Home Learning Offer 

Live Whole School Assemblies - Every Monday at 10:30am

11.01.21 - Eco Award - Mrs White and Mrs Keeping

18.01.21 - PSHE Wellbeing Jigsaw - Mrs White and Mrs Keeping

25.01.21 - MFL Assembly - Communication in different ways - Mrs White and Madame Tate

01.02.21 - Music Assembly - Percussion with household instruments - Mrs White and Mr Lee.

Stomp video link


08.02.21 - International Week (9am) - Mrs White and Madame Tate

Global Citizenship video link from Mrs Keeping


'We Are All Connected' video


12.02.21 - International Week Celebration (2pm) - Mrs White and Madame Tate

22.02.21 - Eco Award - Mrs White and Mrs Keeping

02.03.21 - Whole School Violin Concert - Mr Lee and Shona (2pm)

04.03.21 - World Book Day - Mrs Oliver and Madame Tate

An Interview with Madame Tata's Dad, who knew Roald Dahl!



Assembly PowerPoints and Resources

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 Eco school waste assembly.pptxDownload
 International Week assembly 2021.pptxDownload
 MFL Communication Assembly.pptxDownload
 PSHE Wellbeing Jigsaw Assembly.pptxDownload
 WBD assembly.pptxDownload
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A video to support parents with home learning.

Home Learning Offer – January 2021

Please find below an outline of our remote learning offer for the current lockdown period.

Live Teaching
The teachers will be delivering a mix of live and pre-recorded videos throughout each week for all areas of the curriculum. The live lessons will be taught, via Microsoft Teams, by your child’s Teacher.

We are aware that in the current situation, more than one child may be at home in any one household, we have therefore tried to stagger the times of the daily teaching, where possible, with the aim to enable all families to access this. Where this is not possible, we are trying to support families with additional access to technology.

Children will need to attend their live teaching session with access to a pencil case and paper. The lessons will be interactive, with the full engagement of all participants expected in order for each child to continue to engage with the curriculum remotely. Please refer to the Remote Learning User Agreement and Teams ‘Netiquette’ documents, which outlines expectations of all household members.

Curriculum Offer
All learning that is uploaded for the children will be uploaded to the Learn platform of the website. Please see our Remote Learning Policy below which outlines the offer for all of our children across the school.

Remote Learning Policy

  • Each week, the home learning will be overwritten to contain the new learning, so as to ensure children are accessing the current lessons and learning.
  • Children should upload their work onto the Learn platform where staff will provide feedback and any relevant next steps.
  • Alongside the above, children are also encouraged to read to an adult and are welcome to log into TTRockstars to engage with the activities on this platform.
  • All staff will be additionally supporting pupils who may require extra support in core subject areas such as; daily reading, booster maths groups, pre teach for both English and Maths as well as emotional, pastoral and well-being groups.

Well-Being Wednesday
Alongside our live teaching offer and the remote learning via the school website, we will also offer ‘Well-Being Wednesday’ each week for each year group. Your child is invited to log in at the times below to engage in a live well-being activity with their Teacher and our pastoral Lead, Mrs Keeping, in their year group. This will involve a reflection and mindfulness activity.

Year 1 - 10-10:30

Year 2 - 10:30-11

Year 3 - 11-11:30

Year 4 - 11:30-12

Year 5 - 12-12:30

Year 6 - 12:30-1

Mrs Keeping will also be running half termly support groups, via Microsoft Teams, for any parents that would like to engage. This will offer an opportunity of an open forum to share challenges they may be facing and to offer a safe and not threatening network for people to support one another, share good practise and to celebrate successes.

Our SENCo, Mrs Oliver, and our Pastoral Lead, Mrs Keeping, make regular contact with individual families and pupils to ensure that they feel supported throughout this period. Learning for those pupils with additional needs is tailored and adapted to ensure that they can access it effectively. Please contact Mrs Oliver as SENCo on r.oliver@brillschool.org.uk and Mrs Keeping as Pastoral Lead on i.keeping@brillschool.org.uk if you feel you would benefit from their additional support.


We continue to actively seek pupil, parent and staff feedback. We will be running live Teams sessions for pupil and parent groups to gain further feedback on our remote learning offer to enable us to continue to improve and adapt it for the best of our pupils.

We welcome you feedback in the meantime and ask that you offer constructive feedback via the office email office@brillschool.org.uk

Through continued access to blended learning via live teaching and remote learning, as well as feedback through support emails, it is our aim that the impact of any closure will be minimal on children’s academic progress and emotional well-being.

Remote Education Provision: Information for Parents January 2021



 Remote Learning Policy.pdfDownload
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