Home Learning: Week Commencing 19th October

Hello everyone,

For those children who are unable to attend school this week due to illness or COVID-related reasons, here are some learning resources for you to access. You do not have to do these tasks, but they are there if you would like to. They are directly linked to the work we will be doing in class. These will be refreshed weekly. 

English: Please see the PowerPoint in the file list below. There are spelling, reading and writing tasks within this.

Maths: Here are the video links for this week's lessons. The file list below includes the worksheets to accompany this.

Lesson 1: Number bonds to 10 

Lesson 2: Compare Number bonds 

Lesson 3: Addition - Adding together 

Lesson 4: Addition - Adding more 

Lesson 5: Addition - Adding more part 2 

Science: In the file list is a word document with a range of Science tasks and activities to keep you busy. 

Happy learning!

Miss Butler


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Meet The Teacher

Hello Year 1 Parents,

It has been a pleasure to get to know your children over the last few weeks. Normally at this time of year we would be welcoming you all into the classroom for our Meet the Teacher session, but seeing as that is not currently possible, I have recorded a Meet the Teacher video which runs through some of our key routines, focus areas and reminders. I've also done a little tour of the classroom and our brand new outdoor area so you can get a taster for your child's learning environment!

I hope these are useful and as ever, if you have any questions or would like any more detail or explanation of anything, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

I look forward to speaking/seeing you all soon!

Miss Butler 



Ways you can help support your child’s learning

  • Reading with you child often and discussing the story and the characters. 
  • Select texts from our Year 1 recommended book list  to read with your child.
  • Help your child become familiar with any key words or spellings which will be sent each week along with the learning log task.


Reading is taught in Guided Reading sessions.  Each week your child will read with an adult in a small group with a particular focus to each session.  As well as this your child will have a reading book to take home and bring to school each day and a library book to share with you at home.  Practicing reading and sharing books at home builds confidence and really makes a difference.  Once completed at home please write a short note in the communication book and your child will be able to change their book on any day.

There are two main skills for successful reading, a sound phonic knowledge and quick recall of every day irregular sight words (tricky words).  Phonics will be taught on most days in differentiated groups so that your child will be able to apply phonic skills to decode unknown words.  All children will also have a few high frequency sight words each week to practice either reading or spelling.  These will be sent home in the small red book on most Fridays.


This term we will be encouraging children’s writing by sending Sunny the meerkat home with a different child each afternoon.  We hope that everyone will have a go at writing Sunny’s diary and reading this out the next day.  This is lots of fun and the children really enjoy having Sunny join them in whatever they happen to be doing that evening.  Please don’t feel you need to print out photos.  We love to see the children’s drawings and I know it can get stressful when ink cartridges run out!

The Curriculum

At Brill School, English, Maths and Core Skills are taught through focused daily lessons; usually in the morning. For other lessons we have in recent year moved away from narrow subject based teaching and have developed a curriculum that is imaginative, child focused and cross curricular.

Year 1’s thematic topic units for this year are:




Main focus


Going places






The Great Outdoors

 Outdoor Education

Click on the topic units for an overview document for the term's work or on the subject links for more information about the long term curriculum in each specific area.

(Music and Modern Foreign Languages are taught once a week by our Subject Specialist Teachers)

Miss Butler

Class Teacher

Mrs Green

Teaching Assistant

Year 1 Wow Moments!

We've been very lucky...

teachers on: Year 1 Wow Moments!

The children in KS1 have been very lucky!

Following a COVID safe visit from Santa, we were very excited to see that 'special man in red' outside our window this morning! The children rushed to look out of the windows and waved merrily to Santa. It was a joyful moment to share with them! A letter was written to the class saying how proud he was of how hard we have been working, especially on showing the school values and wizard maths! Enjoy your special bed time story Year 1.

I'm lost and lonely.....

teachers on: Year 1 Wow Moments!

Age 5/6, brand new and no name......... please email Miss Butler to claim if missing,  - sadly lost property will go to the 'pta' if not claimed - please name EVERYTHING! (Jumpers, hats, gloves, scarfs, etc) many thanks Mrs G

Year 1's visit to Brill Church

teachers on: Year 1 Wow Moments!

Today, Wednesday 9th December, Year1 visited Brill Church. We have been thinking about 'special places' that make us feel calm ,relaxed and connected! We have found calm places at school, where the tranquil setting helps us to be our 'Brill child', and today we saw how a special place, such as church, can help us also feel that sense of inclusion and belonging. The children enjoyed being able to freely roam the church and explore. Thank you to Jenny for welcoming us in.

Year 1 'Giggles in boots'

teachers on: Year 1 Wow Moments!

At playtime this week we have been giggling! Year 1 have been busy on the climbing wall, making paper chains, giggling and having lots of fun with friends!

Exploring new outdoor playground games.

teachers on: Year 1 Wow Moments!

Year one have been enjoying exploring new games on the markings on the front playground. From traditional 'hopscotch' to 'follow the leader'. It was great to use a different space in school for our playtime today. With it being so foggy it also made great fun to play 'hide and seek'!

Barnaby and his pony

teachers on: Year 1 Wow Moments!

Barnaby has been spending some quality time with his pony. He has been grooming him to help bring his summer coat through in this glorious Spring sun. I'm sure he has loved the help Barnaby :) 


Miss Cruickshank's amazing cake!

teachers on: Year 1 Wow Moments!

Miss Cruickshank has been busy at home too and made this delicious cake. Making me hungry just looking at it!

She is missing her Year 1's so much and can't wait to see you all soon! 

Eadee's green fingers

teachers on: Year 1 Wow Moments!

Eadee and her brother have been making a flowerbed at home. My goodness it must have been hard work building it! Please keep us updated Eadee with the flowers that grow in it :) 

Fleur's Fairy Art

teachers on: Year 1 Wow Moments!

Fleur has completed the Art task from this week's Learning Grid creating a magical fairy using materials from nature. She thought carefully about which materials were going to make up the different parts of her design. Well done Fleur for creating such a beautiful fairy! 

Edward's story blew my socks off!

teachers on: Year 1 Wow Moments!

Edward, since the first Learning Grid was released, has been working on his Traction Man story and my goodness he has created an outstanding story! Edward you should be so proud of what you have produced. Please see the link below to have a read.

Traction Man and the Great Glass Tree

Ed has also been been doing some Science experiments.
His first experiment involved filtering muddy water using leaves, gravel, sand and cotton wool, till it eventually came through clear. 

The second experiment was on density / buoyancy- Ed suspended in the layers of oil, water, detergent and honey a cherry tomato! With the ping pong ball floating on top. Fantastic work Edward!

Scientist Esme

teachers on: Year 1 Wow Moments!

Esme has been having lots of fun being a scientist out in her garden! She tried the coca- cola and mentos experiment and loved the results. Great work Esme! 

Chef Barnaby

teachers on: Year 1 Wow Moments!

Barnaby has been making pasta at home. A brilliant skill to learn during this time :)  Hopefully he can share the recipe with us back at school. 

Rainbow Maker William!

teachers on: Year 1 Wow Moments!

William H has been his usual creative self at home, not only enjoying lots of arts and crafts, but also experimenting making rainbows with water in the sunshine. A great bit of Science there! He has spent more time outdoors completing the 'Spring Hunt Checklist' and 'Weather Report'. Fantastic William :) Keep being creative!  

Pippa the Shepherdess

teachers on: Year 1 Wow Moments!

Pippa has been helping her Dad while at home, having lots of lambing adventures! 

Pip has been caring for her two new lamb friends named Sherbert and Dip. She helped lamb Sherbert herself! Well done Pip! As both lambs are on the small side, Pip has made a home for them in her garden so she can monitor them before they are ready to return to the main field.

I am sure you are learning so much Pip and we can't wait to hear more of your lambing adventures when we return to school :) 

Congratulations 'Growth Mindset Maisy'!

teachers on: Year 1 Wow Moments!

Maisy set herself the goal of riding her bike. Through her determination, patience and growth mindset she has achieved this. Well done Maisy! This totally shows how hard work pays off. I'm sure this has been a brilliant focus while you have been at home. I look forward to seeing what your growth mindset achieves next :) 


Jacob's Spring Treasure Box

teachers on: Year 1 Wow Moments!

Jacob and his younger brother have made and decorate a Spring treasure box and filed it with lovely Spring treasures. What a lovely activity to do in this Spring sunshine :) 

King Julian up to all sorts!

teachers on: Year 1 Wow Moments!

Julian has been his usual busy self and done lots of fantastic home learning. 

Julian has particularly enjoyed the Maths challenges, with a highlight matching up the pictures with the numbers very quickly! He has also been for bike rides and ran 4.6 km. That is a long way to run! 

Julian has also been practising his cooking and baking skills making some home baked pizzas and banana cake for his family. Both received delicious reviews!

Julian has continued to take his guitar lessons on line. He sent a piece that he practised with his dad to Mrs Baker and she included this on the Brill school website under the music section. Well done Julian for keeping spirits high with your music :) You should be very proud of your efforts. 

Happy Birthday Rupert!

teachers on: Year 1 Wow Moments!

Today Rupert turns 6! Happy Birthday Rupert :) We hope you have a lovely day in the sunshine. See the link below for a Birthday giggle!

Louie learning all sorts!

teachers on: Year 1 Wow Moments!

Louie had a great second week of home learning. He dissected several daffodils, painted with Lego bricks, went on a spring (and teddy bear) hunt in the village, practised some Cosmic Kids Yoga, brushed up on his football skills, read books, and has become a pen pal with his Nanna. What lovely activities! Well done Louie! :)


Happy Easter Year 1!

teachers on: Year 1 Wow Moments!

Hello Year 1's! 

This is just a quick note to say Happy Easter! I hope you have a lovely time at home with your families.

Well done everyone for the amazing learning you have all been doing over the last couple of weeks. Your determination and growth mindset towards learning at home has been second to none :) I have loved receiving your learning updates and hearing about what you have all been up to. 

There will be no Year 1 Learning Grids released over the Easter Holidays but if you do fancy some learning challenges to keep you busy please do go to the subject pages under the 'Creative Curriculum' tab on the website. I miss you all lots and look forward to seeing you back at school once this unusual time has passed. 

Stay safe :) 

Miss Reynolds

Weather Man Gabe

teachers on: Year 1 Wow Moments!

Gabe has done a great job filling in his weather recording sheet and completing the graph. He has also been keeping in contact with his friends using Tocomail and doing some baking :) Lovely to see Gabe! 

Miss Reynolds and her horses

teachers on: Year 1 Wow Moments!

This morning I have spent some time mucking out my horses and making the yard very clean and tidy. Have you been up to any big jobs recently? 

Arlo's 'Story Time'

teachers on: Year 1 Wow Moments!

It looks like Arlo and his sister are having a giggle during this 'Story time' episode! Happy Friyaaayyyy and Easter Holidays Year 1! 


Jacob turns 6!

teachers on: Year 1 Wow Moments!

Happy Birthday Jacob from all of Year 1!!! Yesterday Jacob turned 6! He had a great day building a den in the woods before making a fire to toast marshmallows on! Yummy! 

Here is a little Birthday treat from Miss Reynolds! Click below:

Eadee Rocks!

teachers on: Year 1 Wow Moments!

Eadee and her brother George loved the teachers 'We Will Blog It' video! They have been inspired to grab their instruments and play along. Rock on guys!!!

Creative Theo

teachers on: Year 1 Wow Moments!

Theo has kept up his wonderful creativity at home, as your can see in the pictures! He has also enjoyed completing the Maths game and listing to Miss Reynolds 'Story time' episodes. I am so pleased you are enjoying the story, 'Fing' as much as me! Keep up the great work Team Eason :) 

Busy Bee Bea!

teachers on: Year 1 Wow Moments!

Our little Miss Bea has been her usual busy self and has been up to all sorts of fun and learning. She has worked very hard on learning to tie her shoe laces for her Beaver's Badge and has been helping her Mummy in the kitchen. On top of this she has been very good at keeping on top of her school learning activities. 

She has been very active too doing the Joe Wicks PE lessons, Cosmic Kids Yoga (link on PSHE page), jumping on the trampoline, and playing ball games. Phew! That does sound a lot of activity Bea! Well done for being a busy Bea :) 

Signs of Spring for Iris

teachers on: Year 1 Wow Moments!

Iris has already made a brilliant start to this week's learning tasks and has been on the 'Signs of Spring Hunt'! I hope you managed to tick a few things of the list :)

Miss Active Fleur

teachers on: Year 1 Wow Moments!

Fleur is enjoying her time at home and trying really hard with her learning- whilst also having lots of fun!

This morning she had a wonderful time creating a P.E obstacle course in the garden. Fleur completed various activities against the clock. She then tried to beat her time getting more confident with each go. Mummy, Daddy and sister Audrey had a go too! 

Great work Miss Active Fleur! 

Science Detective Ted!

teachers on: Year 1 Wow Moments!

Ted has made a great start to his home learning getting active with Joe Wicks and taking on the science tasks.
He has found a great programme to watch on the '5 senses'. It is called Maddie’s Do You Know? and it’s available on BBC iPlayer. The senses episode is series 2:23 prosthetic limb and detective dog. Ted highly recommends you check it out! 
Maddie's Do You Know? has also created an episode about covid-19 and how to keep yourself happy and entertained. Thank you Ted for taking your learning above and beyond :) 

Henry enjoying the outdoors

teachers on: Year 1 Wow Moments!

Henry has made a great start to his home learning. Along side this he has been enjoying the great outdoors with a picnic and a quiet walk. It sounds a very healthy learning balance Henry :) 

Jonah Helping His Community

teachers on: Year 1 Wow Moments!

Jonah's family have lots of eggs. Jonah and his sister Tilly have been decorating them. They have been leaving them on the doorstep for people in their village who are unable to go out. Well done for looking out for others Jonah :) 

Edward the Historian

teachers on: Year 1 Wow Moments!

Edward has made a great start to his home learning and has enjoyed being a true historian. He has created a wonderful history project finding out that his Grandma's favourite toy was a swing. He has then created his own at home! It is magnificent Edward!

Edward has also started writing a Traction Man mission which looks as brilliant as the Traction Man comic he produced before. We can't wait to read the final version :) 

Freddie has the Reading Bug!

teachers on: Year 1 Wow Moments!

Freddie has been working hard and has enjoyed lots of Bug Club reading. He has also had a French lesson with his Granny over Skype! Madame Tate would be proud :) Well done Mr Freds!


Olivia's Marble Run Challenge

teachers on: Year 1 Wow Moments!

Olivia has been enjoying making her marble run with her sister Holly and challenging herself as to how the marble can reach the bottom. She has used her 'Growth Mindset' and a trial and error method to see how the pieces fit together. Well done for managing it Olivia :) 

Eadee's Helping Hand

teachers on: Year 1 Wow Moments!

Eadee has made a great start to the home learning doing some reading, French and Maths. She has also created a very useful 'Helping Hand' to help her with her writing. Happy writing Eadee :) 

Nahla Noo the Gardening Fairy

teachers on: Year 1 Wow Moments!

Nahla has been busy gardening. She has planted her own potato’s, parsnips and peas. A very healthy dinner is hopefully on it's way. Fingers crossed they grow!
Nahla has also planted her own fairy garden which should hopefully grow some grass. Well done for keeping active outdoors Nahla and using your fabulous creativity :) 

Barnaby's Traction Man Mission

teachers on: Year 1 Wow Moments!

Barnaby has produced a great Traction Man Mission involving Traction Man stopping a robbery using an electric scooter. Great writing Mr Barnaby :)

Busy 'King Louie!'

teachers on: Year 1 Wow Moments!

Louie has leapt into his home learning and been up to all sorts of fun!

He has made some rainbows for his window, done some morning PE, made and painted salt dough hand dishes, washed his bikes and garden toys, helped mummy make dinner and learnt how to make mashed potato, supported the NHS by making noise in the street everyday at 6pm, and is also in the process of working on a virus cure! Super work! 

Finger Knitting!

teachers on: Year 1 Wow Moments!

Madison has had a 'Wow Moment' this week learning to finger knit! She picked it up so quickly and has enjoyed making long strings/necklaces with some lovely multicoloured wool. What a great fine motor skill activity to do :) They look beautiful Madison!

Maths and Baking

teachers on: Year 1 Wow Moments!

Yesterday William L made some yummy cookies! He read read the recipe himself and used his Maths skills to carefully measure out the ingredients. What a star! I'm sure everyone enjoyed them in your house :) Keep up the great work!

Farmer Miss Reynolds

teachers on: Year 1 Wow Moments!

Hello Year 1, 

I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine and keeping your minds and bodies active!

All the sheep on my family's farm have started to have their baby lambs. I have been busy as a shepherdess looking after them :) What activities have you been up to at home?


Maths Fun

teachers on: Year 1 Wow Moments!

Thomas has been a super star having a go at his numbers to 50 activity! Keep up the great work :)

Technology Fun!

teachers on: Year 1 Wow Moments!

Arlo has been using Facetime to chat to his Grandparents. Great ICT work Arlo and a lovely way of keeping in touch!

Wake and Shake

teachers on: Year 1 Wow Moments!

Great to see Rupert and Felicity starting the day right with 'Wake and Shake'! They have also been making up a dance show to perform in the garden for their isolated neighbours to watch. Well done for spreading fun!