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Teachers' welcome

Hello everyone and welcome to Year R's class page.

I hope you have all had a lovely summer holiday and are looking forward to the start of a new and exciting time in your child's development. Starting at a new school can often be a little daunting - even for us teachers, so I have great empathy for those children (and parents) who are feeling nervous.  

We intend to provide a warm and nurturing environment that is so important to a child's first experience of school and are very much looking forward to getting to know you all. 

I am very lucky to be supported by two very experienced teaching assistants. Mrs Chisholm will be working with me on Monday and Tuesday and Mrs Cawston on Tuesday through to Friday. 

The classroom has been spruced up and tidied over the summer and we are proud to present an enriched and stimulating classroom experience, along with a wonderful and secure outdoor area in which to enhance the children's learning opportunities right across the curriculum.

The children will have many opportunities throughout the week to develop their physical skills but will also take part in a more formal PE session every week. Please bring in PE kits at the start of every term and leave them on your child's peg. We have a timetabled PE day but may also take advantage of other hall slots that become available. We will send kits home at the end of term for washing. 

Year R has a Class Blog that we will update each week so please check in regularly. We will be posting updates of the children's exploits so you get to see exactly what they get up to in school!

We hope to work in partnership with yourselves to develop children that are happy and confident learners. Please do come and chat to me or my team if you have any queries or concerns, or contact me via email if you have limited time.

I am looking forward to an exciting year!

Kind regards. 

Mrs Salt



Year R Blog

Happy Birthday Sam!

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Our last lockdown Birthday belongs to you Sam!

Happy 5th Birthday!

We hope you have a fabulous day and have lots of fun with your family!

This pawsome card is for you - can you spot who else is in the video?

Happy Birthday Mrs Chisholm!

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Happy Birthday to you! 

We hope you have a fantastic birthday and it's full of lovely surprises!

The sun is shining, so put your feet up while you can!

Looking forward to seeing you very soon!

Love from us all!

This funny card is for you!


Happy Birthday Jumble!

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Oops, we appear to have missed a birthday! But don't panic, I don't think Jumble (Sam's cat) would have noticed. 
Luckily, Sam and Annabel had the birthday celebrations covered and arranged a party where Jumble was pampered with a little grooming and got to play some party games - chase the string and pass the parcel. (Which he tried to eat!!) It certainly is a cat's life!
Elsewhere Sam has been enjoying his game play and has made up a new one up with Axel called 'Dice Wars' Perhaps you could teach it to us all very soon?
Sam's also been baking - this time it's gingerbread men - yummy! 
Toasting marshmallows on the barbeque (in the rain) was also on the agenda, although I hear you much preferred the gingerbread men and they are still your absolute favourite!

Guinness World Record Attempt

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For all you budding artists out there - how do you fancy joining a 'Guinness World Record Attempt' for the most people taking part in an online Art lesson? 

I have previously signposted you all to Rob Biddulph's online art lessons, where he shows people how to draw characters from his book. I read one of his books today (GRRRRR!) and went online to have a go at drawing 'Fred' bear and came across his plea. Rob's project is trying to raise money to help fight Covid-19. He has organised sponsors but needs at least 10,000 people to sign up to break the record.   

The lesson will take place tomorrow (Thursday 21st May) from 4.00 - 4.30pm.

So, if you are ready for a challenge, here is the link to his page where he explains all.

Lochie and Grace have already had a go at 'Sausage Dog' from the book 'Odd Dog Out'.

And here is the completed drawing! Lochie that is absolutely brilliant - I love it, well done! 

This one is my attempt... and for someone who doesn't class themselves as a drawer - I feel quite proud of myself! If I can do it, so can you!


I'll be reading 'Odd Dog Out'  for tomorrow's storytime!

Where in the world!

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With the sun blazing down and long lost holidays on our mind, I see some of you have been looking at countries from around the world. 

Ariana has been learning about the world and has designed her very own flag - it's very colourful, a perfect way to brighten up a nation!

We have been discussing which country we would like to visit one day. Ariana went for Russia and Australia, whereas I went for three options, India, China and the UK. After all, we do have a very beautiful country right on our own dooorstep! Has anyone else thought about where they might like to visit one day? Maybe you could do a little research and find out some facts! 

Barnaby completed his 'World Map' puzzle with his Daddy, before searching around his house to find items from around the world. Once he had labelled them, he investigated where these countries were on the map. Hopefully it won't be too long before you can go and visit them in person Barnaby! 



Hello Kitty!

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Kitty has been trying out some the BBC bitesize maths activities. Here she is making good use of pom-poms to help with her subtraction - great job Kitty!  

And here she is making an African sunset picture with big sister Penny - what a super blending technique you have used!

If anyone else would like to have a go here is the link to a tutorial from Mrs Green in Year 2.

Bella's been busy!

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Bella's and her family have been keeping active and took on a challenge to walk from Oakley to Brill and back again a trip of 4.5 miles - wow! 

Once home, a popcorn and movie treat was just reward for their efforts. I hope they slept well!


I also hope they read the sign before they joined the bull in the field - it might have been a bit of a surprise otherwise!

Bella has also been trying out some of Mrs Keeping's forest school activities!  She went on a bike ride to collect some colourful flowers and then made a planet! What a lovely way to spend an afternoon and well done for being a superstar sister to Joe. 


Mrs Chisholm's Egg-citing find!

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Mrs Chisholm writes...

"Harry and Lara had noticed a bird flying in and out of a hole in the trunk of the tree they have a treehouse in. They peered in with a torch and spotted the chicks at the bottom of the hollow and Harry managed to get some photos with his camera. Harry thought it was fungi at first because they looked so funny with their beaks wide open, no feathers and bulgy eyes! We think the chicks thought it was their mother returning with some food for them. They must be very young as it looks like they still have skin growing over their eyes so probably can’t see anything yet, apart from perhaps changes in light and dark. To start with we thought the mother was a blue tit but having seen her more closely we think she is a great tit, as she had a black head. Harry and Lara are trying not to look into the hole too much as they don’t want to upset the mother or her babies but they are checking them everyday. The mother is very busy flying in and out, probably taking food to her chicks. They do seem very hungry!!!

What an amazing find!


Year R News!

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Well done Year R - I can see you have not let a small lockdown problem get in the way of your learning. Thank you for taking the time to send in photos - If you cannot see any updates from particular friends, do not worry, I have heard from with everybody in Year R and am happy to report that everyone is well!

I am working my way through your messages. Here are a few highlights from the last week or so!

Louie and Sidney have been busy making their Robots - great job guys, they are fab!

I have a few more entries for the 'Match box' challenge too - Well done to Elizabeth, Sidney, Lochie and Barnaby - you are on fire! (I am keeping the lists hidden so that all is fair!)

Who would have thought that so many things would fit inside. The lists are super - well done! 



Joshua has been using his love of Harry Potter and Star Wars to practise his writing and maths skills - what a great idea! Super writing Joshie, well done you!

We may not see any ice-cream vans around at the moment, but Barnaby has solved this problem by making his own! Now what shall I choose... "I think I'll go for a vanilla 99 please!"  


Elizabeth made some spider's webs, but rather than catching flies, she decided to catch chocolate bars. Well what an incentive to carry on counting - Elizabeth, why stop at 20, maybe you should keep counting until you run out of chocolate! 


Elizabeth has also joined the ranks of the Year R cyclists too. No stabilisers needed here anymore - fantastic perseverence Elizabeth!

VE Day Celebrations!

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Some VE day baking of biscuits, muffins and sponge cakes were the order of the day for Lochie, Elizabeth and Bella, a must for every celebration, especially one so important as a 75th Anniversary! Am loving the decorations guys - hope you enjoyed the day!  


Lochie and sister Grace were fascinated to find out more about what happened during the war! I



Bravo Barnaby!

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We have news of Barnaby's marathon fundraising challenge!

After a week of running, walking, scooting and biking he said..."I’ve been very busy...I finished my marathon challenge and have raised £866 for the charity for homeless people...The last day of my challenge was a mile run and Mummy set up a finish line at the windmill and I got a medal! We then had a pizza party to celebrate." What a wonderful way to finish your challenge and what an achievement Barnaby! You have managed an incredible feat and we are all extremely proud of you!

Congratulations - You are a true superstar!

He even managed to say a special thankyou to the NHS enroute - fantastic! 

I'm going to say watch this space...I'm sure this won't be the last we hear of Barnaby and his running achievements!        How old do you have to be to enter the Olympics?

Happy Birthday Bethany!

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Birthday wishes are coming your way Bethany.

We hope you have a wonderful 5th Birthday with lots of cards and presents!

     Happy Birthday to you!         

                Happy Birthday to you!

                Happy Birthday dear Bethany!

               Happy Birthday to you! 


This funny card is for you Bethany!


The challenge is on!

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Well done to Bella. She has become the first person to take on my Matchbox challenge - fantastic!  

She didn't hang about, her mummy tells me that as soon as Bella heard about the challenge she went straight into search mode and before long had packed her matchbox with items, written out a list of the contents and coloured in the box - AMAZING! 

I will keep the contents a secret for now...

Let's see who else will have a go!

Axel's on the go!

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How lovely to be out in the sunshine again - Axel has been using his binoculars to spot a " waterhen" out on the pond. Don't forget to check out the RSPB website if you need any help to identify the wildlife.

If you fancy a trip to the moon, I know exactly what you need - thanks to Axel who has written out some instructions. It will take you 3 days and..."an astronaut suit, a mask and energy". I'm not sure I have quite enough energy at the moment, what a shame! I expect a lot of you are feeling very similar!

Luckily, Axel still has lots of energy and is using it to play football in the garden! Are those superhero powers helping you to score some goals? 


We now have another recipe for our 'Lockdown recipe book' Anyone for Sushi? This looks super Axel - thank you!

I really love you animal posters - what a great way of brightening up your bedroom wall. I see you have sounded those words out for yourself - great job Axel!     

 Once upon a time, there was a strong and very kind prince called Axel. He used his storydice and his wonderful imagination to make up some stories about...

I wonder what will happen next? Why don't you have a go too? If you don't have any dice or storycards, just make up your own charaters and story setting and see where your imagination will take you... it can be a lot of fun! 

Bella's busyness!

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Hi Bella!

Here she is making Cheerio bird feeders...."Bella wanted hers to be a loveheart." I expect the birds will be very grateful. I wonder how many you and Joe ate while making them? 

Now this is what I call dedication - look at all of those words you have learned - I am so impressed - well done you! I hear Mummy was timing you too and you were being quite competitive trying to beat your previous score - I wonder who you take after? Did you cut them all out too? That's very careful cutting - super-duper! 

Bug club time!!!! Oooh was that 10 points? 

Odd and even numbers! Now that's tricky! I like to remember that even numbers always have a partner, they are doubles. But odd numbers are left to play on their own! I am very jealous of that pompom pen!

 Lots of exploring is also on the agenda, Bella loves her "family adventures". 

Rocket blasting - amazing! So who did manage to shoot the rocket the highest? With jumps like this Bella - surely you were the winner? Those Cosmic Yoga Bunny hops must have helped!

A super action photo!

And these are the moments to cherish...

"Camping in the garden!...BBQ and star gazing until bedtime! Bella and Joseph loved it!"

Absolutely gorgeous!

Lochie's adventures.

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Is that you Lochie, Gracey??? Or Spidey and rainbow cat! Has Mummy been learning some new skills while we have been in lockdown? You look Fab!

Look at those glum faces - we know exactly how you feel Lochie. How about writing down everything you miss doing, and when our lives returns to normal, you can make sure you get to do them.

1. Going to school!

Trampolining fun - lucky Lochie and 'Fairy wishes' - well that's what I call them!

I saw your fabulous Den Lochie and how 'egg-citing', there are some new arrivals due very soon for Lochie's family... 


I see you are preparing for, and spreading Joy - just what we all need at the moment!

A supermarket shop brings endless modelling fun. 

Some plasticine monster making is keeping Lochie's attention...

Luckily this rocket modelling kit comes with instructions... 

This shadow puppet theatre looks fabulous - Please can I book some tickets for your show? 

Handwriting practise too - well done Lochie, keep up the good work!


Sam the Scientist!

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This week, Sam has not only been eating his 5 a day fruit and vegetables, he has been experimenting with them too. So...take a look as Sam's floating and sinking experiment!

Now I am just wondering which ones did float and sink!

Perhaps we shall all have to have a go guys, you will need; a bowl, water and the contents of your fruit bowl and vegetable box...or maybe you might like to try some different objects. Try and make some predictions first - what do you think might happen?

Do you remember the raisin experiment we did? In plain water they sank to the bottom but with fizzy water, first they  sank and then? Tell Mummy and Daddy what happened, but if you can't remember try the experiment again. 

It's UNO!  I have seen a few people playing this too, we shall have to have a game when we get back to school. Watch out for Sam though, he becoming a bit of an expert!


And finally, look at this cheeky question Sam wrote to his Grandad... 

What a great question - next time you should find out what was the naughtiest thing your Mummy did when she was little? 


Kitty's capers!

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For one moment I thought I was seeing double - two of Kitty's Mummy?  But no, it was just Kitty and her big sister Penny having some dressing up fun and pretending to be her! Ha ha - very funny!

 I love this way of brightening up a tree log - simple but very effective. It is a little 'Mondrian' esque I think! (He was a very famous artist known for his abstract art paintings!) Perhaps we could try this with our tree logs at school too!

Kitty has been helping out with the cooking too - her very own recipe using garlic, onion, courgette, bread, rice cakes, oats, salt and pepper and water!! Sounds interesting?! Not only that, she was brave enough to try it!

Not sure it will be one to put in the recipe book though Kitty!

Kitty has also created and written a birthday card to one of her best friends. Super letter formation Kitty - I think your friend will be thrilled to receive your lovely message!

On went the mouse through the deep dark wood. A snake saw the mouse and the mouse looked good. "Where are you going to, little brown mouse? Come for a feast in my logpile house."

Number sentences... oooh subtraction, tricky, tricky!

If you fancy a little counting practise, check out the 'Monkey Floss'. This one helps you count backwards as you dance - it's a very catchy song and who doesn't like a little floss?!

Happy Birthday Mrs Cawston!

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We have another Birthday girl - Mrs Cawston!

A lady should never reveal her age has a zero and a four in it and not in that order - Can you work it out? 

We hope you have a fabulous day - Happy Birthday lovely lady!

Take a look at Mrs Cawston's funny card!

Myles' Bug Hunt

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Watch out bugs - there is no hiding away from Myles!

Myles received a special delivery through the post that was full of full of 'cool' items. The parcel included new books as well as a bug hunting kit and net. He then spent hours searching for bugs in his pond. He managed to find... "a water beetle, water snail, some smaller insects that we couldn’t identify, and a newt! Which he had never seen before." 

What a wonderful way to while away an afternoon!



I wasn't sure that I had seen a newt either, so I did a search on the internet and found a great site from the RSPB. Here is the link to the page on newts. It also has some super information on birds, bugs and water life.

Look at this lovely list of all the things Myles spotted! I love the drawings too!


Myles is working well on his words and has found some great interactive games on his ipad which he has really enjoyed. He has been reading a book every morning too! Great job Myles, a little practise everyday is the best way forward - you will have those tricky words sorted in no time at all!  Is that a book about superheroes? 



Myles has also been enjoying cooking and last night he made his own Basil pesto - what a lovely help you must be to Mummy and Daddy - fantastic! If you write down the recipe, we could add that to our Year R recipe book. 

Freddie's Baking Delights

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Hello Freddie!

You look as if you have been having great fun! Here he is baking cupcakes, they look absolutely delicious. His mummy said, "he wishes he could give a cake to his teachers and class friends!"  So do I Freddie, but here is the next best thing, the recipe! Perhaps we can all get baking and 'raise a cake' to all our friends - cheers Freddie! (Your writing is amazing, what beautiful letter formation, it must have taken lots of effot  - you superstar!) 

Perhaps we could put together a 'Year R Recipe Book'. If any of you have a good recipe you would like to share, write if down and send me a photo and I will put them all together in a special folder. 

Not only was Freddie making cakes, he was also making fossils from Miss Webb's science page! What do you think Freddie used to make that pattern? 

Here is the link if you would like to have a go yourself.

And finally...

Meet Shog - Freddie's robot!  

I am really loving these Robots, I wonder if we could hold a 'Robot' day when we get back to school? Everyone could wear their robot and we could learn a few robot dance moves - that would be awesome! I will pencil that in my diary...

I can see some great learning taking place Freddie - well done!  

Ethan's Family Fun

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Hi Ethan.

It sounds as if you are having some fabulous family times - great news!

Here he is star-gazing  and camping in his garden, what a treat and on a 'school night' too.  He saw..."an asteroid, Ursa Major, Venus, the moon and the satellite line up" - incredible!

Marshmallows on the camp fire - love it!


What a great idea for learning your tricky words..."shooting tricky words off the washing line with my nerf gun and putting pretend fires out on my tricky words." 

This sounds lovely too, a special date night with Mummy - ahhhh!

"Ethan took me on a date night and to the cinema (daddy had to cook, his sisters were waitresses and he then took me to the “cinema” to watch a movie with him) very cute indeed!"  You are really looking after Mummy - well done you. 

Sam - doubling his efforts!

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Well Sam - I hear that you have doubled your writing efforts and Grandad now has to answer two daily questions  - fantastic!

And Sam chose one of his favourite books and wrote a review. He chose 'The Giraffe and the Pelly and me' by Roald Dahl. I love your monkey picture Sam and great spelling of your tricky words!


Mindfulness dinosaurs and UNO - sounds like fun! So who won the card game Sam? 


Well done you for trying some new foods and asparagus was tasty then!  

 And who wouldn't want want do some maths with a bow and arrow? Where can I sign up? 


Louie's learning week

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Hello Louie, I am so glad that you have been enjoying your maths games and activities, you really will be zooming away with your numbers with all this practise. Reading books, tricky words and a new learning book have been the order of the day - great job. It's a shame the sunshine has disappeared at the moment, but I am sure it will come back soon and you can carry on with all your fabulous games in the garden.  

Are they the planets I see? 


Yum Yum, what yummy delights have you been making? 

Has all that walking made you a little peckish? 

And I hear we have another 'stabiliser free' biker too - it must be catching!

Fabulous Louie, well done you for all your efforts!



Helping the Homeless

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In these strange times when the people of the world are being  asked to 'be kind', our very own Barnaby has taken this idea and is literally running with it!

With the London Marathon cancelled and charities struggling to raise funds Barnaby has decided to run/cycle/scoot and walk his very own marathon to raise funds for 'Oxfordshire Homeless' ( He started on Sunday and has already managed to travel 11.4 miles and exceed his £100 fundraising target - AMAZING! 

Go Barnaby - you are an inspiration to us all!

If you would like to follow Barnaby on his challenge (or wish to donate to his worthy cause) the link below will take you to his fundraising page.

Barnaby the Entrepreneur

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'Barnaby's Tool Shop' is open for business.

He made a sign and labels for all his tools and then, deciding to keep them in the family, sent some pictures to his grandparents and waited for the phone to ring. He received lots of orders and sold many of his tools. I hope you got a good price? 

His delivery dates were a little vague, they..."would take a long time because of the coronavirus."

A super way of practising writing skills in a fun and playful way - well done Barnaby! 

 Superman writing - Love it!

Bella and Addie's Biking Wow Moments!

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So who needs stabilisers???

"Not I " said Bella " Not I"  said Addie.


After much practise, perseverence and determination, I am excited to reveal that both Addie and Bella have both had an incredible biking breakthrough this week and are now fully fledged, super speedy bikers who no longer need the support of their stabilisers! 


I hope you are feeling very proud of yourselves - it is a great achievement and a well desreved WOW moment!

Bella's been busy!

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Well hello Bella!

I'm not sure how you manage to fit everything in! You are keeping yourself busy with some fabulous activities - you must be exhausted!

And here we have another superhero...'Catbat Girl'. Bella's superhero can fly and meow at the same time, now that is clever!

Bella made sure she didn't forget her friend's birthday and scooted to deliver a little surprise for Addie - that's lovely! 

Look at these beautiful paper dolls..."Bella wanted to make paper dolls like the book (it's another of her favourites). She made one of the dolls ‘Matilda’ (her other favourite book) and she even has the blue dress!!"

Mrs Chisholm read this book in the Easter holidays. I have added the story to our class page if you would like to hear it again. 


We have another Robot too - 'a flower robot' for Bella. All these deliveries boxes are coming in very handy for the modellers amongst us! I think you might need to put some tin foil on the shopping list this week! I love your pose - did you manage a robot dance too? 

We have another scientist in Year R too. Bella and little bother Joseph have been experimenting with floating and sinking..."They found many objects around the house and garden to guess if it would sink or float, before dropping it into the water!" Were your predicitions right Bella? Were there any objects that surprised you? 

Bella posts the postcard she wrote to Stella and Isaac - your writing must be getting so good now with all that practise. I love you pom pom pen! Let's hope we can be back together very soon. 


Baking time! Bella's Daddy has told her she needs to stop soon or he will be rolling out of lockdown with all the cakes he is eating.  I think we all sympathise with your Daddy - it's always snack time at home - eek! (And now we know who is buying all the flour!) 

And every girl's dream - Aquabead Unicorns...amazing concentration!

And to finish...

Woohoo - we have a seed growing success! Bella has had to re-pot it, as it was growing so well. She must have green fingers! (guys - that means you are good at gardening - Bella doesn't really have green fingers!)   

Well done Bella - what do you think you have growing there? 


Treasure, jelly maths and kindness shown!

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These treasure hunts are really taking off across Year R. 

This week Axel and his Mummy have been organising treasure hunts with secret messages. His Mummy made one first and it was so much fun that Axel has now taken on the challenge of making them himself. He writes letters on post-its, hides them in the garden and his family have to find the code. That is brilliant!

Axel has been using jelly cubes to practise his maths  - I love that - and is getting more chopping practise when he is making lunch - do be careful with that knife though!

And despite a crash that caused a scratched nose, Axel has continued with his bike riding to Berwood Forest - that's a great show of determination (and bravery).  He is also planning to cycle to the Food bank to hand over some food supplies for people less fortunate than himself - such kindness! 

And finally...lots of you may have heard of Captain Tom who has raised millions of pounds for the NHS ahead of his upcoming 100th Birthday (as well as having a No1 record this week). Axel has made and posted a special card for Captain Tom along with some additional drawings and cards for some other elderly people who might be feeling a little lonely while self-isolating! It's another special gesture of kindness that proves you are 'Brill by name, Brill by nature.' That's a wonderful thing to do!


Joshua the scientist!

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Hello Joshua.
Wow - it seems you have become a scientist this week - AMAZING!
I hear you have been learning about atoms, how the Sun is mainly Hydrogen and Helium atoms and that you can make water with your atom set - that's incredible. I shall listen carefully now to find out how this is done!
Joshua's daddy explained how he has..." spent time on his atoms project where he makes a water molecule out of two hydrogens and one oxygen. He holds them tightly together to make a solid (ice) then lets them go to make liquid and then we pretend to heat them up to make a gas. We then did this for real over the cooker by heating ice to make steam". 
I do love practical science experiments - the photos are great!
I love this labelled diagram Joshua - it explains the process really well!

Camping, elephants and fire-raising adventures!

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Kitty - hello lovely - how are you? 
So you have been away on holiday then? - Camping in the garden - such fun! They camped for two nights, stayed up late to lie on the floor, and watched the stars and the super moon - it sounds heavenly!
There was lots of fun to be had outdoors too, splashing in the paddling pool and making a bug hotel. There was also time for a touch of pampering, they arrranged their own Spa day, and had lots of walks in the beautiful sunshine!
I love the rock-painted sign post - it's fab!
And if you happened to come across any strange crop circles on your travels - I think I know what, or should I say who, made them! 
What a beautiful weaving pattern you have made with the long grasses Kitty!
And watch out... Kitty has learnt how to make fire using the sun and a magnifying glass - I think we might have a new adventurer coming through the ranks, roll over Bear Grylls!
This week Kitty has already been busy making an elephant (I recognise that pattern!) and learned how to draw one (and a tiger too!) - that's fantastic! Mummy says you are planning to do some research on elephants this week...helping out your big sister with her Africa homework maybe?
Kitty these are really tricky animals to draw - well done you!
A great use of shapes here

Magabot (and minibot) at your service!

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Where are all these superheroes coming from?

First we had Superman and now 'Mega-robot' and his special mini-robot sidekick, 'Miniboob'.  

Megabot (aka Barnaby) took junk modelling to the next level and made robot costumes for himself, and little sister Daisy, using cardboard boxes, yoghurt pots and fruit tubs, lollipop sticks and pompoms.

This must have taken a lot of time - look at the each of the steps Barnaby took as he pieced together the different elements. Super perseverence!

So what can your robots do Barnaby?  Do they have any special powers? Or maybe they are robots that are helpful around the house and do lots of jobs?

Whatever they do - they look fan-dabby-dozy!

Well done Barnaby!




And more from the lovely Year R...

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Elizabeth has been practising her art skills - take a look at this picture of Stephen Hawking. I am so impressed Elizabeth - well done you! Have you been reading about him too?

If anyone is interested in finding out a little more about Stephen Hawking (and many other great people of our time) there is a fantastic series of books designed for young children called 'Little people, big dreams'. They look at the lives of many inspirational people and explain how they began their journey to greatness. There are some offers on at  Scholastic at the moment.   

Elizabeth has been out in the fresh air and making the most of the beautiful weather too - look at those stunning bluebells!

And who's up for a game of badminton - count me in Elizabeth!

Hello Tilly - you look as if you have been enjoying some great family time!
I hear you have been (safely) bumping into Benjamin on your way to see the new lambs. Tilly had a lovely chat with the farmer and found out there were 11 ewes who each had one lamb and there are 6 more waiting to give birth, I expect their may be some new arrivals by now! 
I love the bunny ears Tilly! 
Are you teaching your little sister to drive? If so that's very brave of you! 
Tilly has been painting giant eggs to decorate the tree at the front of her house - that sound's fab! 
And lots of gardening too, her Mummy says..."Tilly has been counting out courgette seeds for me and helping plant and water them, as well as helping write shopping lists. For some reason the seeds you gave us haven’t done anything yet -  but we’ll keep waiting and watering!!" 
Has any one else had any success with the seeds yet? I was hoping to see at least one giant beanstalk! 
Luckily there are already some flowers growing in Tilly's garden. She has been picking some of them and then trying to identify what they are. 
That sounds like a lovely thing to do - perhaps you could do some sketching too and make a flower encyclopedia? 

Happy Birthday Adeline!

admin on: Year R Blog

     Happy Birthday to you!

          Happy Birthday to you!

          Happy Birthday dear Addie!

          Happy Birthday to you!   

        Hope you have a great day!


Click on the link below to see Addie's roller dancing moves!

Freddie's Fun!

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Hey Freddie - lovely to hear from you. Have you grown taller? 

Freddie made a rainbow for his neighbour Elizabeth who lives on her own. Another 'Act of Kindness'  Year R you are the best! I am sure that what might seem like a little gesture to one of us, will have made a hug impact on someone who is living alone. I am sure Elizabeth will have been very touched.  
What a lovely rainbow and your writing - well, it's just  fabulous. Your letter formation is beautiful. I can see you are keeping up your writing practise - you superstar! 
And what is this - a claw and pom pom set!  Some science kits looking at levers seem to be the order of the day - they look amazing (but probably quite expensive!) Do look at the science page on the school website too - Miss Webb has some fab ideas there for you to try out. 
I love the decorated egg Freddie! 'Hoppy' Easter I think it's saying. 
I think you have had a haircut too Freddie? Am I right? 
It's been lovely seeing your photos Freddie - thank you.  

It's frozen here!

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Look at this amazing castle that Isaac B made.

I'm feeling 'Frozen' just talking about it. The glittery snowflakes make it feel so wintery - I love it. Well done you!

I am sure you will have hours of fun playing with this - I know a few of your friends would love to play with this too!


Year R Update

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Hello Year R

Here are a few more updates Have a look at what your friends have been doing -  it all looks likes lots of fun! 

Wilfred - hello! 

Love the little chick pictures - did you use your finger prints to make them - they look amazing!

What fabulous concentration, you are doing a great job there Wilfred! Have you had a haircut too -  very handsome!



This dinosaur picture is huge - it must have taken real perseverence. It looks as if you have nearly finished it too! 

Are they chocolate eggs I see? There are lots and lots of them - were they all for you? Easter egg hunting is such fun!

More maths - this time number matching and dot to dots -  super effort Wilfred - well done you!

Hello Joshy, it's lovely to see your photos.

I so love a treasure hunt and so does Joshua by the looks of it! Here he is finding numbers and then words that have been hidden in the garden - great job! 
Super ordering here!
Old, did you say old?  - I hope you are not talking about me - although I do feel old sometimes!  
Is that a stream in your garden? You are very lucky. Have you spotted any fish or maybe even a shark or two?   
Mummy says you have become an engineer and have been building bridges, dams and harbours  - that sounds like a fabulous challenge. I hope you didn't lose any of your lego characters. There is an animal that likes to build dams - maybe you could investigate what animal I am thinking of and see if you can find out some information about them? 
Look out guys - Spiderman is in the village!
He looks as if he is on a mission to save the world - if you see him about,  give him a special shout out! 
This is the life Axel - lying in the sunshine with a good book - Minecraft is Axel's book of choice. 
I love the Easter decoration you made Axel - Bubble painting is great fun - I just hope you remembered to blow and not suck!
And pom-pom people! Axel's Mummy said they accurately represented her mood after a day of homeworking,  homeschooling, cooking and the rest of her chores. We feel your pain! Love the look of concentration! 
We've had a few children camping out - Axel and his brother Felix tried it out too and are reading by torchlight - another Minecraft book maybe? 
He has been writing and posting letters - I loved my special card - thank you! And some kite flying - did you see Lochie? He was flying kites too!
Is that one of the science challenges - A lego maze? 
You have been so busy busy!  Chopping ingredients for making Sushi, planning visits to family and friends in France (and colouring them in on the giant map), keeping fit with Cosmic Yoga and opening up a shop - don't buy the wine there though, it's £100 a bottle!! A savvy shopkeeper you have there! 
Now this is fantastic Axel - his first cycle on the big road to Bernwood Forest. It can be quite scary riding on a main road, especially when a car comes along - well done you that was very brave! 
And here is Axel helping out with his big brother's compound words (two words that join together to make a new word. e.g sun and flower) and it appears that Year 2 are studying Africa this term. Of course Axel is already quite an expert  on this subject and is able to help out Felix - great job! 
Some fabulous updates thank you!
More news to follow soon. x

Happy Birthday Eleanor!

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We have another special birthday for one of our friends! 

Special Birthday wishes are flying over to Eleanor - Happy 5th Birthday!

We hope you have an amazing day, we will all celebrate with you when we get back to school. Enjoy your day!

Click on the link to see Eleanor's funny card!

More Year R Holiday Antics

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Hello Stella, Hello Isaac - How are you?

Ooooh - exciting news  - they have extended their family! Here is Isaac keeping a close eye on their surprise baby lambs!  Their mummy said, "We had twins which is very special,"...(I totally agree!)... "and a single lamb." Their Mummy said it was a surprise as daddy must not have done a good job castrating one of the rams - oops! 

Their neighbours in the village of Dorton put up Easter eggs for Stella and Isaac to find..."and one very kind lady gave us chocolate eggs!"  - yummy! I love your T-shirt Stella!

And the Easter Bunny made it to Dorton too!


They also made and decorated some Easter biscuits - fabulous baking!... "Stella likes sprinkles on hers, Isaac does not!" 

And wow - look at that fabulous Easter Cake - did it taste as good as it looked? 

Stella has been practicing her flower arranging skills - they are gorgeous! ..."She made some posies to give to her friends" - how lovely! 

I have heard such lovely things over the past few weeks about Year R's 'acts of kindness' - you guys are really the most kind hearted class I think I have ever taught!   

Treasure, you found treasure - woohoo! I can't wait to see what it is. (Ok everyone, we now know where to go to find the treasure - I think we need a map - can anyone make a map?)

Hello to Sam - look at his wonderful Tepee! Lovely to see you are getting lots of practical building experience while helping your Daddy - think of all the money you will save when you are older - I love a bit of DIY! 


His Mummy said..."He has decorated Easter eggs and was so sweet and gave them all to Annabel."  - see what I mean, another kindness shown!   

What a lovely crafting idea Sam - he helped to decorate a shelf with special marker pens for his playroom! He managed to add in a dinosaur, butterfly and lots of triangles. Love the team work and super concentration (and Annabel's bunny ears).

He has also been busy zooming about Brill on his scooter... I hope Mummy could keep up with you! 


...and doing lots of puzzles - well done! Is that another Easter tree I spy?  - very pretty!

Lochie - Hello to you and Grace!

It looks as if you have been on holiday?!  At first glance I thought that was an elephant's trunk...

...and camping out in the jungle...

...and then off to the beach for surf-boarding fun! Gosh that is the life - it looks like amazing fun!

We have another budding artist here too - I think I need to get some tips from you (and Elizabeth and the online art class). These drawings are truly amazing - wow! Mummy is right - it's definitely a framer! 

Making the most of the 'great outdoors'...


Kite flying, scooting and puppy walking - wow - your puppy has grown!  

Glad to see you are still making time for the chores - window cleaning can be fun too! Careful on that ladder though - no more broken bones please! 

I have so much more to share and will blog again tomorrow - It's good night from me for now! Sleep tight everyone! 


Year R's Holiday Antics

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Welcome back to our new Summer term!

I can see you have been incredibly busy over the last couple of weeks and am glad to see you have not let an imposed 'lock down' get in the way of your Easter Fun!

Elizabeth and big sister Freya tried out a youtube drawing tutorial and, by carefully following the instructions, were able to sketch these super wildlife pictures - incredible!

Can you name the animals they have drawn? 

Harrison, I see you have been quite a busy STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) scientist this holiday.
First of all, in his role as 'head designer', H helped set up an assault course for himself and little brother Oscar. This looks like a great way to test those balancing skills Harrison. Pehaps, next time you could add a little challenge and see how many laps you can do in 5 minutes?  
Next, with careful cutting and following of instructions, Harrison made a fabulous solar-powered Robot - great concentration - I wonder what wonderful things your robot can do? 
And here we have another design and build activity - this time a junk model jungle - this is amazing!
Next it was changing states, with a touch of candle making...
... and then some explosive chemical reactions from the volcano. So glad to see you are taking good safety precautions too - love the goggles Oscar!
Well done for trying something new - it takes a lot of courage to try new foods - well done H, was it one of the recipes from your own book? 
Look at H's careful concentration while painting a rainbow flag for his garden. What a lovely way to show appreciation for all the people working hard to keep us safe!  
And you still found time for spelling  - great phonics Harrison. I watched the film of your reading too and am feeling so proud of you - WOW, it was AMAZING! You are a superstar!  
Hello Barnaby, I hear that not only did the Easter Bunny bring you chocolate eggs, he also left them for you to find in some of your favourite places in Brill and left a map of where to find them - what a wonderful treat and activity all rolled into one!
For those of you that took part in the village egg hunt, Barnaby made number 82.  There were over 130 eggs to finds - wow that must have taken a long time to spot them.- Barnaby didn't quite manage to find them all  - but never mind - it sounded like great fun! 
Barnaby had planned a camping trip in the holidays and it looked like the lock down might get in his way but...the lovely weather meant he could still camp but this time a little closer to home - in his garden in fact. "I heard owls hooting in the night" - amazing!
Barnaby has also ..."been pressing lots of pretty flowers and I made some Easter cards for my friends." They look beautiful!
Barnaby wanted to deliver Louie’s card..." Mummy and Daddy told me it was a very long way to walk, I told them I was feeling full of energy. It WAS a very long way. Mummy and Daddy were right. I walked over 5 and a half miles and climbed lots of hills. But it was worth it as Louie was playing in his garden when we got there and I could say hello from a distance!" What a super surprise that must have been for Louie!
And there was still time to make Hot Cross Buns - delicious! What a busy busy busy time you are having. 
Oops run out of space - more blogs to follow very soon. 

Holiday fun!

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Hi Year R,

I hope the Easter Bunny made it to your houses on time? He definitely came to my house - I went out into my garden early on Easter Sunday and found a a trail of chocolate eggs along with a little piece of fluff caught on my fence!

I have been keeping very busy and enjoying the time with my family - I am really missing you all but am hopeful that we will all be back together soon. 

Here are some updates from your friends...

Hello Benjamin - I love the Easter tree!

I see you have made a calendar too. What a good idea to keep a check on the days of the week and the weather, I think I need one of those too - I am finding the days are so very similar at the moment! 

I see you are looking after the seeds well and they are spouting - fabulous job!


How creative... A bug hotel and a pond - love it! 


Look at that castle too - I see lots of 3D shapes. Some cones and cylinders... and the shape at the bottom... are the sides (faces) all squares?... if so, it is a cube. No, they are rectangles - the box is a cuboid shape. 

And - wow- look at this planet masterpiece - it is AMAZING what you have made with coffee filter paper, felt tips and water! Well done you! 

Bella - has been equally busy crafting too - hello!

She has made some 'Elmers' out of milk cartons and some Easter cards for her elderly neighbours - Bella wanted to cheer them up as they were feeling rather lonely - I see you are still showing that lovely kind nature of yours Bella.  

Some Easter egg collections in the garden - and lots of water activities too - the power of the jet wash and sliding into the pool - now that looks like great fun!  


Bella has been diligently checking on and tending to her seed every morning  - it's growing well!

And Cosmic Yoga - is the order of the day! Great for mind, body and soul! What an amazing 'Bunny Hop' Bella - if the Easter Bunny needs any helpers, I will tell him where to come! (Those slippers are lush!)   

Enjoy the sunshine and stay safe Bunnies! 

Year R - Fun from afar!

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I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine?

I have been busy, busy, busy in my garden and enjoying a little down time! I have a few photos I have been sent - so thought I would update the blog so you can keep up to date with your friends. 

Louie was..."blown away by the whole class sending him birthdays cards in the post including, sweets,balloons, stickers and even a party hat" ...he says a huge "THANKYOU!" It looks as if you had an amazing day, even if it was a little different to usual.

Hello glad you are having lots of fun with Mummy at home. I hear you have been to forest school, made a unicorn mask, coloured a rainbow in (in French as well, Amazing - Madame Tate will be pleased).  

Addie, I love your unicorn mask (especially the eyelashes) - it looks magical!

...and here you are keeping fit with some daily yoga! Wow - that all sounds wonderful. (I hope that's not a snake working out with you though?!) 

Mummy says you have been practising your reading and run out of books - we can't have that, I will put on more books and some new games too - hope you enjoy them.  

Sam has been making the most of the sunshine too! He has decorated rocks, been on some lovely walks, decorated eggs, he has been chalking  on the patio, hunting for numbered Easter eggs around Brill and making a Ninja house.

I love that you are wearing your Brill School fleece! What did you paint Sam? Maybe some patterns or perhaps a funny face?

So first there were rainbows, then there were Teddy bears and now it's Easter Eggs - wow what an inventive lot you all are in Brill. Another fab thing to search for when you are out for a walk- what egg-citing fun! How many did you find? 

Never fear - the Ninja's are here! Sam - can we call on you if we need someone to rescue us? Or is that where all the toilet rolls are hidden?? 

And playing in the paddling pool - already! But it's only April Sam - you and Annabel must be made of stern stuff!

Hi Bella - it looks as if you and Joe are back to your busy selves now that Mummy isn't on nights!

"We did some phonics and writing today before a family walk to the playing fields for a game of hide and seek tag (Bellas idea)....even Bentley our dog got involved!"


..."Bella decided she wanted to make perfume so went to collect (in a clay pigeon she found on one of our walks) flowers and leaves from our gardens and began her creations..." Bella - I remember making perfume when I was little too - it smelt nice to begin with but after a day or too it began to stink! I hope yours will be better! 


Is that a rainbow I spy too? 

Those paint sticks look like fun and perfect for colouring Easter Eggs too (AHH, so the eggs are for the local Beaver and Scouts to find). 

And just a few more to make an Easter hunt for the garden - great fun!

Bella - excercising her body and her voice at the same time - that's pretty impressive! I hear you have been trampolining and singing to your neighbours - haha! And a little competition is always good - who did jump the higest Bella? Was it you or Joe, or maybe Mummy or Daddy? 

Eleanor - nice to hear from you again - I loved the song - thank you!

Mummy says you have not been up to much just..."playing outside with lambs, climbing trees, saying hello to the horses or inside building or baking..." And having fun on bug club too - well done! Well I think that's a lot of things - you are so lucky to live on a farm - it looks very lovely! 

And hello to Harrison too! 

I love this - helping to make your very own Mud kitchen - that is amazing! Careful with that drill!

And a little alfresco cooking  - Mummy said... "I think the chickens thought they were making them some dinner!" haha! I hope your chickens are laying lots of eggs - perhaps you could sell some  - they are very hard to get hold of at the moment!

Well done Harrison - keeping up with your letter formation I see! Your handwriting is going to be amazing! I hear you have been writing letters to your special people - that is such a lovely idea!  

And wow - you have designed a new book called - 'What’s new for lunch', I look forward to seeing all your recipes. I'm not sure you should give the credit to Julia Donaldson though, I think we now have our very own author 'Harrison............' (last name purposefully omitted!) - watch this space!   

Practising those recipes then H!  Dinosaurs - of course! 


And to finish off ..."every night while the bath runs we have a party to get rid of every bit of energy before bed." 

I love this idea Harrison - it looks like such a fun way to end the day! The lights are really cool too! 

Well that's me signing off for now - I hope you have lots of fun (and chocolate) over Easter. I will try and catch up with you guys next week and hope to see you all very soon!  

Stay safe x

Happy Easter and THANK YOU!

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Hi Everyone!

Well done - you have made it!                                                        It is now officially the Easter holidays! 


You guys have been working so hard over the last couple of weeks, I am so so proud of all the effort you have put into your learning! I think we need to thank your Mummy and Daddy's too for all the amazing learning opportunities they have made for you (and for keeping me entertained with the lovely photos and messages) - it all looked like so much fun. you are all FABULOUS! 

I am now going to confess that I have already opened my Birthday message and have spent the afternoon feeling very emotional having seen and heard your voices and listened to my birthday song! Thank you so much, I am really touched!  Thank you also for your individual messages - I've loved them all!

Louie - we share a birthday! 

Happy Birthday little man! Hopefully you will have seen this already (Message sent to Mummy) but I thought your friends might like to see it too. Have a happy happy day!

Now it's time to down tools and give yourself a couple of weeks off from being your child's teacher and go and make some memories as a family. This precious time together will stay with you and them forever!

Stay safe  - and I hope to see you all very soon. xx

Year R

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Good Morning everyone!

How are you all today? Just one day left and you are officially into Easter holiday time! 

Let's see what today brings...

Joshua has been brushing up on his maths skills and has been matching up the number and picture cards - great job Joshy! When the sunshine returns it would be a good game to play in the garden too - just hide them all around and see if you can match them up, you could even time yourself to see if you can beat your score.   


He has also been doing a puzzle his Uncle sent him - Is that a world map I see? Can you see where Kenya is?  

Ahh, another storytime viewer - thank you for watching!

Today's story has taken a little more time to film - they say never work with animals and now I know why. Firstly my cat didn't want to be in the shot, then on the next take she decided she didn't like the story!! You'll find out why later... 

It was all on film, so I took a still shot to show you how she gave me a little slap around the face! I tried again the next day when she was feeling happier!


Kitty has been out on a scavenger hunt and picnic today. It is so lovely being out in the countryside, we must count ourselves very lucky to have it so close by!

On her scavenger hunt, Kitty had to read her sheet to see what items she needed to collect. You managed nearly everything on the list Kitty - well done. I think we just need some more sunshine and the butterflies and ants will be out in force! 


And a picnic enroute - love the red nail polish Kitty!

Hey Lochie and Grace, so glad you liked the music video - a little bit of fun in these strange times! People could say we have too much time on our hands maybe??  

Maths and biscuits - what a great combination! 

Head down and concentrating...

Keeping up the number practise too - great job!

Jenja - oooh that's tricky... be careful...

And is that playdough I see?? On the carpet area??? I hope Mummy didn't regret that? 

Out for a stroll...

What a find! I hope you kept it? You must bring it into school when we get back. I wonder how our mouse is looking now? It's still on the window sill at school!!

Louie - Hello!

He's not letting anything get in the way of his learning!
He has been practising his letter formation, made a word search with tricky words and read sentences with the new tricky words - you super star! 

And an Easter egg hunt in the garden after a very busy garden clear up...Chocolate eggs - yum yum!

Ahhh, how lovely - a special delivery of birthday cards from Issac and Stella.



Barnaby planted some cress and his egg people have crazy hair! I love the faces you gave them. 

He says..."I also made Mr and Mrs Spoon. Daddy said Mrs Spoon looked like King Charles. I didn’t know who that was so we looked him up and I learnt all about kings and queens. They definitely all had funny hair!" I thought for one moment the King looked sad - then I realised it was a moustache - silly me!

I've been trying to make some spoon puppets too Barnaby. I'm just waiting for some more paint to arrive so that I can finish them, then I will post some pictures for you to guess what story they are from.

Lamb number 35 has taken a shine to Barnaby and will let him stroke it - it must be because you are being so gentle. They are definitely getting bigger! 

He ran his fastest ever mile today - woohoo!..."It was downhill so super fast. I miss Parkrun!" Be patient Barnaby, with all your practise, you are going to blow away all the competition when they start back up again!

He's also keeping up with the Maths practise, this time using little sister Daisy's abacus - great idea. 

Barnaby says... I liked your second wake and shake video - I look forward to the next one!" Miss Reynolds (year 1) and her little sister are performing week 3's... I think?!

Sam has been entertained by the amazing performing dog Betty, who (with her person) put on a digital dog show for him and his sister Annabel to watch. I think someone might be getting ideas about aquiring a new pet dog?! 


They have also played Uno and Top trumps non-stop! I've been playing Uno with my big girls at home too, we should have a game when we are back at school! 

Sam also spent ages playing with the number cards - what a class of mathematicians I will have! 

Sam has also continued asking his daily question to his Grandparents. 

He has also been practising his tennis with his Mummy, she says..."I think I might be a tad too competitive as he insists on wearing his helmet in case he gets hit in the head by the ball!"  
I think that's very wise Sam! 
..."He has also been helping with lots of garden clearing  and bonfires, he is very excited as his sunflowers are now growing, he is also pleased that there is now room for his old see-saw in the garden!"  So so busy Sam!! 
I have been sent a few videos too, which is lovely - thankyou, but I am having trouble downloading them to the blog and...we are being asked not to put them on our pages as there is a possibility that the site might crash?!
Sam has sent a video challenge, so I will explain it in words...
'The Jumping Jack challenge' - How many can you do in one minute? Sam managed 70!! Really - WOW! Can anyone beat him?  
Hey Elizabeth!
Elizabeth and her sister have been busy learning about the 'Vikings' this week. Year 2 looked at the vikings during their 'International week' investigations of Norway - I remember we made Rune necklaces, blew the viking boats and chalk painted the northern lights. What a great learning choice Elizabeth.  
Have a look at Elizabeth's arts and crafts - they are fab! 
Another good use for a toilet roll tube I see! 
Love those viking ships!
Elizabeth - your videa is hilarious! It made me laugh out loud! Where on earth did you get the idea for that?! 
While I'm just finishing this blog - I have spotted an extra special email delivered to my inbox - Thank you, Thank you, Thankyou!
I cannot open it yet - as I'm welling up just thinking about it and won't be able to finish the blog! 
I am feeling so very blessed to have such amazing children and parents in my class. 
Stay safe everyone - much love xx   

Year R's daily catch-up!

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I hope you are all keeping safe and well?

I saw Mrs Cawston and Mrs Chisholm today on our staff 'Zoom' meeting. They wanted me to say hello to you all, they are missing you terribly. I will see if I can persuade them to record a story for you. 

Bethany's mummy was as proud as punch of her re-enactment of historical events from Tudor times! I'd love to take the credit but unfortunately the only Henry we've talked about in Year R is Addie's big brother! I think it's just an oops moment! Love the careful painting though!

Wilfred - hello, you have been very busy this week I see..."he has been enjoying playing with kid knex." What is that creature, it looks a bit scary! 

I love those tap-tap boards Wilfred!

I see you have been practising your numbers too - what beautiful number formation - well done you, that must have taken some good concentration!

And wow, your writing it getting so much better - all that practise is paying off! I just hope those meat eaters won't eat me?!

Arts and crafts were the order of the day!

And it won't be long before Easter is with us. Wilfred is going to be ready for sure. He has made Easter cards and has decorated an Easter tree - how egg-citing!

He..."also wanted to make a sea creature picture with his dad... They used one of Archie's books for a little help with the drawing of the creatures."
This looks fab Wilfred - I wish I could be under the sea and swimming about (although maybe not with that shark in the water). 
It was Hope's Mum's Birthday this week, so Hope and her big sister Grace baked a gorgeous chocolate cake and decorated it too - that looks so srummy. Hope - I'm sure Mummy was thrilled! I wonder how many candles Mummy needed? 
The next day, to keep the celebrations going, Hope and her sister made up a recipe for 'mocktails'. Hope wrote down the ingredients and then made up the drink - was that shaken or stirred Hope? I think your Mummy will have to watch you two very carefully when you get older! 
Hope also made some Birthday cards and went on a walk to post them. She remembered to keep 2 metres apart when she bumped into Addie and Henry. It seems really strange for us to have to do that, but it is really important to keep apart from other people at the moment. Well done Hope (and Addie) for remembering this! 
Hello Isaac and Stella. Isaac wrote a message to his granny and grandpa and then sent them a photo of it - I'm sure it will have made them smile Isaac. We are all missing our family and friends, so let's try and keep busy and hopefully the time will pass quickly. 
Are they Pom Poms? I remember making those when I was little too. I didn't have a special tool to use though and had to cut a cereal packet into a ring doughnut shape to make them. 
Oooh - Oatmeal and raisin cookies - I hear they are a favourite of yours!  
With the weather turning a bit colder Stella and Isaac have had to start eating their picnics indoors again! But, as they say, every cloud has a silver lining, it means their doggies can't pinch their food! 
Love the Yoga moves - the rainbow? Great synchronisation! Were you watching Jaime from Cosmic kids? 
 And out in the garden they have helped get the vegetable beds ready and planted out some onion sets. Then they have broad beans and peas to plant as well as all the seeds they have sown in their greenhouse. Oh my, you certainly have a busy time ahead!   
Am so glad you have been enjoying the stories! 
I think someone is going to be very happy with the cards you are making cards - how kind!
On April Fool's day, it is traditional for people to play small jokes on one another. In France they play a special game called 'Poisson d’avril'. Axel's Mummy explains..."the joke consists of sticking a colourful fish on the back of a friend as a very innocent prank and see how long it takes for them to notice." She goes on to say..."today we made our own and I had an unusual amount of request for some not so subtle hugs ;)"  Ha Ha!
It looks as if Felix (Axel's big brother) got caught out a few times!
Louie's seeds are starting to germinate. The roots will already have started to grow and will be hidden under the soil.  
This picture shows what will happen over the next few days and weeks. 
Louie also..."went on a huge walk...finding bugs...throwing stones into the cow troughs...finding the biggest sticks and feeding the fish."
Along their walk they found... 'a note and a home made biscuit'... that Billy has left for Louie to find - what a lovely thing to do!
I believe there might be a little something for Billy to find on his next walk too! 
When they got home they made a homemade library with ALL their teddies and had a nice snuggle up after their chilly walk - a perfect end to the day!
Bella has had to be very grown up and play very quietly while her Mummy works some night-shifts and needs to sleep in the day - well done you Bella. She chose to write out some words using the phoneme frames - love the onesie Bella - we all deserve a pyjama day once in a while!
It seems my second story sent Joseph to sleep too - hilarious!  Another story is on its way - I wonder if I can make it a hat-trick? 
Well done to all of you who are still having to go out to work, you are doing a great job for us - thank you!
 Stay safe everyone x

Week 2 - Hello, how are you?

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Morning lovelies!

Am loving the updates - thank you!

We have some news from Ethan and Bethany today  - hello guys - we've missed seeing you!

Ethan has been making a treasure map.  He’s made a map of Brill which will take him to Innes, Sam and Eleanor’s houses - I wonder where the treasure is buried? Maybe you could walk the route in your map Ethan - I wonder whether you can spot the rainbows and Teddy bears that are in peoples windows?  


Bethany. I hear you have been keeping yourself busy doing lots of gardening. She has helped to paint the shed grey and has been helping to build a wild life pond too. That sounds like a lot of hard work!  Her mummy said..."we are just waiting for the liner to be delivered before filling it with water."  How exciting - I can't wait to see what the finished pond looks like! She has also planted lots of seeds and the pumpkins have germinated already. That's good, they do have a lot of growing to do! 
 I love the sequin Art - it must have taken a lot of perseverence. Well done you - they are beautiful!

Sam has been very busy too, he has..."completed lots of puzzles, written his Granny a letter and played on the new swings in the garden." Great stuff - love the Cars puzzle! 

Yesterday, they... "went for a lovely walk around the village and waved at our friends and hunted for rainbows." Don't forget to look for Teddy bears too!


Sam also wrote his daily question to his Grandad and did lots of writing. I hope Grandad is answering your questions Sam - I wonder what is his favourite sport? 


One of the positives of our time at home is that we get to enjoy lots of family meal times together. Sam has been allowed to choose lots of the menu this week and yesterday ..."chose spaghetti and meatballs as he loves them for school dinner!"  Did Mummy let you help with the cooking? Or maybe you were on washing up duty, or perhaps that is always Daddy's job? Yes I'm missing the school dinners too. I think we will appreciate them all the more when we return to school!

Joshua has been working on his phonemes .Wow - amazing work Joshua! Some of those are a bit of a challenge, the pictures do take a bit of thinking about, but they can all be sounded out phonetically. Baby would be a tricky word - try p-r-a-m. It's lovely to hear you are liking the bug club quizzes - you get lots of points for them too! 

Freddie, I hear you love the book trust book - The Cave. ...he decided to make a puppet show of the story and made the puppets using the lolly sticks."


You should be so proud of yourself Freddie  - I love them! Keep practising, perhaps you could put on a show for me when we are back in school? 

And there is still time for planting - I wonder what they will grow into?  

Hello Ariana - I love the shadow drawings, what lovely detail you have managed. Think I will have to pinch this idea for school!  

It looks like there are benefits in having a big teenage sister at home too. You are right Ariana, the cucumber eyes are  definitely very funny. x 

You inspired me to have a bit of pampering time too, I thought a 'bubble clay mask' sounded fun. It bubbled up so much that my daughter thought it made us look like elephants! Hope you find it funny!  

Billy has been making good use of his paper plate - love the sheep Billy!  
And now it's time for maths - some counting practise with some additions. Well done you! 
His mummy said... "He also wanted to write you a message (I miss you) and a big cross through the house/school!" Oh dear Billy, I'm sure there are lots of lovely things about being at home though!  I miss school too - but we can do this - hopefully it won't be too long before we are all back together.  
Isaac B had the same sentiment - thank you so much for the postcard - it melted my heart!
Bella, glad to see you are putting all those empty toilet rolls to good use. The Princess castle is amazing! I hear you are doing lots of bouncing on the trampoline too! 
Glad you liked the story time Bella - it's so funny that it sent Joseph to sleep. There is another one today from 3 o'clock - I wonder if it will work again?   
So glad you liked the story too Isaac, Mummy said you were waving - ahh! Tilly wanted to know if I could see her too , unfortunately not - but luckily I have all your fabulous photos to look at. XX
It does feel a little strange talking into a camera while reading a story - I am definitely out of my comfort zone doing it, so please forgive any mistakes! 
Today's story will be Chicken Licken!
Elsewhere, Louie has been working on his tricky words - great job Louie!

They also..."measured some wood with a tape measure, daddy cut the wood and Louie sanded and painted it " they then..."wrote tricky words and additions on the back of the blocks." I am loving all your ideas Louie - it's so lovely having the time to do these things! Another idea I might have to have pinch for school x  

As it has been a litte chillier outside this week, Louie played a family game of Hangman.  I hope you won Louie?! 
There should always be time for a touch of building fun too!
Louie made a boat and a car garage out of his Lego - fab!

Before I go - I have added a child-friendly corona virus story to the website - 'Don't worry little bear'. It is especially for little ones and might be of some use to explain what is happening to us at the moment. 
And... here is a generic passcode to an education site we use at school - it's called Espresso and provides a wealth of information right across the curriculum. It covers all the Early Learning Goals for the EYFS (and curriclum goals across KS1 and 2) and has a range of information, activities and educational games to play. It's worth a look if you are running out of ideas.
Stay safe everyone! x

Year R's latest antics!

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Good Morning everyone!

Let's see what everyone has been doing... 

It was Barnaby's Grannie’s birthday on Sunday so they made a cake for her..."I wanted it to be purple so added blue and red colour to the mix. We called Grannie on the iPad to sing happy birthday and show her the cake. She was very happy she cried! We miss her." 

Barnaby that was such a lovely thing to do - great colour mixing!  You are so very kind hearted - Grandparents are very special people and often get very emotional - it's because they love you so much! 


Barnaby has also been learning about maps..."I could find where we live by looking for the windmill.  There were lots of blue cups on the map. Mummy told me they were to show Mummies and Daddies where the pubs are!  We planned a walk along the green dotted lines."

"On our walk we found lots of footprints and we had fun working out who else had been looking at the map and gone for a walk...I thought these were arrows on a treasure hunt but we looked them up and they bird footprints!"  The straight ones were deer!


And can you guess these ones? 


Well done if you said horse and badger! What lovely adventures you are having! PS - tell mummy she needs to be in bed at 4am!

Hi Axel - I am glad you are on the mend! His mummy said

"We opened a little snack shop and the boys have a pound each to spend made of different coins, Felix made a price list and they have to work out what they can afford every day by adding up a lot of numbers."

What a fab idea, I saw this on the internet too.  It is so tempting to snack when at home, so why not turn it into a learning experience!

"Axel wrote a postcard to Tijmen, his buddy, and received a letter from him which made him really happy." Another lovely idea, I'm sure Tijmen was thrilled to hear from you too Axel.

Axel has been writing rhyming words and doing shapes on TopMarks too - keeping very busy then - fab! Love the headphones too - they must help you concentrate. 


Here is Bella out for her daily walk (or should I say scoot) with brother Joe - glad to see you are feeling better. She said, "we scooted around the whole village and did a rainbow and teddy bear hunt...we counted 21 rainbows pictures and spotted 11 Teddy bears in peoples windows!"    I knew about the rainbow pictures but is there a Teddy Bear spotting activity too? 

It looks like you have been incredibly busy - how did you ever find time for school Bella? They went on a nature trail... and puzzles galore - Princess ones of course!


Bella has written a book review on Matilda - I love that book too! Her mummy read a chapter with her every night and..."she absolutely loved it"  and told her mummy she wanted to be Matilda!!! Ahh the magic of books! Her Mummy also said that Bella "is enjoying writing and has also written a letter to her friend Sienna who lives in kent who had written to her last week", she thinks it may be the start of pen pals - how  lovely! There is nothing quite like recieving a letter in the post is there? 

What a beautiful butterfly - it's amazing what you can do with a paper plate!

Louie has also been writing a letter - I think there will be another Nanny in tears soon!

Are these the first signs of life - the seeds are growing - yeh! What are they though? 

Keeping up with your phonics and counting too Louie - you superstar! 


On your conference call I see! 

Kitty - I think you have grown taller already!

This looks like fun - her mummy..."drew around Kitty’s body and gave her some organs, bones and parts of the body to identify. She had a good go and got most of them in roughly the right place!" ... they then ..."looked online to see that the heart is behind the lungs and the femur is the strongest bone in the body and is in the leg (and not the collar bone as she first thought!)." 

I just looked it up too - to see whether that was the bone that you broke Lochie, but the Femur is the thigh bone and I think you broke your Tibia? 


Hello Benjamin! I hear you have been investigating whirlpools, the deep sea and it’s creatures - that sounds fascinating!

A touch of baking - chocolate cake this time - did you get to lick the bowl? 

Love the Lego tractor and trailer Benjamin - did you see Freddie's village? They would be great together!


Myles - hello! Looks as if you have been putting lots of effort into your learning - well done you! So glad you had time for some fun in the sun too. I hear you made an incredible assault course -  unfortunately the film was too big to dowload but I can see it in my imagination! 



They created 'Myles’ shop' too and..."sold an assortment of goods to Daddy, whilst he was working in his office, needless to say, Daddy is now poor, and Myles has made a healthy profit!" Ha Ha - poor Daddy, I think he did quite well though, the prices weren't extortionate! 

Myles  did some cooking too - his favourite dinner ' Linguine Vongule'... he was fascinated to see the clams open, and he now knows that “We don’t eat the closed ones as they are off, and can give us an upset tummy". That looks delicious - I wonder if we have the next Jamie Oliver in our midst! 

And you still had time for chores - what a fantastic help that must be! He told his mummy...“It's important to clean up, so we don’t get ill with germs, because if we get ill we can’t play or do cool stuff” - very well said Myles. (And wow - what an amazing bed!)

And a big hello to kadence too!

Her mummy says..."We have been bike riding, been to see our local lambs being born and a clutch of incubated chicks waiting to break their shells..." That sounds lovely. We had chicks in school last year, hopefully when we get back we will do that again!

She has read ‘Yaks pants’ and has drawn them...

I love your pictures Kadence - Thank you!

I see some beautiful number formation and measuring - well done!


And some phonics too - amazing!

After all that hard work I think you deserve a little fun on the bouncy castle - you lucky thing!  

And a dip in the hot tub - now I am feeling very jealous! 

Thank you so much for the updates, I have a few more photos to go through, so will blog again a little later.

Stay safe eveyone x

Day 5 - you did it, you survived!

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Hello guys.

Well I am so impressed with everything you have been doing so far, make sure you give yourselves a huge pat on the back. It would definitely be a pair of pants, or I think it should actually be two, in appreciation of the effort you have put into your learning this week. If I remember rightly we were up to 8...

so, 8 add 2 more... makes... yes... it makes 10! That means it must be treat time!

So guys, you will need to have a think about what you might like to do, don't forget - it needs to be something everyone might enjoy and it needs to something that doesn't cost very much or is free. It would be a shame to wait too long, so perhaps you could have a family vote and think of something you can all do together at home?

Innes, it's lovely to hear from you. It must be a Joe Wicks workout I see in action, what great co-ordination with your siblings! Don't forget to check out the new 'Wake and Shake' dance too - it was such fun to make!   

Freddie and his sister Holly are having a go too - well done!

Great balancing on that huge bike Innes, no stabilisers  - that must have taken a lot of practise.  

I love a Hama bead - an elephant and a person - that must have taken some perseverence. Also, on Friday evening, Innes and his family ...'went star gazing (with our camping mats and duvets) and saw the International Space Station pass at 7.40pm and Venus and many constellations like the Plough, Ursa Major, Ursa Minor and the North Star". That sounds so cool Innes - Joshua T, that sounds like something you would like too. 

I'm glad you still had time for some brother and sisterly snuggles too - long may the novelty last!

Elsewhere, Arrianna has been keeping up with her reading - great job, is that Sleeping Beauty I see? I love that book!

And there's always time for a good puzzle...   

I too, have been trying to complete a 'Where's Wally' puzzle, it's a bit of a challenge, but I won't give up!

Arrianna has taken up some new challenges too. How is the hoola hooping? Has anyone else managed to get a good rhythm going?  

Playing the guitar - now that is tricky!

And we have another incredible Insect Museum - this time in Swahili. I will make sure Madame Tate sees this - I'm sure she will be impressed! Apparently, the words/sounds made Arrianna giggle hysterically- particularly ladybug and grasshopper as they sound similar to her mummy’s name - how funny!

Is that a handy hand I see Arrianna? (Or should I call you Jessie?) I will know who to call on when I need some extra help - you tricky word superstar! 

So what have you been up to Harrison?  

Planting and...

labelling, a perfect way to get in some purposeful writing - good job Harrison. 

An alfresco lunch with Oscar and...

a masterpiece in progress? I hope you helped with the tidying up?

With a busy week of learning at a close, Harrison was off on a camping adventure - on the driveway! That sounds like amazing fun, send us all a postcard! And all good camping trips must include a BBQ - yum yum!

More outside time for Stella and Isaac with lots of outdoor dining too. 

I can't decide whether they are helping one another along or shoving each other out of the way?! 

And who's taking who for a walk? 

The woodworking lessons appear to be working out really well - you look fierce Issac. I think I need to place some orders.  

And a bit of hard graft never did anyone any harm...

Eleanor has also been working hard on the farm and helping out wherever she was needed. Entertaining Freya and Robbie (the lambs) and little brother Toby must be a great help to Mummy and Daddy.    

Still plenty of time for mask making... 

And baking too! Is that edible glitter?

A cast-less Lochie and big sister Grace try their hand at shed decorating, a little 'Mondrian-esque' me thinks? A wonderful improvement!  

And more art work, what famous artist will it be this time? Picasso, Van Gogh, Warhol, Scott?

Garden scavenging and nest building is also on the timetable...

Along with a touch of in action as the colours mix together!

Map-making next... using his phonics to label all the different parts - fab work Lochie!

Am loving the improvised sand pit Louie.

Be careful next to that water... I think our wellies are still at school! 

I'm not sure who is having more fun on the assault course - Louie or his Daddy!

Wellies this time...good idea!

Are those cheerios? That looks like a great counting game. Is it one for me, one for you? You could be doubling, halving and sharing with this game - love it!  

Hello Elizabeth, look at your beautiful writing - have you been animal spotting? 

Is this a self-portrait? I think it looks like some one dancing - maybe a 'wake and shake' routine? 

This is a very arty blog. This photo reminds me of the work of an Italian artist called Arcimbaldo. He painted some very funny looking people represented by fruits and vegetables - see if you can find some of his painting on the internet. Maybe you could try making your own Arcimbaldo inspired model with some different fruits, vegetables or pasta perhaps.   

Freddie has discovered a wonderful 'Wow' word - 'ultimate'. 

He looked up what it meant and wrote down an explanation for us all to see - Ultimate - meaning best or final. Fantastic!

Your lego village must have taken you absolutely ages Freddie! It is terrific, the ultimate model of the highest caliber.  

Billy has been baking, wow - look at his finished cake, was it someone's birthday? Did it taste good? 

This last photo made me do a double take! Was that a real snake!!! When I re-read the email from Billy, I discovered he had been playing with something called 'Google Animals'. It looks like a lot of fun - maybe you might like to give it a try. I think you are all going to be technology experts before too long!

Hope to see you all very soon.

Stay safe. x   

Day 4 - Are you ready for more?

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Hello again everyone!

Barnaby has decided to try and grow his Mummy's favourite breakfast - Avocado, how lovely of you Barnaby. I wonder how long it will take to turn into a tree that bears fruit? The stone (otherwise known as a pit) is grown in a special way and is suspended over water using cocktail sticks. Benjamin - I think your Daddy said you had tried this before - did you manage to grow any fruit? 

Kitty has been having the best time in the garden today. She has helped build and then take part in an obstacle course, lots of time on the trampoline and painting of rocks (and herself!!). Her grandparents also received her cards and are VERY impressed with her writing. It also made them feel very emotional.

Ariana had great fun drawing a map of the world today, and made sure everyone knows where the queen lives! She stuck a wand in New Zealand and decided that’s where the fairies live...

I have some at the bottom of my garden Ariana - I wonder if they are related? 

Billy's finished tie-dyed shirt - I'm just trying to figure out how you managed those layers of colour - it's amazing! You are the rainbow in the garden!

After a really good maths session this morning, Axel and his brother made this little Musée des insectes...Axel was very proud of having found all the French names for our bugs :)

That looks 'fantastique' - said in my best french accent! 

Here is the link if you fancy a go at making your own insect Museum.

You might like to try this with other languages - maybe Cantonese, Greek, German, Swahili - Benjamin, Joshua T, Joshua R, Arrianna.   

Hope has been keeping busy too and went on a...long muddy walk in the fields and did some forest school activities.

And making gingerbread - Ooooh - yummy scrummy in your tummy! That looks like great fun!

Hope is also keeping active on the her trampoline with big sister Grace and keeping mind and body in shape with a touch of 'Harry Potter' Yoga - thank you for the idea Hope. There is a fabulous story based Yoga site called Cosmic Kids, the children will be familiar with this and Jaime, the Yoga teacher.

You can access them via youtube too, or if you have an Amazon Prime subscription you can watch them advert free - just search for 'Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventures'.

I had to stop and think why you were wearing glasses Hope - silly me - of course they are Harry Potter glasses! Did you paint on the zig zag scar too? 

For Sam, day 4 has consisted of building Lego, writing his daily question to his grandad and seeing how far they could jump at the windmill!

I can answer that question Sam...because they are delicious!

Hello Isaac - glad to see you are OK. Writing a postcard to a friend I see - I am sure they will love to hear from you. 

He made a lightsaber with a ballon and toilet roll...

And has been counting things around the house... I see you have twelve steps on the stairs then Isaac!


And collecting rainbow colours in the garden - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet - were they all there? 

Bella is keeping busy, I hope this is distracting you from scatching those chicken pox? "Bella loved the egg hunt" , Mummy hid the tricky and HF words in them for her to then open and read - fab idea!

They also created a family wish jar today..."everytime we miss doing something or seeing someone we write it down and pop them into our jar, and when this is all over, we will have lots of nice things to do and people to see!!"

We take so many things for granted and this is such a lovely way of recognising the importance of family and friends and many of the simple pleasures in life - thank you for sharing this Bella.

I love the decorations in your playhouse...

Bella, Tilly and Eleanor had their first video call too...on the 'houseparty' app... She was feeling rather poorly at the time  and it really cheered her up ...she now wants to get more friends involved in calls! Revolving Hearts Emoji (U+1F49E)

Hi Joshua T - it is lovely to see and hear from you. Joshua has started a planet project and has been finding out their names and order as well as lots of lovely facts about them - well done you! 

What an amazing effort you have put in Joshua - there are some fabulous facts - I have learnt a lot from it. I particularly like Page 6  - you are absolutely right Earth is a very beautiful world!

Joshua has also had a go at reproducing the science experiment we did with the pennies...It looks as if you may have had a different result - I wonder why? What might have caused that to happen?

On their daily walks, Joshua has been looking out for signs of Spring too -  and managed to find some buds on the trees. 

Did you spot some ducks too? - Great writing practise Joshua!

Thank you so much for all of your photos and emails - I love seeing what you are doing - you are keeping me smiling and very entertained!

Stay safe x 

Day three - with love from me!

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Hi everyone!

Well guys - I am starting to feel surplus to requirements! Well done parents, what incredible learning experiences you are sharing with your children - fantastic! 

Here are a few highlight's from Day 3...

It looks like we have another beautiful day ahead. Barnaby was up early yesterday and took this gorgeous photo. 


He has been keeping very active - I thought you might Barnaby! He has been playing tennis, football, cycling, running and been on lots of walks. 

"My sister Daisy is not very good at penalties but I am teaching her. She is good at cheering me on from the buggy when we run though." 
"We have lambs behind our house and I can work out which lamb has which mummy by the numbers on their backs."  I never knew that Barnaby, what a great way to practise number recognition. 

And more Maths learning when cooking...."I made a blackberry and apple pie with Mummy. The blackberries were in the freezer - I picked them last autumn. I also did some weaving with the pastry - like our Kenya baskets." Fab!  
This is a lovely idea.
"I made a rainbow to put in our window to cheer people up when they walk past. I counted 14 other rainbows in Brill."
I think you may inspire others to have a go at this now Barnaby - I wonder how many you will see next time? 
Sidney has been keeping active too. Like Harrison, he's been watching some of the Joe Wick's PE workouts. He's here with his big brothers practising their Karate kicks. I wonder if he does a  'wax on, wax off ' workout? - I have a car in my drive that could do with a bit of a shine! 

"Sidney’s scavenger hunt yesterday... a feather, a ladybird, a windmill, a cow, red kite, goat... to tick off on our daily exercise outing!" What a great idea. 

Planting in action...

Flapjack making - yum yum!

And more tricky word practise with chalks in the garden and while his older brothers are hard at work with their school assignments. Great solidarity Sidney. 


Glad to see there is still time for a spot of Lego modelling too. 

More outside fun for Sam  - this time he has been... "planting tomato seeds, making a hammer, spraying high-frequency words...eating a cream tea."  I think we will all be searching in our sheds for the water guns now. 

It's wonderful to hear from you Addie, another one determined to keep up with her reading and writing practise...and a very lovely necklace it is too!

Bella - OH NO! I miss you too and I love those shades!

Glad to see a little chicken Pox won't put you off your learning - back in the day my granny would say that's the 'Dunkirk spirit'... and getting in some teaching practice on her little brother Joe, I really won't be needed soon!

T-shirt printing - another rainbow. When you are not wearing it Bella , you could hang it in the window for Barnaby to spot. 

Louie, I wondered how long it would take until the junk modelling materials came out! Did you spot any 3D shapes? Getting your little sister involved too, she will be an expert by the time she starts school. 


Is that a letter you're writing Louie? The wonders of learning to read and write, now you can keep in touch with all your friends and relatives. What a magical year reception is! 

Tilly has been benefiting from the kindness of neighbours and now both she and her little sister Orla have been swinging to their heart's delight - oh joy to the simple pleasures in life!

And a box...not just anybox... use your imagination, what could it be?  Maybe a space rocket, a caravan, a racing car, a boat...

For Tilly, a special home for her Teddies ... it just needs a little spruce up with paint - so glad the weather is good and you can do that outside!

Hi to Billy. Keeping busy with his family, rock and slab drawing. Don't worry about making mistakes Billy - they are a chance to learn. 

Wow - haven't seen tie-dying for a long time. What a wonderful way to do some purposeful colour-mixing!

What more will we see on day 4? 

If you are stuck for things to do - although I very much doubt it - I have added a couple of extra files to the site, some cvcc (consonant, vowel, consonant, consonant) colouring words frames and my playdough recipes. 

Stay Safe x 

Day two - and it's all about you!

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Hi everyone!

Well, what another busy day you have been having. On such a beautiful day, I was pleased to hear and see that most of you were out in the sunshine and making the most of the warm Spring weather.  

Wilfred has been...

"...making a tidying up tally chart...reading his new book 'the cave'...hide and seek with the colourful eggs...aqua beads...planted some sunflower seeds...made jelly...practiced writing our tricky words in the sand and  chalks...learnt to throw a frisbee...spent hours chasing bubbles...measuring with the tape measure...patterns with the shapes...ordered the number cards...practiced riding a bike with pedals."  

My oh my Wilfred - you should sleep well tonight - I loved the card too - thank you!

Louie has been busy in the garden too. Your garden is huge Louie - more like your very own field :)

I Love this idea to help with your sums and...

I can smell the banana cake from here, yum yum - I can't wait to try some!

A very itchy Axel has been cooking up some recipes too or should I say potions?  Yes please - I would definitely love your recipe on how to make laundry liquid out of Ivy leaves. Perhaps everyone could make up and write down a recipe and we could turn them into a book to use in our Year R Mud kitchen.

Pokemon fans might like to try out Axel's card making idea too.

There are lots of lovely Maths games on the 'Topmarks' website too that Axel has been playing. The children will be familiar with a few of these games. Here is the link:

Kitty and her sister Penny have been helping out the environment by collecting all of the rubbish that has blown into their garden - great Job!

And for all of you missing the convenience of a takeaway burger - just head over to Kitty's house where a drive-through McDonalds has been temporarily constructed. Please remember to respect the 2m distance when placing your orders! 

What beautiful writing Kitty and a lovely way to show you care - I am sure your Grandparents will be thrilled with your cards.

It was Joshua (and Theo's) turn at Forest School today. Some tree climbing, swinging and a story with hot chocolate and a biscuit treat to finish - this is the life!   

And it is never too early for some water fun. After planting his seeds, Joshua decides to water them... and himself too! You are so cheeky!

With Daddy in charge, Sam (and Annabel) play a game of beat the sprinkler - I think I can guess who or should I say what won!

Great Hangman game Sam - it looks like you are having to really concentrate  - I wonder who won? The matching game looks great too well done you for all your practise.

For those of you who would like some ideas of what to write, I have put some tricky word sentences together in a file on our page. I have also included my tricky word and high frequency word powerpoints too, so feel free to use them if you need them. (Although, I think many of the ideas you are already using are fab!)

Story telling

I have been signposted to the Oliver Jeffers website and it should be worth a look. He is a children's author (and illustrator) who will be reading one of his books live everyday at 6pm on instagram (or they can be viewed directly from the website afterwards). There are a few of my Year R favourites already there including the one Lochie chose as his favourite book - 'The Incredible Book Eating Boy'.

Looking forward to finding out what Day 3 brings!

Stay safe x 

So long, farewell...

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Friends forever and making the most of our last few hours together (for now)  - not quite sure why we are cheering though!

Hope to see you all very soon - Stay Safe!

Day 0ne Fun - ooh that rhymes!

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Wow what a fabulous day you have all had. Thank you so much for the updates - you have brought a huge smile to my face when I was feeling a little wobbly! I feel like a proud parent and am keen to share all your wonderful photos. It seems that some of you couldn't wait and got started over the weekend - what dedication to your learning - you superstars! 

Axel and Freddie got started a little earlier than most - I love the timetables - what a fab idea!

Elsewhere Sam has been measuring various objects. His sister turned out to be the longest thing he measured. 

Isaac and Stella were straight in with the hoola challenge -  love it!

Lochie and his big sister Grace have their heads down - great concentration. Is that a little puppy I can see having a snooze?  

For some, it's been Arts and Crafts that have kept them busy. The dragon is amazing Kitty. What fabulous detail you have given it.    

I Love the Hama beads Freddie!

Is that a map of Australia Louie? Planning next year's holiday maybe? 

Stella and Isaac have also made their own timetable - they have lots of lovely practical activities planned too. I think I need to book myself in for the floristry and woodworking lessons - any slots available? 


I'm a bit jealous of the big house Freddie - beautuful handwriting though!


Sam - I hope that question is not for me? 

The super weather seems to have enticed many of you outside. Eleanor has exciting news, her pet lamb Snowy has just had two lambs of her own - congratulations Eleanor! 

Sam has also been out spotting lambs in the countryside on his way to forest school.

While Bella, Ariana, Benjamin and Louie got straight on with planting...

Bella is making sure the seed has water to grow. Can you think of what else it might need?  

Tilly (and Edie) have been out collecting flowers and learning how to write the word Daffodil. She also spotted an empty bird's nest too and has promised to bring it in to show us as soon as we are back in - I can't wait! 

Is that your very own mud kitchen Louie? When you and your sister grow out of it I'm going to 'bagsy' that for school!

Axel has been on a leaf hunt in his garden - what a fabulous selection you managed to collect. (I hope the spots aren't too itchy!)

I Love the lizard Axel - I wonder what else you could make? 

Ariana has been climbing trees for tricky words. One of them blew away into the neighbour's garden - and the word that got away - 'down' - how funny! 

Elsewhere Lochie has the sporting bug, with a spot of boxing and tennis on his timetable. Love the make shift wellie! His cast comes off today - Good luck Lochie - you'll finally be able to have a soak in the bath!

Harrison started his day off with a 'Joe Wicks' PE workout - think I might need to have a go too after Sam's question!

Click on the link - Daily workout starts at 9am.

Looking forward to seeing more of your exploits very soon.  

Stay safe x

Science week in Year R

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This week in Year R we have been trying to solve the problem of the dull pennies. We decided to clean them up and see if we could make them look shiny and new again. We used a variety of different liquids to see which would work the best.


While the pennies were left overnight, the children made some predictions about what might happen. We used lemon juice, washing-up liquid, vinegar, ketchup. strawberry yoghurt and Pesi-cola.

Most of the children thought that the washing-up liquid would work the best but when the results were in they could see it had little effect on the coin - although it probably did remove all the hidden germs!

 And here are the results...

And here is the science...

The oxygen in the air and the copper in the pennies form an oxide that coats the pennies and makes them look dirty. Acids break the copper oxide free from the penny leaving it shiny and looking new again. 

We have been learning about the force of gravity too and made some paper helicopters to show the force of gravity in action. We expected the helicopters to fall down to earth while the blades blades slowed down the decent by showing some resistance to the air. However, the wind was very strong and the experiment didn't go to plan as the wind blew them all away without spinning. We tried again indoors and they worked much better!


On Thursday, the planetarium came to Brill. We went into the dome and were treated to some spectatcular images of the stars and planets.


We also made our own dark den in class this week and used some UV torches to illuminate some glow-in-the dark objects. We painted the underside of the tables with blackboard paint and gave the children glow-in-the-dark chalks to practise writing their high frequency words too - it was very popular!  

Elsewhere in Year R, we have been trying to promote the children's independence in solving problems that they come across as they play with one another in class. Every time the children manage to solve a problem independently by using their words to negotiate a compromise, they get to put a coin in a jar. They are doing extremely well so far and have already been debating what treat they might like when the jar is full. 

As with any reward system when it is first introduced, we are handing out a lot of coins at the moment. At carpet times, we highlight examples of how and what children have said or done to solve their problems and hope that these examples will provide useful strategies for their peers to use when they experience similar situations. As the term progresses we anticipate that these rewards will become less and less necessary as the children become more practised with their speaking and listening skills. 

We are continuing with the 'pair of pants' reward which is given when the children work well together as  a team. We have also topped up the '5 minutes' treat box with additional special toys (as requested) to reward the children's efforts when they work particularly hard at an activity or demonstrate acts of kindness. 

Please keep sending in your child's Wow moments for any special moments you are seeing at home, we love to hear about what the children are achieving when they are out of school and this helps us to develop a more complete picture of your child's individual strengths and interests. 

And finally...

Thank you to eveyone who donated to Sport Relief and came to school in their sports clothing. Mr Dixon and the Year 5 children set up an obstacle course and our children joined the school for the daily mile around the obstacles. Lots of fun was had by all - Well done Year R!



World Book Day!

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Well done everyone - what an amazing effort you all made for the World Book Day annual dress up. We saw a fabulous and varied collection of costumes - here are a few photos of the day...

The teachers all swapped classes in the afternoon and read to a different year group.

Mr Dixon  - the Year 5 teacher came into Year R and read a story - 'There's a wocket in my pocket'  - to the class. They even had time to make up a funny rhyme too!

Every child will receive a World Book Day token - they will be sent home in bookbags tomorrow. 

Stop those germs spreading!

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Oh my  - how easily germs can be passed around the classroom!

In a bid to keep those nasty bugs from spreading, we used a little paint on our hands to show how coughs, sneezes and all things microscopic can be passed from person to person. We started with four children with painty hands and finished with the whole class bearing traces of one or more of the colours. 

We then learnt how to thoroughly clean our hands with soap to ensure that all traces of the germs are washed away. We used a very familiar song (Happy Birthday) and sang it through twice to remind us how long we need to keep our hands under the tap.  

We will be closely following the new guidelines issued by the government that advises all children to wash their hands when they arrive at school. We will, of course, be giving out lots of reminders to follow good hygiene rules thoughout the day as normal. 

Don't forget - Happy Birthday - twice! 

Year R's learning week

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After a lovely half term break, the children have settled straight back into class and have been approaching their learning with great gusto!

Have a look at our new reading area. We wanted to make it more cosy and inviting for the children and are thrilled to report it has gone down a storm. The teddy bears have been treated to a plethora of stories and are probably keen to welcome the weekend in for a few moments of peace! 


Following on from our International week look at Kenya, we have been finding out a little more about African animals. We have been reading some non-fiction books and Mrs Chisholm described her experiences of the Safari in South Africa she went on over half term. We saw some amazing animal photos and film footage and really got a feel for what the animals looked and sounded like up close!

We decided to change the role play into a vets and have been busy fixing the animal's ailments and injuries. We found out what things a vet might need to do as part of their job and extending our vocabulary while talking about 'vaccinations' and how they are given to help prevent people and animals getting diseases. 


We also took a vote to decide on how we were going to use our '10 pairs of pants' reward. With 'Pancake Day' and the start of lent looming, the children unanimously voted for pancake tasting - this class are very motivated by food!

The children appeared to be ravenous and not a morsel was wasted!

We carried on the fun the next day too and the children tossed some 'stretchy dough' pancakes of their own. 

Our special 'Brill' micro climate brought us some snow this week too. There was just enough to make our journey into school a little tricky and to enjoy some chilly snow men making moments.

Here are a few before and after photos...


In Pe this term we will be practising our throwing and catching skills.

We warmed up first using the book ' Doing the Animal Bop'  and moved around the hall as penguins, lizards, snakes, ostriches, elephants and much more!

We will be celebrating World book day next week - Thursday 5th March  - so don't forget to come dressed as your favourite book character.

I can't wait to see what you will be wearing!   

Our 'Around the World' Adventures!

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The world seemed a little smaller this week as we all began to understand a little more about the lives of others around the world. Madame Tate started the proceedings with an assembly to promote unity around the world and set the tone of the day with a rousing song - we are all connected. Click on the link below to watch the clip.

And then...

seat belts were fastened and we were off on our adventures.

Our first stop Hungary!

Lace tablecloths and Rubiks cubes!

And then onto Norway!

Land of the Vikings, Rune necklaces and the northern lights...

After a quick stop for refreshments, the next destination was...   The Philippines.

We made 'Filipino Parol' - a type of Christmas lantern and played Bingo. 


A flying visit to New Zealand was next on the agenda...

We saw a volcano, visited the gloworm caves, made Maori masks and scared aware our opponents with our 'Haka'. 

Our final stop - Egypt!

Home of the Pyramids and Pharoahs tombs - we did a little digging for hidden treasures but only found some buried body parts!


Well, after all that travelling, we are now ready for a break - so happy holidays everyone - see in a week's time!


International Week Highlights

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Thank you all for coming into class on Friday. I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the activities we took part in for our international week look at Kenya.

Thank you so much to Tilly, Arrianna, Kitty, Ariana and Innes' parents who brought in items from their travels to enrich our understanding of this beautiful country and to Barnaby's Dad who came in to host our Olympic running session. 

We have read many fiction and non-fiction books about Kenya this week and have focused a few of our activities around the book Handa's Surprise. The story tells of a Kenyan village girl who travels to see her friend Akeyo in a nearby village. She carries a basket of fruit as a gift for her friend but on the way some animals help themselves to the delicious fruits...

Tilly's Mum brought in some baskets that have been made by a women's co-operative in Kenya, so we thought - "How hard can this be?"  and decided to give it a go. It was quite tricky but we didn't give up!

We had a go at leaning some Swahili - the local language. We counted to ten and sang a welcome song - Jambo Bwana. The children instantly recognised the last line of the song - Hakuna Matata and were keen to sing me the song they already knew from the Lion King film. 

Here is the link to the Swahili song:

We read the book 'Masai and I" whereby a young American girl compares her life with that of a child in this African tribe. She celebrates both the differences and the similarities she encounters within their life styles. It was very thought provoking and gave the children a wonderful insight into how other people live their lives. 

This is a Kenyan Shoka worn by male Massai. Innes’ auntie and uncle lived there.

 The children used the stick puppets to retell the story of Handa's surprise. There was quite a queue for the show, so we had to make and sell some tickets for each performance. 

We tasted the fruits from the story  - they were very delicious!

We searched everywhere to find guava, but unfortunately had to settle for guava juice in the end. It was very popular and came out top in our vote. It was good to see that everyone tried each fruit and many came back for seconds and thirds! Picking just one favourite fruit was very tricky. 

We made a chart to show how the children voted.   


We wrote some "What am I" descriptions for our vistors to guess which character from Handa's surprise we had chosen and finished our look at Kenya with some Olympic running. Barnaby's dad took us through our paces and showed us that anyone can take up running - all you need is to do is show willing to give it a go, to keep trying and persevere and to find your own way of making it work for you. These positive attitudes to learning new things are very much what we, in Year R, promote within all of our learning opportunities too. 


Warm up completed, running numbers attached - we were ready to go! 

Wow what an amazing week!



International week running

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When researching Kenya, we discovered that they produce many world class runners and in the summer Olympics of 2016 won 5 Olympic medals for their country. So, in Year R, we thought "How hard can running be?  Surely everyone can do it or at least have a go!" and that's exactly what we are planning to do tomorrow.

We have called in one of our very own experts (Barnaby's Dad) to show us how it's done and will be taking part in a Year R running event on Thursday afternoon - weather permitting!

We do need to make sure the children are suitably dressed for the outdoors, so please ensure your child has trainers, joggers and sweatshirts with them to change into. Most of the children do have these items in their PE kits already and, if so, you need take no further action. Hopefully, when we start running, we won't notice the cold but it's best to be prepared!




First Aid Training

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Last week, the children were lucky enough to have some First Aid training (kindly paid for by the PTA).

The children were taught how to help themselves or someone in danger by contacting the Emergency services using the '999' number on the phone. It was stressed to them that this should only to be carried out in a real emergency. It was explained that it would be very helpful if the children learnt their home address so they could tell the caller where the help was needed. 

The children also learnt the basics of CPR using some tiny dummies and took turns in placing one another in the recovery position.

God forbid that they should ever have to use these techniques, but hopefully this training provided a gentle first experience of how to help someone in real need. 


Help needed

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Firstly, International week is nearly upon us (week commencing 10th Feb) and this year, in Year R, we will be finding out about the East African country of Kenya. If anyone has any specialist knowledge of Kenya or maybe has visited and has photos or artifacts, then I would love to hear from you.


Secondly, we are getting very low on junk modelling items, so if anyone would like to empty out a few of your recycling items, we would be more than happy to lighten the load!


And lastly, now that all of your children have started on their reading journey, it would be lovely to have some extra people in to hear them read - reading in short but regular intervals is often the best way to consolidate your child's knowledge of the sounds and their blending and segmenting skills. If you, or maybe a grandparent, has an afternoon free, I would love to welcome you or them into Year R to help with reading. This could be as a one off or for a more regular session. Please let me know if you can help

We are, of course, always on the look out for people with special talents too. If you think you have any specialist knowledge or hobbies that might be interesting for the children to see, for example; gardening, arts & crafts, sports, special pets, or are just happy to come in and support the children as they play - then you are most welcome too. 

Many thanks for all your support.   


Our Chinese New Celebrations

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Wow - what a busy couple of weeks we have had while investigating the Chinese New Year. 

We have found out much information from a variety of sources including non-fiction books, the computer and from asking our very own expert - Joshua T's mum, who kindly came in to share her personal experiences of this festival.

Thank you so much for the generous gifts you brought in, the children loved the decorations, balloons, lucky red envelopes and tangerines. 

We changed our roleplay area into a Chinese restaurant and have had great fun developing the area with menus and lantern decorations. 



To prepare for the new year, we learnt that is a custom to make sure everything is clean, so we gave the classroom a good spring clean with the dusters and cloths.     We found out that inspectors can go into restaurants to check if they are clean and to make sure it is safe to eat there. They display their ratings on a special sign on their entrance. We added our own hygeine rating sign to prove our restaurant is clean and tidy, unfortunately we did have to close it down for a while as it was too messy, but are now happy to report it is back up to scratch and open for business!


We made some noodles, dumplings and fortune cookies too with the '5 Spice' playdough, it made the classroom smell very authentic. 

We read the book 'The Great Race' which explains how each of the Chinese new years are named after an animal. We re-enacted the races with the stick puppets and on the game board - using spinners and dice to accurately recognise the numbers and move the correct spaces. Great patience and turn-taking was seen too! 

This year we celebrated the year of the rat!

Can your child remember which animal year they were born in? 

We used the Smart board to practise ordering numbers up to twenty...

We heard a folk tale about the Chinese Monster Nian, who liked to eat people! He was chased away by the townsfolk by drums, loud noises and firecrackers - that is why we often hear them during this festival. We talked about how many of these types of stories are just made up stories from peoples imaginations - where anything can happen! We did make some drums though, just for fun!


We listened to Chinese music and saw the dragon and lion dances on a video. We made up some rhythms and beats for the dances and made some dragon masks of our own so we could try at the dancing ourselves - it was quite tricky to do, especially when in costume. 

We finally finished off our celebrations with a special meal. 

We tried eating the noodles with chopsticks, it was a bit messy, but the children were great and didn't give up! " We just need a bit more practise" they said. 

So from Year R 2020 we would like to say...

Gung Hei Fat Choi!

(Happy New Year!)

Bug club and more

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Thank you to everyone who came along to the Bug Club information evening. It was lovely to see you all engaged in the reading programme and seeing the range of books that your child will be accessing over the coming weeks and months. I am glad to report that we have officially 'gone live' and you should now be able to see your child's book allocations on the system. For those of you who could not make it, you will find an information sheet along with a bug club bookmark inside your child's bookbag. These detail how to access the website and your child's log on details. Please come and see me if you need any help with this process or have any further queries or questions about how to support your child with their reading practise.

Our school parent council will be sitting next month and, once you have had chance to trial the programme, would welcome your feed back on how you feel it is working. 

Back in class, the children have been showing me how much they have learnt over the last few months. We have been comparing what they knew when they first started and what they now know and showing them how their efforts have been paying off. These are such important life lessons for the children to learn and to recognise that the more they try, the better they will get at whatever they put their mind to. With this in mind, I have been talking to the children about challenging themselves to try new things or to get even better at what they are already doing, even  though this may seem very tricky to begin with. I have been thrilled at how the children are embracing this, it has been so lovely to hear them asking for a challenge or seeking to solve a problem that has been set. The 'tricky word', writing and number challenges have so far proved very popular. I have just re-stocked my '5 minutes' reward box and I'm sure you will have already noticed a stream of balloons exiting the building as just rewards for their efforts. 

Next week we will start looking into the traditions surrounding the Chinese new year and will be changing our role play area into a restaurant. If anyone has any artifacts or personal experience of celebrating this festival, please let me know - it would be lovely to share this with the children.

Happy weekend!



Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year and welcome back to the new term!

I would firstly like to thank you all so much for the lovely gifts and experiences that were given to us for Christmas. Mrs Cawston, Mrs Chisholm and myself are all looking forward to our 'High Ropes' team building session and hope that we live to tell the tale of how it went! Thank you for taking the time to share your kind words and wishes too, it meant a lot to us after the long and busy run up to Christmas.

The children have started back in a happy and relaxed mood. They were brimming with excitement to share their news and did a great job in explaining what special gifts they had recieved, what family traditions they had taken part in and the wonderful places they had visited. The photographs and prompts really added to their explanations which they spoke about in great depth and very eloquently - thank you for remembering the items and emailing in the photos.They are very lucky children and had evidently shown some impeccable behaviour before Christmas to have recieved such special gifts from Santa!

We have also had three more children who have turned five over the holidays and a couple of 'Wow' moments to share, so it has been a busy day. 


Over the next few days, we will be checking the children's understanding of what has been taught so far and seeing how well they are doing. We have new homework folders coming home this week with a focus on Tricky words and High Frequency words for the children to learn - a more detailed explanation will be included with their books. We will also be introducing the children to our new 'Bug Club' reading scheme.There are still plenty of places available for the information evening, please sign up online in the usual way.

PE kits will need to be in for Thursday afternoon for our new hall slot. Only shorts and t-shirts will only be needed this term as the children will be taking part in some Yoga sessions.We hope to send them home full of calm, peace and tranquility - fingers crossed I hear you saying!

Thank you once again for all your support.



Christmas fun

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Wow - what a week!

We have been so busy with our nativity performances and Christmas peparations this week that everyone appeared to be a little extra tired this afternoon.

It was lovely to see so many faces at the Nativity play on Tuesday and Wednesday. The children were very excited to perform for you and did their utmost to make you proud with their poem recital and super singing. What superstars!

Opening our Advent calendars is a daily highlight and helps the children with their maths skills. We have been looking at the date and what numbers need opening on the doors. After the weekend, we had to calculate what number was three more than Friday's date and have even been calculating how many sleeps are left until Christmas. 


We have also started our Christmas crafts making decorations, nativity stick puppets and have begun our Christmas cards.

In October, our link school in India sent us a beautiful Diwali card they had made and wished us special new year greetings, which was very lovely of them. We thought we would like to return the gesture of friendship and kindness and decided to make some tree decorations to show some of the traditions we have at Christmas (and we managed to make some beautiful repeating patterns in the process).


Our role play area has been a hive of activity too with the baby Jesus being very carefully looked after by Mary and Joseph and a stream of visiting shepherds and sheep. 

Thank you for all your donations to 'Save the Children' today - the school raised nearly £200 for a very worthy cause. The children looked perfectly festive for our Christmas lunch too!

Check out yesterday's blog for photos with Santa. 

Please look out for my letter about next week's Christmas party. I have put a sign up sheet by the cloakroom entrance for food donations - thank you. 

Don't forget we have our Christingle service on Tuesday afternoon at the Church in Brill. You are all welcome to join us for this lovely child-friendly service at 2pm. We will bring children back to school for the normal collection time. 

We will also join the whole school for a church service on Thursday afternoon, where we will say a final goodbye to our Early Years Governor Revd Priscilla Slusar who is retiring after Christmas. On this occasion, you may collect your child from the church however, should you not be in attendance, will return the children to school for normal collection time. 

Happy Weekend!


Visit from 'The Man in Red'

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The sound of jingle bells rung through the corridors this week and as if by magic our favourite man in red appeared - yes you've guessd it - Father Christmas! 

He told us all his news, apparently two of the reindeer have taken to drinking coffee and have been working so hard that he highlighted them as his 'Star-bucks!'  (Santa's joke - not mine!) He handed out gifts for everyone and answered some very important questions like, "How do you get down the chimney?"

As a thank you we thrilled Father Christmas with a rendition of Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, but poor Santa couldn't stay long, he had to dash off to check on the reindeer who were ready for their next snack.

Never mind, we are sure he will be coming back very soon! 

Here are a few photos of the visit.


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Oh what fun we had at the Cinderella Panto this morning!

Two lone actors, from a travelling theatre company, took on all the parts and kept us enthralled with their fantastic version of CInderella. There was everything you would expect from a panto, gawdy ugly sisters, a handsome prince, we even had a fairy dog father! Quick scene changes kept the momentum going and of course there were lots of opportunities for audience participation - "Oh no there wasn't."

And, of course, we all waited for the happy ending!

Advent fun

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This week in Year R we have been very busy practising our Christmas poem and songs in readiness for the nativity performance on Tuesday 10th and Wednesday 11th December. - don't forget to book your tickets!

Can we kindly remind everyone that costumes need to be in by Wednesday 4th December in readiness for our dress rehearsals. 

Now that we are into December we have benn preparing for our Christmas countdown by making advent calendars with the children. Lots of patience and perseverence was evident as they carefully cut out pictures and stuck them into the correct spaces. For the few reluctant snippers, the temptation of a little chocolate treat each day kept them on task and it proved a fabulous and purposeful way to practise those important cutting skills. We will be keeping the momentum going next week too when we start to look through some catalogues for present ideas and cut out pictures of our favourite things. If you want a little Christmas stocking idea for your child, a pair of child scissors would be a very practical gift for them. Don't forget, if your child is left-handed, they will need left handed scissors.   


In PE, we took part in some Yoga. We read the story 'We're going on a bear hunt' before acting out the story using our Yoga moves. It was very calm and relaxing, just what the doctor ordered for our cough and cold prone class this week. Luckily no one fell asleep this time - but it has been known!


Tomorrow we will be starting off our Christmas festivities by watching a pantomime of Cinderella performed by a travelling theatre company.

"Oh no you won't, Oh yes we will.

Happy weekend folks!

Our learning week

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Hi Everyone.

This week we have been busy developing the role play area. 

The children came up with a few ideas and then voted for the one they liked the best.

A hospital was chosen, so firstly, we had to find out some information to help us know what was needed to transform our empty role play space into a hospital. We read a few non-fiction books and asked our very own experts (Tilly and Arrianna) to share their experiences of their recent visits to hospital.

The children then wrote some lists of the items they would need and we gathered the materials and set to it. 

Needless to say it has been very popular!

We have had a range of medical emergencies ranging from broken fingers to ear aches and a few close calls in the maternity unit where we have welcomed a few babies to the class. Mothers and babies are all doing well!

We have also been finding out about Remembrance day and why people buy and wear poppies. We made our own tissue paper poppies last week and on Monday joined the whole school in a special assembly to respect a two minute silence. 

The children made me very proud and sat beautifully throughout - what superstars.

Elsewhere in the classroom...


And the tidy up award went to... The Sparkly group.

Well done guys!

Happy weekend!

Diwali Celebrations

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Happy Diwali everyone!

This week we have been finding out about Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights. 

We have listened to the story of Rama and Sita (and the evil Demon King Ravana with ten heads and twenty arms) and found out how good triumphs over evil as Rama manages to rescue Sita from the evil villain with the help of the monkey King Hanuman. Diyas lamps were lit to help the couple find their way home and are now lit every year to remember the story. 


Thank you to Arrianna and her family who made this beautiful 3D canvas for all of us in Year R. We are really thrilled with it, it must have taken you ages to make! 

We watched a film clip about a little girl called Jessica and found out how she prepared for and celebrated Diwali with her family. We thought we would have a go at some of their traditions ourselves...

We made Rangoli patterns to welcome visitors on the pathway outside.

We drew around our hands to make mehndi hand patterns...

And we made some Diya lamps of our own, however, instead of using the traditional clay method, we used a material called Modroc. It is a type of plaster bandage that can be easily modelled into the desired shape. We cut up strips, dipped them in water and spread them over some pots to make our lamps. They set very quickly and allowed us to paint them later on in the week. Tilly thought the Modroc was just like the plaster cast she had put on when she broke her leg earlier this term!

Such concentration... and the finished result was well worth it!


We also had time to try out a few indian dance moves in our PE lesson. Such fun! I think we have a few bollywood dancers in our midst!

In other news... a little bit of pumpkin fun.

A busy birthday week too.

Happy birthday to Ethan, Isaac, Lochie and Myles.

And finally this week's Tidy up award winners were...

The Sparkly Group - great job guys!


After all that, I think we deserve a holiday!  


Leaf man

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Our inspiration this week has been a wonderful book about a leaf man. He was blown away by the wind and encountered all sorts wonderful animals and scenery on his travels - all made out of leaves of course! 

We decided to make some of our own leaf men designs and went out for a walk to collect items for our art work. 


And here are a few of the pictures the children made...

A bat by Joshua R...

A bird by Elizabeth

A leaf man in a bath by Isaac B

A leaf monster by Isaac P

A person by Kitty...

A bug by Hope...

We also made some hedgehogs with the chocolate playdough. The children made great use of their counting skills as they counted out 20 matchsticks for each of them - although some couldn't resist adding a few extras afterwards! They decided to name their hedgehogs too and had a great go at sounding out the phonemes they could hear in the words. 

Another treat was instore this week as the children had worked hard to achieve 10 pairs of  pants. We asked them to think of a reward they hadn't had before and they came up with a few ideas that were voted on. 


A food treat won out again, so the children enjoyed their lolly or ice-cream treat on Friday afternoon while they watched a story about Percy the park keeper. 

Tidy Up awards this week went to...

The Flash Princess Batman Cars who battled on despite having a few of the team away - great job. I was blown away by the perseverence you showed and your determination to win!

Apologies to last week's winners - The Star Wars Unicorns, you did a great job and here is your moment of fame!

EYFS info meeting

Thank you to everyone who braved the miserable weather on Tuesday. We hope you had fun playing with the activities and have a better understanding of the learning and development that takes place within our classroom. The children found it very funny that you joined in with a phonics lesson and are keen to teach you this week's new sounds so that you can keep up! As predicted the children were not so careful at keeping the coloured playdough separate and within 10 minutes it looked like this...


and by the end of the day it was one big blob of purply brown dough!

As promised, I have added some documents to the website that you may find useful. The document 'What to expect, when?' is a parent friendly guide to the areas of the curriculum and the 'Early Learning Goals', (ELG's) that children are expected to have reached by the end of the reception year.  

Next week we will be learning about Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights. We will be finding out about some of the traditions that take place around this time and trying out a few of them ourselves. 

Happy Weekend!

Snack Times

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 In Year R, we like our snack times to be a social occasion where we all sit together and enjoy our snack while sharing events and our news with one another.

We have begun to notice that more and more children are refusing to try the school fruit or vegetable snack option in favour of the carbohydrate based snacks that are are brought in from home.

In a bid to reduce the amount of waste we are seeing and to encourage the children to chose less processed snack options, we kindly ask that from next week your child only brings in a fruit or vegetable snack as their alternative snack.  

Please note, we have recently been notified of a child with a Kiwi allegy and so ask that Kiwi's are not brought into school. Grapes and cherry tomatoes present a choking hazard for young children and should be sliced in half (lengthwise) to comply with recommendations. 

Many thanks for your support.


How goes the work!

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This week we have begun the relentless chore of clearing the leaves out of the garden.

The children have been busy helping us sweep them up and while doing so have been exercising their shoulder muscles and developing the gross motor skills that are so important for writing. We took the time to look closely at the leaf shapes and colours and used the charts to check what varieties of leaves we had found. I wasn't expecting to find any Holly leaves but amazingly the children managed to hunt out a tiny bush that was hidden in the undergrowth - what great determination and spotting skills!

We have been playing skittles and counting out how many we can knock down with one throw. We wrote down the scores to see who was the winner.

Madame Tate taught the children how to count up to 10 in French too.

I wonder if they can remember?


We have been reading the story of 'Farmer Duck' and thinking about how Duck was feeling when he was made to do all the work on the farm while the farmer stayed in bed. 

We made stick puppets and used them to re-enact the story. So if you hear a little voice shouting out "how goes the work" , they are not being rude, just remembering the lines from story! 

On Friday, in PE, the children were learning to control their bodies by moving around the hall in different ways. They tried balancing on different body parts and discovered that it was very difficult to hold a balance when their bodies were floppy and wobbly. They then tried tensing and tightening their muscles and found it gave them greater control and were able to hold their bodies still and balance for much longer! 

And finally...

our Tidy-up Award winners this week were...

'The Super Arrows' - fantastic tidying guys!

Next week we will be leaf printing, making Crane flies out of modelling materials and reading about a very helpful hedgehog. 

Happy Weekend!

Autumn is here!

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This week we have been finding out about the changes that take place in the Autumn and searching for signs of this in our immediate environment - with home made binoculars of course!

The children looked very closely at the seeds they found in our garden and were trying to figure out what trees they came from. 


There have been an abundance of 'Daddy Long Legs' flying around our garden and inside the classroom. We learnt that the proper name for them is a 'Crane fly'. Some children thought they were spiders, but when we counted their legs there were only six of them, so they were definitely not spiders, who have eight legs. They proved a great inspiration for a group who drew their own version of a Crane fly - one of them even had 17 legs!  

Right on cue, the weather has turned. We have had great fun jumping in the puddles that appeared this week, although Tuesday's torrential downpour proved to be quite a formidable challenge for us. The school photographer was poised to document your children's smiling faces, while behind the scenes we frantically searched for dry clothing and zipped through the class swapping soggy jumpers for dry ones. Luckily, the photos were head and shoulder shots and won't reveal the array of shorts, joggers and trainers that replaced their usual smart uniforms!

This week, we have celebrated our first Birthday in Year R. Happy 5th Birthday! We counted out the birthday candles and sung that special song. 

The Smart board has proved popoular this week.The children have been remembering to write down their names so we know whose turn it is next and have been experimenting with the different tools to see what effect they make. I love these pictures!

                            That's me on the left!

We have also used the smart board during our daily phonics lessons. We are using the multi-sensory Jolly Phonics programme to listen to songs and stories and even get to have a go at writing the letters.  

Please check out the homework folders for more information on the sounds learnt this week. Here is the link to the 'Jolly Phonics' website, where you will find information to help with their pronounciation.

Our 'Tidy Up' award winners this week were...

... 'The Super Sprites' - great job guys!

Look out for more Autumn fun next week. 

Happy Weekend!

Another busy week in Year R!

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This week the children have been making a huge effort to look after our classroom. They have been taking their job responsibilties very seriously and have been keen to take their turn at the different roles. Each year we see a favourite job evolve from those on offer - who would have ever thought that holding the door open at the end of the day would be so popular!

Tidy Up Rewards

Tidy up times can be a challenging time for many children (and us), so to help make this time a little more exciting we have been trialling a new tidy-up regime. The childen have been put into tidy-up teams and have been working together to tidy their allocated areas and earning points for their efforts. Team names were chosen...

Arrianna, Bethany, Freddie, Harrison & Lochie are...

The Flash Princess Batman Cars!

Benjamin, Elizabeth, Hope, Isaac B & Louie are...

The Unicorn Batman Cupcakes!

Addie, Barnaby, Bella, Billy & Eleanor are...

The Sparkly Group!

Axel, Isaac P, Kitty, Sam & Sidney are...

The Super Arrows!

Ethan, Joshua R, Joshua T, Stella & Tilly are...

The Star Wars Unicorns!

Ariana, Innes, Kadence, Myles & Wilfred are...

The Super Sprites!

It was a close run contest this week, they were all keen to impress, but the winners were...

The Unicorn Batman Cupcakes - great job guys!

They received a special certificate and a little prize for their hard work. I wonder who will win next week?

Pairs of Pants News

The whole class have been pulling together to earn extra 'pairs of pants'. Everytime they earnt another pair, they were calculating how many more pairs they needed to reach their goal - a lovely practical way to engage children in simple calculations. And, after a fantastic effort they managed to reach their target! 

The children came up with their own suggestions for their treat and then all took a vote. It was difficult for many of them to make a choice, some wanted to vote for more than one of the ideas but, to make it fair, each person was only allowed to have one vote. We counted the votes together to make sure there were only 30. 

So...please can parents bring in a small treat for your child to eat on Friday afternoon (27th Sept). There was much excitement about what the treat could be and I have asked the children to share their ideas with yourselves and agree together what that might be. 


We also enjoyed our first PE session this week. We try to encourage the children to get changed independently and that did take quite a while but was all part of the learning process! If your child came home with their clothes inside out or back to front it's because they managed to get changed all by themselves, so be proud of them! Un-doing buttons proved quite a challenge for most children and would be a good one to practise at home whenever you get the chance.

We warmed up our bodies first to make sure we were ready to exercise and played the listening games 'Jelly Beans' and 'Traffic Lights'. I did my best to tire them out for you!


 Library books and homework

The children have all chosen a library book to take home this week, I hope you are enjoying their choices. Please return the book and reading log each week on your child's allocated day. Homework folders were also sent home in book bags on Friday. Hopefully, the letter enclosed explained everything you needed to know, but please let me know if you have any queries or questions.

Next week we will be starting to introduce the letter sounds within our daily phonic sessions and will be finding out a little more about the changing seasons. 

Have a good weekend!

Class Rewards

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You hopefully will have seen your child come home with a variety of stickers emblazoned on their jumpers. Our aim is to catch the children ‘in the moment’ when they are making good choices and reward them a sticker. We are explicit in naming the action we have seen for example, ‘well done, you used such lovely manners’ or ‘thank you, you waited patiently to speak’. This positive re-enforcement of desired behaviours will often prompt others to follow suit and generally makes our classroom a happy place to be.

Along with individual rewards, we have introduced a whole class reward system based upon the book ‘Aliens love Underpants’. When the whole class work together as a team they can earn a pair of pants. When they have earnt 10 pairs of pants, the class will discuss their ideas for a treat and vote for the one they like the best. The most popular idea will win and a date will be set for this to take place. How soon this will be, will be dependent on how imaginative your children are with their ideas and it has to be free or inexpensive too! 

So far, the children have earnt 5 pairs of pants for displays of team work, including great ‘shh’ and ‘clap backs’ when they have needed to listen and for coming promptly to the carpet at ‘shaker time’. These rewards help our rules and routines to become embedded in the children’s understanding.

To be Brill...

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The children have done amazingly well this week, managing to keep themselves busy and completing their first whole week in school - although a few of them were yawning on the carpet on Friday!

We have been getting to know one another and sharing our 'All about me' books with each other. The children are rightly proud of them and have been keen to show us their photos and chat about their family - they are so lovely, thank you for all the effort that has been put into them.  

This week we have also been thinking about how to make our classroom and school a nice place to be. We have looked at the 'To be Brill' school rules and have made some promises to always try our best to...

Show respect and use our lovely manners.

The children remembered to say thank you when the fruit monitor gave out the snack.


Use our words to solve problems

When problems occur the children learnt how to say 'Please stop, I don't like it' and, if that doesn't work, they know to walk away and find an adult to help. 

Walk calmly and quietly around the school

This week our buddies have been sitting their 11+ exams so the children have been making sure they didn't disturb their learning by walking silently through the school. 

We listen to each other and take turns to talk

If everyone talks at the same time, we can't hear one another properly. It is really important to listen carefully so that we learn new things. At carpet times the children put their thumbs up to their chest when they want to answer a question or share their ideas. This way everyone can be heard. 

We look after and share the toys

We often want to play with the same toys and if there are not enough to go around, or they cannot be shared, we have to wait our turn. The children have been learning ways to take turns such as using the sand timers and writing their names down on a list. We like it to be fair and let eveyone have a turn. 


We are friendly and look after one another

There was quite a crowd keen to look after a friend who had hurt themselves - how kind! We know that it is important to be kind. 

Job Rota

The children have been taking responsibility for looking after our classroom. Names are updated each day and we aim to ensure that everyone has a turn at each job over the term. Please help your child check the rota every day to see if their name is listed.

Snack time

We have been talking about the importance of being healthy and how we need to make sure we are 'hydrated'. The children are being encouraged to drink at least halfway down their water bottles and to eat the fruit or vegetables we offer them. Some of our snacks are more popular than others, so if you know you have a fussy eater, please feel free to send them in a snack that you know they will eat. Lunch is not served until 12.30, so it can be a long wait for some. Please check the Year R booklet for the list of suitable snacks.  

Please remember wellies too!


Next week the children will be choosing their first library book to take home. 

Have a happy weekend!

Meet the Buddies!

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The children in Year R and Year 6 have spent the last few days getting to know one another and have now, after much excitement, chosen their pairings. Some found it too tricky to choose just one person, so some of the friends have grouped together in 3's or 4's.

The Year 6 Buddies will be looking out for your children and helping them settle into school life. It is lovely to see their friendships develop and the care and responsibility the year 6's take when supporting the newest members of the school. The Buddies are especially great at lunchtimes when the playground can often be a little daunting. We will also join up with them for shared activities throughout the school year.

And just in case they need a little reminder of their names...

Addie & Ellie

Ariana, Arrianna, Evie & Izzy

Axel, James & Tijmen

Barnaby & Dita

Bella, Tilly, Ivy & Georgia

Benjamin & Charlotte

Bethany & Olivia

Billy & Ella

Eleanor & Annie

Elizabeth & Annie

Ethan, Kitty, Grace & Isabel

Freddie, Innes, Alice & Theo

Harrison & Martha

Hope & Emilia

Isaac B & Grace

Isaac P & Claudia

Joshua R & Damien

Joshua T & Nina

Kadence & Lucy

Lochie & Eli

Louie & Hugo

Myles & Bella

Sam & Jodie

Sidney & Joe

Stella & Holly

Wilfred & Alexandra


Our First Week

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Great news - we made it through the first week with no tears - well done parents, you held it together well!

The children have been fab (so far so good!). They have had a lot to take in, with new routines and expectations made of them and are managing to take them all in their stride. What super stars! 

The children have been practising their listening and attention skills and getting used to tuning into our voices. We have been teaching them to 'shh' back and 'clap' back to show us they are ready to listen to some instructions and have been learning to come to the carpet when the shaker is heard.  

We have been on a tour of the school and found out where all the big brothers and sisters are hiding. We explored the playground and field, and stopped off to have a try on the adventure play area - some of us are very daring - it was good fun! 

We have met two new teachers who will be coming into class too. 

           Mrs Keeping              Madame Tate


Mrs Keeping will be covering my planning time on a Wednesday afternoon and Madame Tate will be joining us every Thursday to teach us how to speak French. Some of the children have already been brave enough to tell us a few words they already know - 'oh la la!' 

We have also been getting to know the year 6 children, who have been coming to play at lunchtimes everyday, and the children got to choose their Buddy. I will let you know who they have chosen via a separate blog.  

We were lucky enough to have a fabulous new sand pit put in over the holidays and would like the children to wear wellies when playing in it, so please can you bring in a pair of named wellies for your child to keep at school. These should be placed on our new wellie rack outside - thank you! 


I have been updating my collection data this weekend and would really appreciate any outstanding forms asap. Don't forget that lunch orders must be placed by tomorrow (Sunday 8th Sept) to ensure your child recieves a school meal for the week commencing 16th Sept. You should be able to access the order forms via parent pay - log on codes were placed in book bags on Wednesday. Please let the office know if you are having problems. I do have a list of next week's meal orders just incase you are unsure of what you have ordered so far. 

Next week we will be learning how to the make the classroom a nice place to be and thinking of ways to be friendly and kind to one another. The children will also be taking on the resposibility for looking after our classroom and taking turns to carry out important jobs.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!  


And so it begins...

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Welcome everyone to the first Year R blog for the new school year.

Just a little sneek preview of the classroom - I'm sure it won't look like this for long!

We are looking forward to meeting you all again!

Sad News

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Unfortunately one of our young chicks, Jac Jac, died over the weekend. She was looking poorly last week, refusing food and water, and was generally failing to thrive.

When we explained what had happened, the children were naturally feeling quite sad and this led to a discussion about what happens when someone or something dies. The children spoke about their own experiences of pets or family that had passed and we discussed the range of emotions that people often feel. At this age, the children are not fully able to process the concept of dying and are mainly curious to know what happens. They had to opportunity to look at her and one child commented, "she looks like she is sleeping".

We decided to say our own proper goodbye by holding a funeral for Jac Jac and the children keenly wrote their own special messages in a book, which we placed in her coffin. At the ceremony we read a poem, said a prayer, sprinkled rose petals and placed special bunting on her grave - it was a lovely little service! 

Please talk to your child about our funeral. It is good for them to know (in simple terms) what happens and that it is entirely normal to feel upset and sad when someone dies. 





Egg Drop

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This week we have had lots of fun trying to solve an egg problem. 

We read the book Egg Drop by Mini Grey about an egg that was determined to fly but didn't quite manage it and ended up in rather a shattered state.

We tried dropping some eggs from a height to see what happened - oh dear!


We tried to think about what we might be able to do to stop the egg smashing.

We tried dropping it really gently...


And we tried dropping it into water and... after three failed attempts found that it was successful. 

So do remember that if you ever get caught without a parachute!

The children were then challenged to build an object that would prevent an egg smashing when it hit the ground. Teams were chosen, names were thought of and then the fun began!

We raided the junk modelling box, found reels of sellotape, masking tape, string, straws, rubbish sacks and much much more.

And after nearly an hour of concentrated planning, building, adapting and great team work... 




...this is what was built!




Most of the grous had decided that they wanted to build a model that slowed the decent - so a lot of thought and discussion went into making parachutes.

We were very egg-cited to see whether they would work. And here is what happened...

And if you want to know what happened next - ask the children!


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This time last week we were counting down the last few hours until the eggs were due to hatch.

We came in on Wednesday morning to egg-citing news!

Three chicks have now hatched - what a difference a week makes!

It even looks as if one of them is planning a great escape!

Sports Day - Friday 12th July

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Just a few reminders about Sports Day tomorrow.

The children need to arrive wearing their PE kits and trainers. They only need to bring a water bottle (and packed lunch if you have not booked a school dinner). They DO NOT need bookbags. They will need suncream applied before school and sunhats if you have them.  

The children should arrive as normal and we will take them in to register them in the usual way before bringing them out for the opening ceremony at 9am. Please vacate the playground as soon as possible, the ceremony can be watched from the other side of the fence.

The event will take place on the large field next to the school. You are welcome to dip in and out or stay for the whole thing. The children will be taking part in a carousel of events in the morning and in the afternoon individual year group races will take place. The children will be racing for their house and will be in either  Chinkwell (yellow), Rushbed (red) or Bernwood (blue). There will be an adult stationed on each activity to explain the game and the older children in the team are usually very good at caring for the younger team members. I will be on hand to ensure the children are OK and to take them on toilet runs if necessary. 

There will be a break mid-morning and one at lunch when we will bring the children inside. The PTA will be selling refreshments, but please do not purchase anything for your child as they will be competing in the games. Lunch will be at 12 noon. You are welcome to stay and have a picnic on the field. We will reconvene at 1pm for the year group races. 

At the end of the event we will take the children back into school before releasing them in the usual way. 

There will be a parents race - so come prepared to compete!

The weather is looking good so far - fingers crossed for a great day!   

Fire Station visit

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We had a fabulous morning at Brill Fire Station on Thursday. The weather was scorching, but luckily there were no call outs while we were there!

Big thanks go out to Mr Cawston and Mr Johnson for opening the station for us. Thank you to the parents who came along too. 

Eye tests

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The children all underwent their eye tests today as planned. The nursing team commented on well-behaved and polite the children were and I felt very proud of them. They were given stickers by the nurses (although a few appear to be dotted around the classroom!) and have earned another pair of pants.

Well done Year R.

Should any further investigations be needed you will be notified by letter within the next few days.  

Summer term

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Welcome back to the summer term. I hope you have all had a relaxing few days and the children are ready for their last few weeks in Year R :(

Butterfly news

As of this morning, we have 4 new members of our class to look after.  The chrysalides have hatched! Come and take a look at the 'Painted Lady' butterflies before we release them next week. 

 Show and Share

I am sure the children will have lots of exciting news to share with us so I have planned a circle time show and share session for Monday morning. I would like the children to bring in a single item or photo from home to help them explain what they have been doing over the holidays. You are welcome to email a photo to me if it is easier. If your child feels confident I am happy for them to share a memory without a prompt. 

Warmer weather 

We have already seen a few glimpses of the summer sun and I am crossing  my fingers in hope there is more to come. We will be spending more time out in our garden and need to make sure the children have adequate sun protection. Please can you ensure your child comes to school with a sun hat and sun cream (preferably applied before school). Please remember water bottles too so the children can keep themselves hydrated. Thank you. 


Our first swimming session will start on Monday afternoon. The children will need a basic swimming kit - towel, costume and swimming hat (goggles are optional and may be worn too). We will be swimming every Monday and Friday afternoon for the rest of the term. Many of you have passed on useful information about your child's previous swimming experiences  - thank you. If anyone else has information they wish to share with me, please email over the weekend or catch me on Monday morning. We have two parent helpers with us for these sessions - Steph Chettle will be in the pool with the children and Kate Parker will be supporting the children poolside - thank you so much for volunteering!  We will ensure we are out of the pool promptly and will endeavour to be ready for normal collection time at 3pm but... please be patient should we be delayed. Dressing and undressing for swimming is an important part of the learning process and does take practise!  

PE kits

Although our swimming sessions will take the place of our usual PE slot, we will still try and fit in some additional PE sessions throughout the term, so please keep PE kits in school. 

Class photos

These will take place this Wednesday - 5th June.  Please make sure children have a school jumper/cardigan with them to wear for the photo - thank you. 

Lost property and name labels

We appear to have amounted a large quantity of lost property. Please come and take a look in the cloakroom box to see if you recognise any of it before we clear it out at the end of next week. Please check your child's name labels too as we have found that some have disappeared or have badly faded and are difficult to read. 

I look forward to seeing you all on Monday - enjoy your last two days!


Lamb Photos

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As promised - a few shots of your children with the lamb. Some children were happy to watch from a distance so will not have a photo.


Our busy week

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We have been practising our numbers this week, trying quick recollection of different ways to make a specified number, for example, 8 can be 4 and 4, or 5 and 3, or 6 and 2 etc. We have also been practising the correct formation of numbers 0-10. Many children find 2 and 5 difficult and the number 3 is often formed backwards. If you have a few minutes spare over the holidays, a little number writing would be great!

We have also been practising our doubling skills, using the mirrors to demonstrate that doubling means an extra set of the same amount.

The children are counting well in sets of 10's and we continue to practise counting in 2's and 5's. They may like to have a go at home too!

We have been making the most of the sunny weather and spending lots of time outdoors. The grass heads we made last week are beginning to sprout 'hair', a few still seem a little bald but I am sure they will catch up (fingers crossed).

The broad beans are growing well. we placed them in plastic pots so the children could easily see how they develop. They have been fascinated to see the roots push out and down, and the shoot grow up towards the sunlight. 

We have also been planting out some vegetables in our sunny garden patch. In a few weeks time we hope to have some tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, peas, beetroot and sweetcorn to taste. Thank you to Amy, Jonah's mum for coming in to help the children with the planting and organise the area for us. We have sown a few wild flower seeds too in the hope of attracting some butterflies and bees. I will keep you posted on how the garden is growing...

Our class butterflies have this week turned into chrysalides. Unfortunately, one of the caterpillars didn't make it, but the other four are in the net ready for their metamorphasis. They are expected to take 7-10 days to tranform, the timing isn't great but it means that when we return to school we should see some beautiful butterflies. 

We finished the week with a visit from Pippa's dad Paul, who brought along one of his lambs for the children to see. 'Rosie' is just 2 months old and was incredibly well behaved - as were your children.

Thank you Paul, we loved meeting her!

I have further photos that I will put on the blog later on this weekend. 

I hope you all have a fabulous week off, I hear that many of you are away on holiday, so have fun. I look forward to hearing all about your adventures.


Yucky Worms and more!

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Now that we have finally begun to see a little more of the sunny weather that we were promised earlier on in the month, the children have spent lots of time in our garden area and started to notice an increase in all things creepy crawly!

So...we have been investigating different types of insects and minibeasts and finding out more about them.

Worms have been the highlight of our week, sparked by a book we read called  'Yucky Worms' by Vivian French. To find out more information we searched on the internet and found clips of worms moving in the soil, magnified images of the tiny bristles on their bodies that help them move, as well as gathering a few 'worm charming' ideas. A 'Springwatch' clip suggested that mustard water would help bring worms to the surface and became the focus of a fabulous morning of fun!

The children worked together in teams choosing where to start searching and then used the mustard water to see who could lure the most worms out of the ground. 

Some areas were better than others - under the tree where the soil was heavily compacted wasn't great, but under the leaves by the fence and inside the flower beds proved much more fruitful.   


After much searching we gathered together to estimate which teams had the greatest and fewest amounts of worms. We then used the lap counters to check how many there actually were. Blue team managed a staggering 93 worms!

The children have also been fascinated by the giant wasps nest that I found in my garden shed. Mr Salt made a simple frame to enable me to bring the incredibly delicate nest into school. To make the nest, wasps bite off tiny fragments of wood they find around the garden, chew it and spit it back out to form the paper thin walls of the nest. Inside they have produced perfect hexagonal shaped frames in which they lay their eggs. You are welcome to come and take a look for yourself. 

Oh what messy fun was had in Forest School too...

We even found time to do a little planting...

Our first project 'Grass Heads.' 

Well done to Year 6's for setting up the Charity Fun Run, we had an amazing time running, jumping, zig-zagging and hola-hooping around the field on Friday afternoon. A fantastic amount of money was raised - thank you so much for all your donations! 

Forest School Fun

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The first sessions at forest school for Year R.

Oh what fun we had!

Action for the Earth Week

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A few pictures's from last week's activities during 'Action for the Earth' week.

Taking responsibility for our environment...



Look at all this rubbish we collected!

And then the sorting began...

We looked at some film clips that showed how huge amounts of our plastic waste is ending up in the ocean. We wanted to try and reduce the amount of plastic bags we use in Year R so decided to print our own canvas bags. Thank you so much to Arlo's mum, Emma, who organised the materials for them and came in on numerous occasions to help the children with their printing. I think you will agree they look amazing!

We finished the last two off yesterday, they have all been ironed and are ready to use - some are even being filled as I write this blog! 

Please remember to return the bags to school in readiness for their next use.    


More news

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Great fun was had by all on Thursday's World Book Day - we hope you liked the photos!

On Tuesday, we marked the start of Lent by mixing up some batter and tasting some pancakes. They disappeared very quickly even though many of the children had already had some for breakfast (and were hoping for more at tea time to too).

We also began our 'Art on the Hill', Growth Mindset inspired, project. We used the book 'The Dot' as a starting point and have noted the children's enthusiasm to 'have a go' at making their own dot patterns. They have tried their best and shown great concentration and perseverance even though they found making the patterns quite tricky - what super stars! 

Police Alert!

We appear to have had a steeply rising crime rate around the Brill area, but luckily our police officers have been on hand to apprehend the culprits and have many of them safely locked up in our school jail! We still have a few burglers to search for and will be designing some wanted posters next week for those people still on the run! 

Next week we will be thinking about what impact we have on the environment during our 'Action for the Earth' week and will be trying to find ways to look after our planet for future generations.

Have a lovely weekend!

World Book Day

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What an amazing effort everyone went to today for World book day - thank you.

We managed to read most of the books that came in with the children - although 'Wally' proved a particularly tricky character to locate!


And just in case you were not sure who they were...   


We'd like to say a huge THANK YOU too, to Mr Osmond who came in to read to us an Australian story 'Sail Away' by Mem Fox. We loved it!

Don't forget to check book bags for the World Book Day voucher.

Our busy week!

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The children appear to be well rested after the half term break and have settled back into school routines quickly - thank you!

They have taken to junk modelling with great gusto this week, so we would be grateful for any empty boxes, cartons, plastic bottles etc to top up our supplies. 

We have been playing out in the garden a lot and making the most of the glorious weather - well the first few days of it anyway!

We also needed to change the role play area, so the children wrote down their ideas and subsequently voted for a police station. They have written down a long list of the items they want inside the station to include a police car, jail, handcuffs, police clothes, finger print ink etc The list will keep me busy for a while but unfortunately I have so far been unable to locate the longed for police dog!

We finished the week with a celebration of St David's day. The children found out about some Welsh traditions, tasted Welsh cakes and made some Welsh dragon flags. We wanted to wear our daffodils home but didn't think they would survive the journey, so resorted to carrying them home instead!

Next week, we will be starting some art work in preparation for our 'Art on the Hill' display. This year the theme is 'Growth Mindset' so we will be thinking about how that might look to our Year R children. More delicious offerings will be in store too as we have a go at making some pancakes in readiness for the start of lent.  

Lost property

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We have photographed the contents of our Lost Property box to try and reunite you with your child's belongings. 

These items have either no name on them, an extremely faded name or that of a child who has long departed Year R. 

Please take a look at the photos below. We would also really appreciate your help in checking your child's clothing to see if their name labels need renewing. Thank you!

There are three school cardigans and one jumper 


International week highlights

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G'day mates!

Take a look at some of our photos from our week learning about all things Australian.


We found out that Boomerangs were originally used by the indiginous Australians for hunting. Once thrown, they are supposed to return back to you, but there is definitely a knack to it! We made our own boomerangs with scratch art paper and carefully used the wooden pencils to mark them with hunting symbols. 

We found out about some of the animals that can be found in Australia. We played dress up and made some masks. 



We had a go at playing the didgeridoo. To play it, you need to blow a raspberry into the mouthpiece - it was a lot of fun! Our visitors had a go too! 



We also looked at some Aboriginal artwork and the dot patterns that are traditionally used. We printed t-shirts with these patterns using a template and wooden sticks. It took a lot of time and concentration to make the patterns. It was fantastic to see such perseverence, the children were determined to complete their task and 'surprise' you all by wearing them for our open afternoon! 

We finished the week with a whistle stop tour of the world.

Friendship bracelets in Rowanda...


Puzzles and Pop Art in North America...

Climbing Everest and saving the Red Panda in Nepal...

A spot of Irish dancing...

Masks, music and more in South Africa...






We even managed a 'turbo' peek at the Galapagos Islands...

No wonder we all needed a holiday!!

More Chinese New Year

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We are sadly saying goodbye to the year of the Pig and hope all the children's Chinese New Year items made their way home in one piece. Yes, the money wallet pennies are theirs to keep, there should only be eight of them, as the number eight is traditionally thought of as a lucky number. We finished off our busy week tasting noodles, prawn crackers with dips, and fortune cookies in our very own restaurant. Our homemade lanterns adorned the tables and we listened to traditional music as we ate with our chopsticks - well tried to anyway! Unfortunately we ran out of time to scare away the Chinese monster Nian with our drum playing but there was plenty of noise coming from our classroom and the colour red was everywhere! If you have no idea what I am talking about, ask your child to explain the story! The great race game was very popular too with a few dad's casting interested glances at drop off time...I believe there was talk about improving the children's understanding of money! 






Next week we will spend our International week looking at all things Australian. If you have visited or spent any time over there and have any items we could look at, please bring them for your child to share with the class. Or maybe email me a few photos if you have any interesting landmarks or marsupials in them.

Don't forget, you are welcome to join us on Friday afternoon at 2,20pm to see what we have been learning. 

G'day for now!   


Mrs Salt, Class Teacher

Mrs Chisholm, Teaching Assistant

Mrs Cawston, Teaching Assistant

Year R Storytime

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Forest School Activities

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Hammer the dye from flowers!

Making a bow from a Hazel stick!

Hunting for Colours!

Monkey Floss

Practise counting backwards with the   Monkey Floss!

Wake and Shake videos

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Ways you can help support your child’s learning

Nurturing a love of books is such an important skill for your child to learn and will bring them great pleasure for years to come.

Please read to your child as much as possible, sharing a variety of book genres to broaden their understanding of different texts.  

The children will chose a library book to take home each week and later on in the year will also take home a reading scheme book to practise their own reading.    

Please complete any homework activities that are sent home, these will commence a few weeks into the new term. 

Thank you.

Useful websites



  • Problem solving reasoning and numeracy

  • Some excellent numeracy and literacy resources

  • Literacy and maths games


  • cbeebies stories and rhymes

  • Videos, stories and games including switch access

  • Many stories and rhymes

  • ABC Playschool. Videos and games

  • British Council "Learn English" - Songs and Stories

  • The Little animals' activity centre - stories

  • New and improved! Try creating your own Spot story.

  • Many interactive stories and rhymes with games to develop language and literacy

  • Books for reading together with links to K&U and in particular, natural science



Websites for children

These offer a great number of games, songs, stories, videos etc so it is important to know the sites well in order to support and develop children's learning.

  • Many games, often recognised by children from their homes.

  • Links to particular cbeebies games from areas of learning   

  • Many games and songs including those relating to festivals   

  • Exploring nature - A lot of writing to read but good for shared research and excellent drawings often animated                      

  • Many, many delightful games. Spend time exploring

  • Games of varying quality that can be played supporting areas of learning.

  • The Little animals' activity centre. Plenty of good quality activities to support learning.

  • An American television channel website includes games, music and videos.

  • Good quality games from a range of websites such as BBC Numbertime and Little animal's activity centre, supporting CLL and PSRN as well as other areas of learning.,index

  • Good quality games from a range of websites such as BBC, as well as Birmingham's own, supporting CLL and PSRN as well as other areas of learning.

  • A virtual orchestra

  • Download a 'Music House' for trying out some instruments

  • Particularly good resources to use, especially for special needs

  • Free jigsaws

  • Nursery Rhymes, including sound files for musical accompaniment!

  • Visit the world with Barnaby Bear

  • Try out the Kaleidoscope painter