable.  The children will have a combination of Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling; Wizard Maths; Arithmetic and Handwriting. 

Please don't hesitate in contacting me via my school email address if you have any further queries.

Miss Webb


Ways you can help support your child’s learning in school

Some children will be given spellings to learn weekly.  This is an extra provision and it is essential that your child spends time learning these with you at home for the intervention to be successful.

Please continue to read with your child at home and discuss the book's content and their likes/dislikes; this will support them with their development as a reader and a writer.   

Encourage your child to read (and share with you) the texts from our Brill School Year 6 recommended book list.

Your child will have spelling log books in their bag every Friday and these may contain some spellings that they found tricky during the week.  Please spend time helping your child to learn these spellings and patterns.

Your child will also take part in daily Wizard Maths sessions which will help them to recall their Times Tables quickly and confidently. Any Times Table practise, at home, would be hugely beneficial. 

The Curriculum

At Brill School, English, Maths and Core Skills are taught through focused daily lessons (usually in the morning).  For other lessons, we have moved away from narrow subject-based teaching and have developed a curriculum that is imaginative, child focused and cross-curricular.

Year 6’s thematic topic units for this year are:




Main focus


Off With Their Heads



Save Our Planet




Click on the topic units for an overview document for the term's work or on the subject links for more information about the long term curriculum in each specific area.

Year 6 Wow Moments!

Poetry Challenge

teachers on: Year 6 Wow Moments!

Year Six

Please make sure you visit our literacy page for some fantastic poetry from Mrs Ellis and a challenge on the blog! My favourite has to be 'The Trouble with Smiggle' and it's not just because I get a starring role :)

Fractions Monopoly!

teachers on: Year 6 Wow Moments!

Look at this wonderful game Alice has created to practise her fraction knowledge. She has even been challenging her family with her tricky questions! Well done Alice, this looks fab!

Olivia's Delicious Baked Treats

teachers on: Year 6 Wow Moments!

Olivia has been busy baking some delicious cookies as well as working hard on BBC Bitesize today!  

Author Bella

teachers on: Year 6 Wow Moments!

As part of her home learning, Bella has created a front cover and blurb for her own novel. I would definitely buy this book on my kindle it sounds amazing! 


Go Jodie!

teachers on: Year 6 Wow Moments!

Jodie has started the term how she means to go on! I have already had pictures of her lovely work; I particularly liked her lovely homophone dictionary :) 


Well done Jodie!

Happy Birthday Claudia

teachers on: Year 6 Wow Moments!

I hope you are having a lovely Birthday Claudia. Enjoy the video:


teachers on: Year 6 Wow Moments!

I think Bella wanted to make us all jealous with this delicious cake she has made. Well done Bella, I could definitely do with a piece of this right now!

Happy Birthday Ella!!

teachers on: Year 6 Wow Moments!

Happy Birthday Ella. Hope you have a lovely day and hope you like the video :)

Happy Easter Everyone!

teachers on: Year 6 Wow Moments!

Hello Year Six,

Just a big thank you from me for all the lovely work you have sent my way. I have loved seeing it and keeping in contact with you :)

There will be no work set for the next two weeks, but make sure you look at the curriculum pages for some fun tasks to have a go at if you find yourselves with any spare time! The reading will also stop now until after the Easter holidays.

Have a lovely Easter and I will still be checking my emails if you want to contact me!

Miss Webb X

Jodie & Her Green Fingers!

teachers on: Year 6 Wow Moments!

Loving this Jodie! Hope you are better at watering plants than I am :) 

Bella's Maths Dictionary

teachers on: Year 6 Wow Moments!

Hope this comes in handy Bella!

Happy Birthday Charlotte!!

teachers on: Year 6 Wow Moments!

Happy Birthday Charlotte. Hope you appreciate all the moves! :) 

Keeping Fit

teachers on: Year 6 Wow Moments!

Well done to Maddie who as well as working very hard, has also been keeping up her fitness levels

Keep Up The Hard Work Ellie!

teachers on: Year 6 Wow Moments!

Ellie has been so motivated with her online school work these past couple of weeks. As well as this, she has also been appreciating a bit of time to explore her beautiful surroundings. Well done Ellie!

Birthday Mocktails

teachers on: Year 6 Wow Moments!

The lovely Grace and her sister have made a delicious mocktail for their mum's Birthday. Grace has sent in the recipe if anyone else wants to have a go at making one as a treat for their loved ones! 


teachers on: Year 6 Wow Moments!

Tijmen's gorgeous dog Puk has really inspired him today with his SPAG work- well done Tijmen and Puk!!

Nina's Maths Dictionary

teachers on: Year 6 Wow Moments!

Nina has started a Maths Dictionary to recap all this year's vocabulary! It's looking great Nina!

Holly's SPAG Lesson

teachers on: Year 6 Wow Moments!

Well done Holly for teaching your class about different sentence types. I'm not sure they are all listening to you though!

Claudia's French Town

teachers on: Year 6 Wow Moments!

Loving this beautiful work from Claudia. I bet Madame Tate will love this too!

Amazing Artwork from Georgia

teachers on: Year 6 Wow Moments!

This definitely puts my artwork to shame! Georgia, please teach the next art lesson for me :) 

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Our Amazing Class

teachers on: Year 6 Wow Moments!

Here are some more of Yr6 working hard, inspiring others and following their passions.

What a talented class I have! 

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Our Thoughtful Students

teachers on: Year 6 Wow Moments!

Look at the lovely banner Alice designed as a thanks to NHS staff and key workers- what a wonderful idea!

Bella's Protest T-Shirt Design

teachers on: Year 6 Wow Moments!

Lovely and imaginative Bella-keep up the hard work at home! 

Jodie and Ivy's Meditation Scripts

teachers on: Year 6 Wow Moments!

Well done girls for putting so much effort into your meditation scripts!

I will definitely be using these over the next few weeks!

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Cheering Up the Staff

teachers on: Year 6 Wow Moments!

Ella has been keeping staff morale high! Please remember to send in your lovely work so we can all celebrate it! Or feel free to tell us you miss us! :) 

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Miss Webb, Class Teacher

A Year 6 reminder to 'Be Kind!'

Mrs Ellis, Teaching Assistant