Year 2

Summer Term

Dear Parents,

Welcome back, we hope that you have all had a lovely Easter! Our new topic is 'The Great Outdoors' and we will be looking closely at Brill, the school and the history of this lovely village. We will also be comparing the wildlife here to wildlife and habitats in Africa. 

Please click the link below to see the curriculum overview for this coming term. Please don't hesitate to get in contact if you have any questions. 

Miss Webb & Mrs Barlow 

Meet the Teacher

Hello Year 2 Parents,

Your children have had a wonderful start to Year 2 and have continued to make us smile with their bubbly and happy personalities. Normally at this time of year we would be welcoming you all into the classroom for our Meet the Teacher session, but seeing as that is not currently possible, I have recorded a Meet the Teacher video which runs through some of our key routines, focus areas and reminders. There is also a tour of the classroom and a PowerPoint reinforcing the key messages. 

I hope these are useful and as ever, if you have any questions or would like any more detail or explanation of anything, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

I look forward to speaking/seeing you all soon!

Miss Webb

Termly Topics

At Brill School, English, Maths and Core Skills are taught through focused daily lessons; usually in the morning. For other lessons we have in recent year moved away from narrow subject based teaching and have developed a curriculum that is imaginative, child focused and cross curricular.

Year 2’s thematic topic units for this year are:



Main focus

Autumn Term

The Seaside




Spring Term

Famous People



Summer Term

The Great Outdoors Geography



Click on the topic units for an overview document for the term's work or on the subject links for more information about the long term curriculum in each specific area.

Useful Information

PE: Tuesdays and Thursdays are our PE days. Please ensure that your child comes to school in their PE kit on these days. There is no need to bring a change of clothes as pupils will remain in their PE kit for the rest of the day. Please also ensure that your child has a pair of trainers in school at all times.

Reading books: Due to current restrictions on movement around the school, children will have a selection of library books to browse and read in class. They will also have a colour banded reading book suited to their reading ability to read. Our daily Guided Reading lessons will give children the opportunity to explore a variety of texts as a class,  strengthen their core reading ability and develop specific comprehension skills.  

Pencil cases: Please do not send your children in with pencil cases. We will be providing the children with all necessary equipment while they are here. 

Spellings: We will cover the core spelling patterns from the National Curriculum as well as tricky and common use words in class. Further details on our approach to learning how to spell can be found on the school Literacy page.

Supporting your child's learning at home 

  • Reading with your child every night and discussing the story and the characters.
  • Select texts from our Year 2 recommended book list  to read with your child.
  • Having the first 100 High Frequency Words and the next 200 available when your child is writing at home. 
  • Practising times tables regularly to improve recall. 

Supporting your child's learning at home 


Times Tables practice 


Password: Password123


Keep Active




Touch typing:


General Resources


The Year 2 Team

Miss L Webb

Class Teacher

Mrs T Barlow

Teaching Assistant

Year 2 Wow Moments!

Star of the Week 16.10.20

teachers on: Year 2 Wow Moments!

Ted - Motivation

What an amazing week for Ted. He really impressed me by challenging himself and getting into the learning pit! He has also contributed very well to class discussions. Keep that motivation up Ted -  you have been a star!

Star of the Week 09.10.20

teachers on: Year 2 Wow Moments!

Maisie - Motivation

Maisie has impressed me so much this week with her motivation. She was always one of the first on the carpet ready to learn, she also behaved beautifully. Well done Maisie - what a star!

Teagan's Lungs!

teachers on: Year 2 Wow Moments!

Teagan has been learning all about the body! In particular how our lungs work. Here is a video of her demonstrating this! Fantastic work Teagan!

IMG_0050 (1).MOV

All about Zoos by Felix!

teachers on: Year 2 Wow Moments!

Felix has created this wonderful presentation based on one of this weeks learning tasks about Zoos. Take a look at his research and wonderful ideas! Super impressed with the computing skills used for this Felix, well done!

Click on the link below to take a look for yourself!

Zoos Felix.pdf

Penny's Research!

teachers on: Year 2 Wow Moments!

This week Penny has decided to research all about Cheetahs and is going to write up 10 fun facts she learns - I can't wait to find out! Penny has also been enjoying the lovely sunshine and countryside on her daily walks as well as learning how to make fire with a magnifying glass and the sun!

Jack the plumber!

teachers on: Year 2 Wow Moments!

Jack has been having a great time learning a new skill and helping his dad plumb in a new outside tap. Great way to keep busy, practical learning while spending time with his dad! He has also been baking some Chelsea buns and cookies, yummy!

Molly's Easter!

teachers on: Year 2 Wow Moments!

Molly has had a wonderful last couple of weeks with her family getting up to lots of lovely things! She has been keeping active with the Joe wicks daily workouts, camping in her garden and reading books, doing lots of cooking and baking, writing, painting, making things and much more! So lovely to see such a happy smile Molly!

DIY Dillon!

teachers on: Year 2 Wow Moments!

Wow! What a creative few weeks Dillon has had! He has made a plane and 2 plant troughs out of an old chest of drawers, planted some seeds, camped over night and had homemade rainbow ice lollies, made a new house for his cat and tried an experiment using daffodils and food colouring! Super impressed with all these practical and investigative tasks you have been doing Dillon, I bet you are pretty handy to have around the house!

A Morning Of Maths!

teachers on: Year 2 Wow Moments!

Casper and Mathilde have spent the morning working on some maths. They have been learning all about 3/4 and using Lego pieces to build calculations! So great to see concrete resources being used to make the learning practical and fun. Great work you two!

Felix's Easter Fun

teachers on: Year 2 Wow Moments!

Felix had a very enjoyable Easter break getting up to lots of different fun activities. He made a Mario kart track around the garden, camped overnight, made an arcade game and even became a DJ! Looks like so much fun!

Jess is famous!

teachers on: Year 2 Wow Moments!

Jess has had a wonderful Easter entering competitions, painting, decorating the house, chalk drawing and winning prizes! She has even appeared on 'This Morning' alongside her sister Maisie with a video they created saying thank you to the key workers! Wow! What an amazing thing to do and something you will always remember!

Observational Drawing!

teachers on: Year 2 Wow Moments!

Arlo has been watching the wonderful wildlife we have around us and spent some time drawing what he can see from his lounge window which is a pigeon nesting! Amazing!

Easter with Annabel!

teachers on: Year 2 Wow Moments!

Annabel has been super busy over the Easter holidays from writing newspaper articles to cooking and making mini beast houses and loads of creative activities! She has been decorating a shelf for her playroom, writing a book on the Minpins and learning to sew Easter bunnies. Wow! Keep it up Annabel!

Austin's Adventures!

teachers on: Year 2 Wow Moments!

Austin has been balancing school tasks and home learning fun very well! He has been enjoying this time with his family, playing with his brother and reading him stories, while also creating a brilliant dirty beast and writing a story about him! He has been keeping active by learning to ride his bike and filming some dance routines with his mummy! Fantastic work Austin, keep it up!

Marble Muffins!

teachers on: Year 2 Wow Moments!

Isabel has been enjoying her home learning, as well as keeping active on her trampoline and baking these delicious marble muffins! Yummy! So lovely to see Isabel's normal smiley face!

Exercise Class with Hector!

teachers on: Year 2 Wow Moments!

Woah! This looks tough. I am going to attempt Hector's brilliant workout later on today...who's with me?!

Athletics Super Star!

teachers on: Year 2 Wow Moments!

Teagan has had a brilliant second week, making sure she is keeping busy and very active. Teagan and her sister Maddie did an athletics PE lesson where they practised javelin, discuss, long jump and triple jump! I wouldn't be surprised if we saw them both in the Olympics in a few years time! Teagan has also used her Spanish knowledge to create a zoo! Fantastic!

Scavenger Hunt!

teachers on: Year 2 Wow Moments!

Penny went on a Scavenger Hunt yesterday and stopped for a picnic along the way! Learning outdoors..just the best way!

Successful Week 2!!

teachers on: Year 2 Wow Moments!

Wow! What a great week 2 Evie has had at home getting stuck into lots of different projects. Here is a snippet of the amazingly creative things she has been up to...

Spanish Colours Rainbow!

teachers on: Year 2 Wow Moments!

Theo has worked super hard this week on lots of different activities. One of his favourites was creating this beautiful rainbow and remembering the Spanish for all the colours whilst he was at it!

Hector's Spring Garden Projects!

teachers on: Year 2 Wow Moments!

Wow! What a wonderful week Hector has been having creating all these amazing projects.He has made a bug hotel with lots of different layers for the bugs to enjoy. He has also put together a collage of lots of different photographs he took on a nature walk and has researched the names of the different plants. Finally he produced some beautiful rainbow pictures with his brother! What a busy bee he has been, well done Hector!

Collective Creative Writing!

teachers on: Year 2 Wow Moments!

Some of the lovely members of year 2 had a joint zoom call this morning and while they were on it they created a dirty beast story together one sentence at a time...

Once upon a time there was an elf called Kissington. The elf lived on a hill. A dirty monster came to his house, he was so small but very loud and had red eyes. The monster tried to get up the hill, but it was too steep! But the monster was very good at digging so he dug down a hole and ate the elf. After that he threw him up, did a burb and ran away in the mountain. The end.

A great short story and a brilliant idea to get together with friends!

Poisson d’avril!

teachers on: Year 2 Wow Moments!

The first of April is a fun little tradition in France and the joke consists of sticking a colourful fish on the back of a friend as a very innocent prank and see how long it takes for them to notice! Felix had fun celebrating this day and asked his mum for lots of hugs during the day...I wonder why?!

Noah's Shop!

teachers on: Year 2 Wow Moments!

Noah has set up this wonderful shop at home and is using it to get some daily maths activities in, what a great idea! He has also been helping out with the cooking and staying active playing football in the garden! Well done Noah!

Evie's Treats!

teachers on: Year 2 Wow Moments!

Evie had a wonderful week of home learning, from making Bruce Bogtrotters chocolate cake to painting stones to place around the village to find, she's done it all! She has even managed to fit in some maths activities as well. Now she is on the count down to Easter!

Well done Evie!

Dirty Beast!

teachers on: Year 2 Wow Moments!

Arlo has been working super hard creating a new 'Dirty Beast' and writing a description of it. Beautiful handwriting and presentation Arlo and a lovely smile, just what I like to see! Well done!

Writing Letters

teachers on: Year 2 Wow Moments!

Jess has been very kindly writing letters to local care home residents so they don't feel lonely and received her first reply this weekend. What a lovely and thoughtful gesture Jess, I'm sure they appreciate it a lot!

Home Cooking!

teachers on: Year 2 Wow Moments!

Casper and Mathilde have been doing some home cooking, making some delicious looking banana bread and sausage rolls! They also used Lego to build their own tree house and have enjoyed playing the compound word matching game! Well done guys, lovely to see you getting stuck in!

Family Workout!

teachers on: Year 2 Wow Moments!

Joshua and his brothers are loving the Joe Wicks PE lesson workouts each day! What a great way to get energised and ready for the day ahead. He also has been working hard on one of the writing projects which is brilliant to see! Keep up the good work Joshua!

Science and Sewing!

teachers on: Year 2 Wow Moments!

Tai enjoyed getting stuck in to his science project last week, investigating how materials can change shape. He also learnt how to sew! Wow, what a great skill to learn! Amazing work Tai!

Family Forest School!

teachers on: Year 2 Wow Moments!

It is so lovely to see that Molly has been enjoying lots of time in the sunshine at Forest School with her family! Quite the explorer it would seem using those binoculars! Also managing to fit in a bit of maths using concrete materials, what a fab first week!! Well done Molly!

Grandma School!

teachers on: Year 2 Wow Moments!

Teagan has found a lovely way to stay in touch with her Grandma by having daily Face Time lessons! As well as this, Teagan has been following the daily Joe Wicks PE lessons and managed to create a wonderful chocolate room box for Charlie's Chocolate Factory! So great to see Teagan enjoying and sharing this time with her family!

A Very Busy Bee!

teachers on: Year 2 Wow Moments!

Annabel has been super busy doing lots of different things at home with her family! It is great to see her keeping active with PE lessons, reading as Mog, creating a dream catcher, drawing a bar chart of her family's favourite colours and many more wonderful things. Amazing work Annabel!


Chocolate Factory Fun!

teachers on: Year 2 Wow Moments!

Wow! Evie has made her very own 'Rainbow Chocolate Room.' I love how colourful and creative it is and wish I could visit there myself to taste some of this delicious looking chocolate!

The Magic of Zoom!!

teachers on: Year 2 Wow Moments!

This morning some of Year 2 got on a little video call to catch up on what they have been doing! What a great way to stay in touch and enjoy special moments with friends! 

Home Learning!

teachers on: Year 2 Wow Moments!

Theo has been settling in to home learning well, working super hard on his compound word tasks. He even challenged himself to write a little story about a butterfly! Keep up the great work!

Survival Maths

teachers on: Year 2 Wow Moments!

Felix has been super busy using all his maths skills to add up and multiply quantities, convert weights to make toilet cleaner blocks and laundry liquid with ivy leaves! Combining this with a bit of science talking about chemicals makes for a great day of work! 

Sunshine Building

teachers on: Year 2 Wow Moments!

Lovely to see Penny and her sister Kitty enjoying this lovely sunshine and building things in their back garden! In the afternoon Penny wrote postcards to her Grandparents and walked to the post box to send them, a very kind gesture that I'm sure they will appreciate!

Wake and Shake!

teachers on: Year 2 Wow Moments!

Great to see Rupert and Felicity starting the day right with 'Wake and Shake'! They have also been making up a dance show to perform in the garden for their isolated neighbours to watch. Well done for spreading fun! 

Miss Butler, Class Teacher

Mrs Green, Teaching Assistant 

Year 2 Remind Us to 'Be Kind!'