Autumn Term 2 Round Up 

Brill School Brilliant Bulletin written by our Junior Journalists

(Y1) (Y2) (Y3) (Y4) Felix (Y5) (Y6)

Brill School Brilliant Bulletin written by our Junior Journalists

Woody (Y1), Evie (Y2), Addie (Y3), Fleur (Y4), Mathilde (Y%), Charlie (Y6)

20th May 2022 - We loved taking part in Prayer Space.

13th May 2022 - We have loved reconnecting with our community! Thank you for your support.  

6th May 2022 - Find what you need to know in our newly updated School Information Booklet (Booklet can be found in Downloadable Documents)

29th April 2022 - A welcome from the new Senior Leadership Team

Brill School Downloadable Documents

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Community / Outside Provider Information

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Newsletters 2021/22

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