As the PTA (Parents Teachers Association) we form a partnership with the school to work closely together on projects to help raise money to enhance the school's facilities and the children's learning. We also liaise with the school about what the money raised will be spent on.

A huge amount of money is raised each year for the School through PTA events.  We currently put on a wide variety of events including Art on the Hill and Big Brill Camp, and smaller events such as the quiz, film nights and the Christmas party for the children.

Parents can also raise funds by signing up to amazon smileeasy fundraising, and the Vale Lottery.

Volunteers are always welcome whether joining the committee or simply helping out at events or just baking some cakes, any help is always appreciated however little it may seem.  If you wish to contact us or have an idea for an event, you can always contact us at, via our Facebook page , or come and have a chat with one of us in the playground at drop off or pick up.


Lucy Butler-Walters and Katy Eason (PTA Co-Chairs)

Easter Trail and Pizza Kits

A BIG thank you to those who participated in the Easter Trail and bought a pizza kit this term. The Easter trail raised just shy of £350 and the pizzas raised £146 so nearly £500 has been raised in total!

Tom's Challenge - Phase 1 Complete!

24 hours and 100 miles later (but minus two toe nails) Tom Vincent completes the first part of his double fundraising challenge.

Looking understandably tired, Tom was joined by his daughter Bella for the final stage of the run. Joseph wanted to join him too but sadly couldn't due to illness, however he was wrapped up warm and was there to support his Dad crossing the finish line!

Several support runners joined in during different legs of the challenge and friends and neighbours popped out to cheer Tom on.

Once finished, Tom did say he could manage another lap... but instead (sensibly) decided to watch the rugby.

Congratulations Tom on completing such an arduous test of endurance. We take our hats off to you! 

Tom's run has raised over £1,500 for buying guided reading books for all children in KS2. 

THANK YOU Tom (just the Ironman to go now)!

Tom Vincent's Double Fundraising Challenge

To raise money for Brill School PTA, Tom Vincent, father of Bella and Joseph who attend Brill school, will be undertaking two physical challenges which we hope you can support.  

We have been made aware that the school are looking at buying guided reading books for all children in KS2. This will benefit all our children as they move up through the school. These texts are used to enrich and support the literacy curriculum on a daily basis and these funds raised will then help to provide each child with their own copy of these texts. The school are currently having to photocopy passages and pages from books, but new guidance and research suggests that to promote a love for reading and to enrich writing outcomes, pupils should have their own copy of the book wherever possible. 

Therefore, Tom will be carrying out 2 challenges in 2023 to raise money for Brill School resources.  

The first event, starting on the 17th March 2023, is a self-induced challenge centred in Oakley. He will be running 4.17 miles (6.7km) every hour for 24 hours – a total of 100miles. However long the run each hour takes, he will have the remaining time to rest, eat and recover. During the dead of night, he might even be able to get the odd 5-minute powernap! The furthest he has ever ran in one go is 64 miles, so this is a step into the unknown and is going to be extremely physically and mentally demanding. 

The second challenge is an Ironman Triathlon in Cork, Ireland on the 20th August 2023. The Ironman distance triathlon involves swimming 2.4 miles (3.8km), cycling 112 miles (180km) before running 26.2 miles (42km). The swim takes place off the south coast of Ireland in the Atlantic Sea, before riding around undulating coastal roads and fishing villages. The 112miles will include over 6,000ft of elevation. The event finishes with a marathon in the ancient 5th century town of Youghal. 

Any support or donations towards this cause would be amazing.

Thank you 

BMX, Skate and Scoot Academy

The PTA have funded the recent visit to school by the BMX, Skate & Scoot Academy! Mike Mullen, academy founder and BMX champion, treated all the children to a motivational assembly and trick display followed by a workshop for years 5 and 6.

Mike's approach is, “designed to empower children by role-modelling a growth mindset approach and encouraging children to stretch their comfort zones. Children are taught to self motivate, close the 'I Can't Door' and use positive self talk.”

Mike's display wowed the children and even some of the teachers got involved with the tricks (ask your children!). The day seemed to be enjoyed by everyone and Mrs White described it as 'incredibly inspiring... phenomenal'!

The BMX, Skate and Scoot Academy with hopefully be returning to school next year... watch this space.

Half Term Spending

Works have taken place in the school hall over the October half term that have been funded in part by the PTA.

PE lessons, lunchtimes, collective worship and other hall activities are now kept at a more reasonable volume and the hall looks calm and welcoming. A pleasant and improved learning environment has been created for all pupils and staff, particularly for those who experience sensory overload.

When the PTA staged the summer disco and magic show events at the end of last year, we understood that the hall could benefit from some acoustic improvements - with music playing and children cheering, it was really LOUD!

Following an acoustic survey kindly arranged by parent, Nick Loveland, and research and organisation by the school's Business Manager, Mrs Hart, £4,846.80 of PTA money has been spent on sound absorbent panels spread across the ceiling to improve the acoustics in the room.

Careful research on colours and colour placement was undertaken by our school Administrator, Mrs Harding and now calming colours have been added to the walls at ceiling level. This makes the school hall feel more comfortable but does not distract children at eye level. School funds have covered the paint element of the renovations.

Mrs White has said, 

"The improved acoustics in the hall has made such a positive impact on many significant points throughout the school day. The lunchtime environment has been most positively impacted and pupils comment on how it is a lot less noisy and that they can have conversations with their friends without having to shout. This has significantly improved the lunchtime experience for both staff and pupils.

Many parents shared with us that there was a noticeable difference at parents evening and that the space itself felt brighter and more vibrant. The space now feels inviting, inspiring and is beginning to talk to our vision and values.

We are very grateful to the PTA for funding the improved acoustics and know that it will continue to have a positive impact on the various upcoming events we plan to run in the hall, the next one will be the KS1 Nativity show. We hope to see many of you there."

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who helped to make the KS1 Colonel Custard event and the KS2 Disco such a huge success. We hope all the children had a lovely time - and all the volunteers too! The teachers, TAs and office staff were lovely to give up their time to help as well - our thanks goes to you all.

We will update this page with how much money was made as soon as we have the final total.

Art on the Hill 2022

Thank you to everyone who supported Art on the Hill 2022, it was a huge success and we raised around £14,000.

Pizza Making Kits

The PTA would like to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who bought a pizza or cookie kit before half term. Despite the weather being against us, many people still managed to enjoy their pizzas or cookies and only a few had to be frozen for later! We thought the pizzas were delicious and hope that the children enjoyed making them. The event raised over £200 for the PTA. We are considering running the event again later in the year… but we’ll wait for the warmer months, perhaps.

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Money raised recently

  • Tesco - £2000
  • Film Night - £820.98 
  • Bingo - £464.38
  • Tea Towels - £551.39
  • Christmas Hamper Raffle - £608.55
  • Nativity DVDs and Photos - £559.68
  • Christmas Party - £545.30

What the PTA has funded

  • Garden Refurbishment - £1,921.61  
  • Lockers - £1,827.50  
  • Pantomime - £589  
  • Library Books - £167.30
  • First Aid Workshops - £300 

PTA Meetings - Agenda and Minutes

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