Home Learning Offer 

We are now in a position to share with you our home learning offer if your child is absent, but well enough to engage with learning, whilst awaiting a COVID-19 test and results. Please note, this offer is different to how home learning will run in the event of a whole class or year group closing. 

On Friday of each week, Teachers will upload their teaching resources for the following week for Maths, English and Science to their year group web page on our school website. The PowerPoints will clearly distinguish the days of the week within them, so your child will simply access the days that are relevant to their absence. The resources will contain the teaching points and the relevant resources, eg text extracts, worked examples, etc. They will also contain the questions/activities the children will engage in relating to the learning question for the lesson.  

Each week, the home learning will be overwritten to contain the new learning, so as to ensure children are accessing the current lessons and learning. 

We are asking that children complete the work for the day(s) of their absence, as long as they feel well enough to engage with learning. If they are only absent for one day, your child is requested to bring in any work they have completed at home, on their return to school, to share with their Teacher, who will provide verbal feedback on their learning outcomes. If your child is off for a longer period, we request that you photograph your child’s learning for the day and email this to the class teacher’s email, where your child’s Class Teacher will provide feedback and any relevant next steps. 

Alongside the above, children are also encouraged to read to an adult and practise their wizard maths, these can also be found on the maths page of the website.   

If your child is absent and you do not have access to a computer for them to engage with learning, please advise the office staff of this when leaving your absence message. Please note that Teachers are teaching all morning, so will be unable to make up packs of resources for collection until the end of the school day, on the first day of your child’s absence. 

Unfortunately, it is apparent that the current Covid-19 testing system is unable to meet the demand at present and so we have already seen increased absence and length of absence, whilst people try to book tests and await results. We would like to work in partnership with all parents to reduce the impact of this necessary time away from school on children’s education. 

If you have any questions relating to the information above, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s year group support email for further guidance. 

A Video to support parents with home learning.

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