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Year 3 

Teacher's Welcome 

Welcome to the class page for Year 3.

We hope you find this page useful for keeping in touch with what's going on in class (please see the blog below). Please also refer to the parent information booklet for useful information on the school day and procedures. 

If you would like to get in touch, please feel free to email us via the school office email office@brillschool.org.uk


Miss Jenny Clayton and Mrs Ilona Keeping





P.E: Our scheduled P.E. days are Monday and Thursday. Please ensure that your child comes to school in their P.E. kit on these days. There is no need to bring a change of clothes as pupils will remain in P.E. kit for the rest of the day. Please also ensure that your child has a pair of trainers in school at all times.


Supporting your child's learning at home

Please continue to read a variety of books with your child and discuss the content, characters and their likes and dislikes of the book.

Encourage your child to read (and share with you) the texts from our Brill School Year 3 recommended book list.

Your child will take part in daily Wizard Maths sessions every day, which helps them quickly recall their times tables. Any practice of your child’s times tables at home would be a great aid to their learning.



The Curriculum

Year 3’s thematic topic units for this year are: 



Main focus


Prehistoric Britain



The Romans History/ Science
The Great Outdoors


Click on the topic units for an overview document for the term's work. A progression map for each subject is available on the relevant curriculum pages.

Useful websites


Interactive 100 grid:


General Maths resources:


Number bonds and timetables practice:






Maths Frame: Addition and Subtraction





Maths Frame:  Multiplication and Division











Punctuation: http://www.topmarks.co.uk/english-games/7-11-years/punctuation

Spelling and grammar:        http://www.topmarks.co.uk/english-games/7-11-years/spelling-and-grammar

Keep Active



Coding: https://scratch.mit.edu/

Touch typing: http://www.bbc.co.uk/guides/z3c6tfr

General Resources: http://www.primaryresources.co.uk/

Curriculum- Year Three: http://www.primarycurriculum.me.uk/year3

Year 3 Blog


Please see the photos below for a few highlights from the last week. 

The children have all been really engaged in their learning and have earned lots of house points for showing the value of ‘respect’ in class.

From discussion with the class, we decided to focus a little more on our understanding of using ‘arrays’ in maths so these have featured heavily in our lessons this week. The photos show us combining our understanding of arrays with our current work on using the inequalities signs ‘<‘, ‘>’ and ‘=‘. Hopefully, this has helped the children to feel more confident  in their abilities to use and create arrays to support their multiplication and division work. 

We are also really enjoying our class text and have produced some wonderful diary entries with a focus on using subordinate clauses to extend and enhance our sentences. 

This week we have really started to think about our new science topic ‘Animals, including humans’. We initially focused on the human skeleton and considered its purpose. We then investigated whether people with longer femurs can jump further and made our own predictions. Everyone had to make careful measurements of their femur and also of how far they jumped. Please see the photos below from our investigation.


What a great start to our term! Everyone has come back with such positive energy and enthusiasm for our new topic ‘The Romans’. Today we learned about how the Romans invaded and conquered much of Europe and North Africa but that it took three attempts for them to successfully invade Britain.

We have also made a start on our new science topic ‘Animals, including humans’ and had a lot of fun sharing what we already know about the inside of the human body. Please see the photos below to view our diagrams. We will revisit these later in the topic to see if we would like to add to or change anything about them. 


Wow! Another busy but fantastic week in Year 3. Everyone is trying so hard with their learning behaviours even though we are feeling tired and getting excited about Christmas! 
Today was Christmas jumper day and also our school Christmas dinner. We enjoyed getting in the festive spirit by making Christmas crowns to wear for our dinner and had a sing along to some favourite Christmas songs. 

In maths this week we have moved on to learning about multiplication and division and have started by looking at the multiplication symbol ‘x’ and how we can use arrays to help us solve multiplication problems. We investigated how many different arrays we could make with 16 counters and enjoyed sharing our understanding with rest of the class. 


This week, we have loved putting together the wonderful work that Year 3 created for our literacy festival. Their poems, comics and letters looked amazing in the hall during the exhibition and the children all made such an effort to present their fantastic work really neatly too. It was lovely that so many parents were able to join us to share their successes. For those parents who were unable to attend, I have posted a photo of the display below. 

The children also enjoyed wearing their mufti clothes for Children in Need today - thank you for supporting such a worthy charity by sending in donations for this. 


This week we have had a great time making our own comic strips by predicting what might happen next in our class text. We really enjoyed looking at the Phoenix comic to give us some ideas of the features that we needed to include. 

We also learned to play dodgeball and had great fun doing this in our PE lesson. In our other PE lesson, we have started to learn how to play badminton and had such a great time exploring some simple skills with balloons earlier in the week. 


We had a great time meeting author Dave Shelton on Thursday. He wrote ‘A Boy and a Bear in a Boat’, which we are studying for the Pop-Up Literacy festival. Everyone showed great interest in finding out about being an author and illustrator and we really enjoyed getting to begin our own stories about two characters who were trapped together, like the boy and the bear. 


This week we have been so busy with our science! We LOVED making chocolate rocks on Tuesday (especially the eating part!) It really helped us to consolidate our understanding of the different types of rock and how they are formed. We have also helped Steve Backshall (of Deadly 60 fame) and his team of young palaeontologists, to solve a series of clues and catch the Evil Fossil Hunter before he escaped from the Natural History Museum, with a priceless fossil. We really enjoyed cracking the clues as we watched along on BBC Teach. We have also shared a book 'Stone Girl Bone Girl' about Mary Anning, who made very important scientific discoveries about fossils around 200 years ago, including finding the very first ichthyosaur and plesiosaur fossils.

Some of the class also took part in a netball festival organised by S4A. This was the first of 6 mini-festivals taking place over the year and everyone in the class will be invited to take part at some point. Well done to all of the children who were involved - you were great team players!

What a busy last week of term! Have a super break!


We've had a few assessments to do this week and at the end of last week. These have kept us quite busy and the children have all impressed me with their resilience. These will be used to help inform the next steps we take for each child. 

In Humanities, we are coming to the end of our work on the Stone Age and will soon be moving on to studying the Bronze Age and making comparisons between the two times in our prehistory. This week, the class have loved using QR codes to access the BBC bitesize website on ipads and have done their own research to find out about the Stone Age settlement of Skara Brae. We decided it must have been pretty smoky inside the houses but were impressed by the skill of building the houses with stones. 


What another fantastic week in Year 3!

We are all very excited about starting to plan our adventure stories in Literacy and have already discussed and written some brilliant setting descriptions. Our stories will be based on the book 'Stone Age Boy' by Satoshi Kitamura, but the twist is that instead of travelling back to the Stone Age, our main character will travel forward in time to present day Brill.

In Humanities, we have been on a hunt around the school grounds for assets that would have helped a Stone Age person survive. We talked about how each of the assets would have helped a Stone Age person to overcome the various threats that they would have faced such as the weather, starvation and wild animals. 


We have enjoyed our PE lessons this week. In gymnastics we have been learning about different shapes such as a tuck, straddle and even a front support. The class have developed these skills through simple routines and have also been working on a range of travelling movements using different heights and space. We have learned to play 'Rock, paper, scissors' using the basic gymnastics shapes of a tuck, straddle and pike. Maybe you could try this at home too?

In our other PE session, we have been focusing on invasion games. This week we have been learning how to be a good defender and have played a fun partnered game, taking turns to attack and defend. We are looking forward to putting out new skills to the test in a larger game situation next week. 


We are all settling in to life in Year 3 really well and having lots of fun learning.

This week we have been finding out about the properties of different rocks through investigation. We needed to find the most suitable rock for a range of tasks such as to write with or to build a floating sculpture with. We hope you enjoy looking at the photos!

We also discussed the three main types of rock that you can find and even came up with our own little hand gestures to remind us of each one: 'Sedimentary', 'Igneous' and 'Metamorphic'.

The Year 3 Team

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