Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

Hello and welcome to Year 4!

We are very happy to be entering the summer term after such a successful and wonderful year so far. The children have made such brilliant progress since September. 

I am sure that the children will continue to have fun and learn lots through the last remaining months. Mrs Freeland, Mrs Tuffley and myself are looking forward to seeing the development and progress we can continue to make. 

If you have any questions or queries, please do contact the office -


Megan Chenery

Important notices: 

Please send children to school in their PE kit on Wednesdays and in uniform for swimming on a Thursday as we will be getting changed in the changing rooms before getting the pool. 


If children have a sporting club after school they should come to school in their school uniform bringing their PE kit in a bag to change into at the end of the school day.

Year 4 Multiplication tables check. 

In the summer term, all children in Year 4 across the country will be taking part in a multiplication tables check. 

The purpose of the MTC is to determine whether pupils can recall their times tables fluently, which is essential for future success in mathematics. It will help schools to identify pupils who have not yet mastered their times tables, so that additional support can be provided.

Please find below a link for the Gov website if you would like some more information: 

We are going to be using the laptops more to practice this style of timetables. This is to get the children used to using the keys and learning where they keys are so they are able to access them quickly during the test. We are encouraging this style of practice at home too. 


TTRS is a great way to practice at home. All children have their own log ins. If you are unsure of yours, please do ask. 

The Curriculum

At Brill School, English, Maths and Core Skills are taught through focused daily lessons; usually in the morning. For other lessons we have in recent years moved away from narrow subject based teaching and have developed a curriculum that is imaginative, child focused and cross curricular.

Year 4’s thematic topic units for this year are:



Main focus






Ancient Greece



The Great Outdoors



Click on the topic units for an overview document for the term's work or on the subject links for more information about the long term curriculum in each specific area.


Our PE lessons will be taking place on a Wednesday and a Thursday. Thursday will be our swimming day. Please ensure that you child comes to school in their PE kit on Wednesday and in their uniform on Thursday with their swimming kit in a bag. They will stay in their PE kits all day so there is no need for them to bring a change of clothes on Wednesday. Please ensure that children have weather appropriate kit as we will have PE lessons outside. 

Please also ensure that you child has a pair of trainers in school at all times for our daily mile, along with a pair of wellies for break times and lunch times. 

A general PE kit would include: Brill polo shirt, hoodie, shorts, tracksuit bottoms/comfortable trousers, change of socks, appropriate trainers (hats and gloves maybe need in the winter months).

Reading books: Children will each take 2 ability appropriate book from the school library. One to keep at school and one to take home. When children have finished reading either book they will be able to change return them to the library and take out a new book.

Pencil cases: Please do not send your children in with pencil cases. We will be providing the children with all necessary equipment while they are here. 

Homework: Homework will be given out at the start of each half term and a date will be given for children to bring their work in for sharing. The homework in the learning logs is a chance for the children to engage in project based work along with core skills. 

Ways you can help support your child’s learning in school


In Year 4 the children take part in regular phonic sessions which focus on a variety of spelling patterns. The children are assessed on these spelling patterns regularly to assess if they are able to apply the learnt patterns independently. The children will bring home some words which demonstrate the spelling pattern that they have been learning.


In Year 4 the children take part in a guided reading session weekly where all the children are required to read and discuss a part of a book as a group.  The sessions are designed to focus on different areas of reading comprehension and allow the children opportunity to look further into the meaning of the book, the author’s intentions and reasons for choices of words etc.

There are also opportunities for quiet reading and children are able to change their reading books most days as needed.  It is still vital that they have regular opportunities to read to you at home and take part in discussions about their book and what has happened.  This ensures that they are reading at the appropriate level and more importantly understanding what they are reading.

Encourage your child to read (and share with you) the texts from our Brill School Year 4 recommended book list.


All children should be urged to know as many of their times tables from 1-12 as possible off by heart, out of order, with quick recall.  This may not be possible for all children however it is still something we can all strive towards.  It would be great if you could regularly discuss and learn times tables with your children. We practise our tables most days using a program called Wizard Maths.

The Year 4 Team...

Miss Chenery

Class Teacher

Mrs Freeland

Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Tuffley

Teaching Assistan

What have we been up to!?

Week 31

This week we visited Cogges Farm. This was the perfect trip for us as we have been learning all about farming and farm life in our topic work. During the visit we:

-Made our own healthy crisps with seasonings

-Practiced the technique to milk a cow

-Made butter using cream 

-Fed and made friends with goats

-Explored the kitchen Gardens filled with all sorts of fruit and vegetables

-Stroked chickens

-Turned wheat into flour using stones

It was an absolutely brilliant day and the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves! We learnt lots but we also had great knowledge that we could share with the amazing guides we had! 

Week 30

A great week back and a super start to the final half term of the year. We have hit the ground running and we are straight back into writing our fabulous habitat narratives about an endangered animals. The children have all been so motivated and excited by this! 

We have started our new topic in science which focuses on the human digestive system. We had a great giggle about using the words rectum and anus! 

Week 29

The final week of this half term has been brilliant! We thoroughly enjoyed our day celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. We planted a baby oak tree in the school field which we are hoping will grow into a mature Oak tree. 

We created crowns and bunting for our Jubilee lunch which the children fully embraced!

A huge well done to everyone for all their effort this half term and we are very excited about what lies ahead for the final half term of the year! 

Week 28

This week we have been making huge progress with our persuasive letters and using lots of brilliant techniques such a rhetorical questions and powerful adjectives. 


We have also been working on our beautiful flag that will be on the field for the Queen's Jubilee during the half term. It look BRILLIANT and I hope the children and thoroughly proud of themselves! 

Week 27

Another super week in year 4! We have started work on our persuasive letters based on our class text of Charlotte's Web. If you have a copy at home, it would be great if you could send it in so we can all follow along with the story! We have been thinking carefully about our arguments for our letter and planning then as a whole class. 


We have also been practicing our watercolour skills and thinking carefully about how we can create different tones through the use of more or less water. 


Friday afternoon was very exciting as we swapped half of our class with half of year 2 and spent some time reading to each other. It was so lovely to see the older children nurturing and supporting the younger children with their reading and discussing the books they were interested in. Good work everyone! 

Week 26

WOW! What a week we have had in year 4! I would like to start by saying a huge thank you and well done to everyone in our class. I am so incredibly proud of the way they have adjusted and welcomed our new member of the class. 


We have also been working very hard and have come to the end of our decimals topic in maths. We finished by rounding decimals to the nearest whole number which is definitely a challenge! 


We also enjoyed practicing our tennis skills on the MUGA during our PE lessons. 


This week we have celebrated Earth Week by turning off the lights all afternoon on Friday along with creating our own art which shows the world in our hands. 

Week 25

In year 4 this week we have been continuing our work with fractions and decimals and we have nearly finished our topic! All the children have been working incredibly hard and stepping outside their comfort zone during maths lessons. We have had a focus in literacy on the basics for writing such as capital letters and full stops. 

In PSHE we thought lots about our aims for the week and we then reflected on these, thinking about what we have achieved and where we feel a sense of achievement. We have also been investigating our own friendships and thinking about what makes a positive and negative friendship. 


Week 24

This week we have been lucky enough to visit the church for our collective worship. It is always such a joy to spend time in there and listen to the lovely  Gemma. This week she spoke about how our impact on the world is still so important even though we may feel small. 


I would also like to remind everyone about bringing in spelling books. There have been a number of children in the last 2 weeks not bringing in their spelling book on Fridays. This is so important as the children misplace their spelling list for the next week if they are not stuck in their books straight away. Thank you for your support with practicing at home. 

Week 23

In the summer term, all children in Year 4 across the country will be taking part in a multiplication tables check. 

The purpose of the MTC is to determine whether pupils can recall their times tables fluently, which is essential for future success in mathematics. It will help schools to identify pupils who have not yet mastered their times tables, so that additional support can be provided.

Please find below a link for the Gov website if you would like some more information: 

We are going to be using the laptops more to practice this style of timetables. This is to get the children used to using the keys and learning where they keys are so they are able to access them quickly during the test. We are encouraging this style of practice at home too. 

Week 22

This week we finally celebrated our international day! It was absolutely amazing and the children really engaged with all the activities! Many of the teacher have complimented the children on their fantastic behaviour! 

In the afternoon we had some time where we could share some facts that we have learnt in our own classroom about Greece along with he facts we have learnt from exploring the new countries! Please enjoy watching the videos about our facts! 

Week 20

This week we have been thinking about our science focus on sound. We made our own panpipes using straws and lollipop sticks. We cut the straws to different lengths and arranged them from shortest to longest. We learnt that the longer straws had a lower pitch and the shorter straws have a higher pitch! 

We have also completed our Parthenon themed art which looks absolutely brilliant! 

Week 19

It has been fantastic being back with the children this week. They have been working incredibly hard in maths and have tackled fractions head on! We have made string telephones in science to help us understand how sound energy can travel through a solid and help us hear from sound sources that are far away! We have also been keeping up with our topic lessons and we have created our backgrounds for our artwork based on the Parthenon, an iconic Ancient Greek structure. We are going to use these background this week to create our own! 

Week 16

Another exciting week in year 4 this week! We had the luxury of taking part in a Diwali Workshop! This was originally planned for earlier in the year but it was absolutely worth the wait. The children learned a little bit about the story behind The Festival of Light and then put this into a dance using freeze frames and slow motion. We were taught some Bollywood moves and even created a routine! It was absolutely fantastic! 

Week 15

Wow! Year 4 have thrown themselves into our Ancient Greece topic this week within our literacy lessons. We have begun to read our class book 'Who Let The Gods out' which has really captured our imagination! We have started to think about what it would be like in Elysium as this is where the constellations live. Elysuim is a perfect place so we have really thought carefully about our 5 senses and what we might be able to see, touch, taste, smell and hear in this wonderful land. We closed our eyes and listened to some very calm and relaxing music to help us. 


We are planning to have our own Ancient Greece day later this term which the children are thoroughly excited about! It is so exciting to see the children so enthusiastic about this new topic! 

Week 13

This week we have been channelling our inner Christmas this week and we have created our own Christmas crown with an eco theme. As there can be lots of extra waste at this time of year, we wanted to make sure we were recycling and reusing as much as possible! 


We have also been incredibly busy writing our non-chronlogical reports about Victorian hospitals. I have been blown away with the children's enthusiasm and effort this week. They have produced the most beautiful writing with amazing vocabulary. They are truly fantastic! 


The icing on the cake this week has been our Christmas lunch. In true Brill School style, we had music, we had a little dancing, we had joy and we had a delicious food. It is always so much fun watching the children enjoy themselves so much. 

Week 11

The highlight of this week has definitely been our trip to Bhaktivedanta Manor, the Hindu Temple. It was absolutely amazing to see such a beautiful place of worship. The children were all so brilliantly behaved and really immersed themselves in the activities that we were able to take part in. We dressed up in beautiful fabrics, had a ride on a cart pulled by the sacred axon (we also got to feed them carrots!), enjoyed a delicious lunch and finally we visited the shrine where we heard the amazing prayers. It was an amazing experience that I'm sure we will remember for a long time to come! 

Week 10 

Crikey! We have had a very busy week in year 4! We have done some fantastic PE lessons this week, learning the core skills of netball in preparation for a netball match a number of children are going to next week! 

Thank you to those parents who were able to come and have a look around the amazing literacy festival today. We have all put in so much time and effort and it was a pleasure for the children to share this with you. If you were unable to come, please have a look at the pictures below, you will be amazed! 

We have also made some Pudsey masks in honour of Children In need! 

Week 9 

Wow! What a creative week we have had in year 4! We started off by writing our own poems based on swallows for our exhibition! We have used lots of different techniques such as rhyming, similes, metaphors and thinking about the syllables. We have also created our own wish birds and used water colours to help add some colour and vibrancy to them! They look fantastic and we are super proud of them! We are so excited to show everyone what we have been up to! 

Week 8 

A fantastic week after our half term break! Today we have had a wonderful workshop with the author of our book 'Swallows Kiss'. It was so interesting to learn about the background to the story and where her ideas came from. We started to create our wishing birds which we will be finishing next week and will then become part of our final exhibition! 

Week 7

On Tuesday we had a fantastic morning! Half of our class ventured out to forest school with Mrs Keeping and the other half stayed in the classroom where we created our own fantastic fact files about King Henry VIII. We learnt some exciting (and some gruesome) facts about one of the most famous British Monarchs. We also practiced lots of different skills, such as using specific questions for our research, our comprehension, summarising a longer passage and recording new information! It was a brilliant activity that the children really enjoyed! We then shared our new information with the rest of the class when they came back from forest school and WOW'ed them with our new facts! Well done everyone! 


We had a full house of spelling books last week which was amazing, well done everyone! Just a few pairs of wellies and trainers left until we have a full set of those too! 

Week 6

This week has been a little different for Year 4 but they have coped brilliantly well! I have had such positive feedback from both Mrs Freeland and Mrs Tuffley about how hard the children have been working and the amazing work that they have been doing. 

I was so sad about missing the harvest festival but thankfully Mr Dickson was able to film parts so I have been able to see our class poems which was brilliantly performed by some member of our class. Well done guys! 

This afternoon we have been having a go at creating circuits and testing if objects and materials are conductors or insulator, we found some really interesting ones! We discovered that Mrs Freeland is in fact an insulator but the door handle is a conductor! 


We still have a number of children without trainers or wellies in school which is limiting them at break times and lunch times! 

Week 5

We have been very busy in year 4 this week! We have been writing our amazing diary entries on some tea stained paper. We also ripped the edges to help them look like they were written in the victorian times! We had great fun doing these and we are very proud of them! 


We also started to explore the life of the infamous King Henry VIII and learnt about his 6 wives. We decided that King Henry VIII wasn't the best husband! 


A little reminder about spelling books. Please can children have spelling books in school every day as we use them for our morning activities! 


Please check with your children if they have wellies and trainers in school as lots of children are still without and are getting soggy feet! 

Week 4

In year 4 we have been very active and continued to practice our basketball skills! We were dribbling and even tried some shoot practice into the big hoops... it was much harder than we though but it was fun! We have also been doing gymnastics in the hall and many of us showed our bravery and resilience when attempting some cartwheels! They can be tricky but we supported each other and we managed to adapt and achieve! 


We also had some circle time where we thought and spoke about what we have achieved so far this year and what we are proud of. It was lovely to hear and celebrate each individual success. We then thought more deeply about what we would like to achieve next. We each wrote down our aim and posted it in the box... we will look forward to opening up the book in the future and seeing if we managed it! 

Week 3

This week we have been SAFELY exploring electricity! We have used batteries, wires and lightbulbs to create our own circuits and determine if they are complete or incomplete. This has meant we have used lots of problem solving skills to work out if it is the circuit that is isn't working (or if it is just the bulb...!)

We have also been doing some fantastic writing and we have started to write our own diary entries! We have had great fun thinking about a day in the life of our Victorian book character, Jim and imagining what his life would be like, exploring all of his senses.  

We have also been organising negative numbers, which can be a bit tricky but we were expects and were able to decide where each of our negative number would belong on our giant number line! 

Congratulations to our star of the week, Jamie! For being incredibly respectful in the classroom, putting his hand up and showing the value of peace!  


Week 2

Year 4 have thrown themselves into our literacy this week. We are exploring the book Street Child by Berlie Doherty, and we have been imagining what it would be like if we were the main character, Jim Jarvis. We have used Hot Seating and we have acted out conversation between the characters to help us understand how they would be feeling and empathise with them. We are working towards writing our own diary entry from the view of Jim, which we are very excited about.
Overall we have all been working very hard this week and making great progress with our key skills. A big congratulations to our star of the week, Izzy , for always being so peaceful, kind and thoughtful both in the classroom and in the playground. 


Year 4 Wow Moments!

What a day!

teachers on: Year 4 Wow Moments!

On Friday we had an absolutely fabulous day! We started off the day with an amazing concert from XYZ music which we fully embraced and whipped out our best dance moves! Then we moved onto the races where the children did incredibly well. I am so proud of them for the effort they put into their races, as well as their support for each other. Every member of our class was shouting and cheering for their friends and team mates, congratulating each other no matter where they came in their race. It really was lovely to see! Thank you to the parents who were able to come and watch, it meant a huge amount to the children to have you there! 

Star of the week!

teachers on: Year 4 Wow Moments!

This week's star is Gabriel! He has shown fantastic motivation in his writing and he has not only met, but surpassed all of our expectations! He has worked incredibly hard and he has been so proud of his work! Super job Gabriel!


Terrific Twins!

teachers on: Year 4 Wow Moments!

Eliza and Mia have been very busy doing lots of work and having fun in the great outdoors. They have been doing word searches, practicing their timetables, handwriting and lots more! It is really important to have a mix of learning and fun and it looks like you have done a great job of fitting both into your days. Well done girls! 

With The Wind in Our Ears!

teachers on: Year 4 Wow Moments!

I have been spending lots of time walking the dogs up the hills, and they have been having THE best time ever! Remy always manages to find a stick... sometimes it's definitely more of a log, and Harvey spends the whole time running around with the ball in his mouth. I hope you are enjoying the great outdoors and getting lots of exercise in!

Year 4 Remind us to 'Be Kind!'