Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

Hello Year 4 Parents,

Over the last few weeks we have been learning so much about your children and we are really enjoying our time at school. Typically we would hold a Meet the Teacher session, however that isn't possible at this current time. I have recorded a short video to run you through the key things in Year 4 along with a PowerPoint which includes all the information and my email address. 


I hope that you find these useful and hopefully they will answer some questions that you may have. As always, please do feel free to contact me if you have any questions of queries. 

Miss Chenery 


Meet the Teacher Video: 

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Year 4 Information Booklet

The Curriculum

At Brill School, English, Maths and Core Skills are taught through focused daily lessons; usually in the morning. For other lessons we have in recent years moved away from narrow subject based teaching and have developed a curriculum that is imaginative, child focused and cross curricular.

Year 4’s thematic topic units for this year are:



Main focus


Ancient Greece






The Great Outdoors



Click on the topic units for an overview document for the term's work or on the subject links for more information about the long term curriculum in each specific area.

Home Learning

Here you will find weekly maths, literacy and science tasks that are updated on a Friday. These are available for you to use if your child is absent from school. You can also spend time reading with your child and asking comprehension questions about their book to further their understanding. We are also encouraging you to practice Wizard Maths and general spellings. 


The maths worksheets will be following the curriculum that we are covering in school however the literacy and science are more broad and will not necessarily be covering the same topics that we are doing in class. 


Our PE lessons will be taking place on a Wednesday and a Thursday. Please ensure that you child comes to school in their PE kit. They will stay in their PE kits all day so there is no need for them to bring a change of clothes. Please ensure that children have weather appropriate kit as we will have PE lessons outside. 

Please also ensure that you child has a pair of trainers in school at all times for our daily mile. 

A general PE kit would include: Brill polo shirt, hoodie, shorts, tracksuit bottoms/comfortable trousers, change of socks, appropriate trainers (hats and gloves maybe need in the winter months).

Reading books: Due to current restrictions on movement around the school, children will have a selection of library books to browse and read in class. Our daily Guided Reading lessons will give children the opportunity to explore a variety of texts as a class,  strengthen their core reading ability and develop specific comprehension skills.  

Pencil cases: Please do not send your children in with pencil cases. We will be providing the children with all necessary equipment while they are here. 


Homework will be given out at the start of each half term and a date will be given for children to bring their work in for sharing. The homework in the learning logs is a chance for the children to engage in project based work along with core skills. 

Ways you can help support your child’s learning in school


In Year 4 the children take part in regular phonic sessions which focus on a variety of spelling patterns. The children are assessed on these spelling patterns regularly to assess if they are able to apply the learnt patterns independently. The children will bring home some words which demonstrate the spelling pattern that they have been learning.


In Year 4 the children take part in a guided reading session weekly where all the children are required to read and discuss a part of a book as a group.  The sessions are designed to focus on different areas of reading comprehension and allow the children opportunity to look further into the meaning of the book, the author’s intentions and reasons for choices of words etc.

There are also opportunities for quiet reading and children are able to change their reading books most days as needed.  It is still vital that they have regular opportunities to read to you at home and take part in discussions about their book and what has happened.  This ensures that they are reading at the appropriate level and more importantly understanding what they are reading.

Encourage your child to read (and share with you) the texts from our Brill School Year 4 recommended book list.


All children should be urged to know as many of their times tables from 1-12 as possible off by heart, out of order, with quick recall.  This may not be possible for all children however it is still something we can all strive towards.  It would be great if you could regularly discuss and learn times tables with your children. We practise our tables most days using a program called Wizard Maths.

The Year 4 Team...

Miss Chenery

Class Teacher

Mrs Tuffley

Teaching Assistan

Mrs Chisholm 

Teaching Assistant 

Year 4 Wow Moments!

Star of the week!

teachers on: Year 4 Wow Moments!

This week's star is Gabriel! He has shown fantastic motivation in his writing and he has not only met, but surpassed all of our expectations! He has worked incredibly hard and he has been so proud of his work! Super job Gabriel!


Terrific Twins!

teachers on: Year 4 Wow Moments!

Eliza and Mia have been very busy doing lots of work and having fun in the great outdoors. They have been doing word searches, practicing their timetables, handwriting and lots more! It is really important to have a mix of learning and fun and it looks like you have done a great job of fitting both into your days. Well done girls! 

With The Wind in Our Ears!

teachers on: Year 4 Wow Moments!

I have been spending lots of time walking the dogs up the hills, and they have been having THE best time ever! Remy always manages to find a stick... sometimes it's definitely more of a log, and Harvey spends the whole time running around with the ball in his mouth. I hope you are enjoying the great outdoors and getting lots of exercise in!

A Marvellous Mix!

teachers on: Year 4 Wow Moments!

Over the last 2 weeks, Ella has been very busy filling her time with a wide range of activities. From learning to roller-skate, to practicing her French, to colouring, and making her sock puppet. It looks like you have been incredibly busy Ella, and have used your time very well, a really important skill to have! Ella's sock puppet is called Abricas and she has even written down some key things that we should know about him! Well done Ella, fantastic work! 

Sensational Shop!

teachers on: Year 4 Wow Moments!

There are shops popping up all over the county thanks to Year 4, and I was very impressed to hear that Hugo has been opening his shop daily to sell items to his family! He has been using pretend money and practicing his decimals. I also have reason to believe that this is Hugo's favourite activity so far, what a win! Keep those doors open Hugo and keep up the fantastic work!

Brilliant Maths!

teachers on: Year 4 Wow Moments!

Tyler has been working super hard on his times tables and has completed this challenging activity of multiplying and then colouring in the square depending on the answer! Well done Tyler for motivating yourself to keep going with your maths work! 

I wonder if any one else has done any maths work that they are really proud of? 

Super Socks!

teachers on: Year 4 Wow Moments!

Arthur, Tyler and George have all been busy creating their sock puppets and they have such great character! Arthur's has whiskers and George's has a lovely grin! Tylers is called Jimmy and has a wicked hair style! Very creative work guys, keep going!! 

A Helpful Hand!

teachers on: Year 4 Wow Moments!

I have really enjoyed seeing all the things you have been getting up to at home to help out your parents! Arthur has been particularly busy, helping out in the kitchen, playing in the garden, reading, cycling, completing puzzles, baking and unloading the dishwasher! Arthur has also been showing his very caring and loving side as he has been rocking the role of brilliant big brother. It is AMAZING to see you showing our school values at home. 

Super Shoppers!

teachers on: Year 4 Wow Moments!

It is great to see that so many of you are setting up your own shops! I have had some wonderful pictures of all your supplies and decimal work! 

Maggie was able to video call some of her friends and family and offer them different products to buy from her store 'Princess Provisions', and then had the genius idea to use Monopoly money! I have heard that they were a little on the pricey side - inflation eh!? 

George has also been busy setting up his home store with essentials, I definitely know where I will be going if I run out of anything! 

An Army Of Sock Puppets!

teachers on: Year 4 Wow Moments!

I love seeing your sock puppet creations, keep them coming! This is Rowan's, a very cheeky looking, pink haired friend! 

Schooch Over Mary Berry!

teachers on: Year 4 Wow Moments!

Baking cookies is no easy task, however Caitlin has managed to weigh out all the ingredients (a very specific and important maths skill) and make some very delicious looking chocolate chip cookies. I have had some inside information, and apparently there were more than the 8 cookies that we can see on the plate... I wonder where they went...! 

Caitlin has also been doing some of her own science experiments and managed to create her own volcanic eruption in her own garden! That looks like a very fizzy, active volcano! Great work Caitlin! 

Open For Business!

teachers on: Year 4 Wow Moments!

This wonderful shop has been opened by Macy as she is practicing her skills of using decimals, a very important skill if you want to buy sweets or chocolate from the shop! It looks like you have lots of tasty treats on offer at your shop Macy, make sure you save some for us!


Run Miss Chenery, Run!

teachers on: Year 4 Wow Moments!

Today I managed my first 4 mile run. I am super proud of myself as this is the furthest I have ever run in one go, and I only started running in January! It definitely wasn't easy or quick but I persevered and practiced. Next time I will aim for 4.2 miles. I wonder if you can practice something you find challenging to help you get better? 


Brill Come Dancing!

teachers on: Year 4 Wow Moments!

Harriet very bravely took her tap dance exam at the end of February and today she got her results... A DISTINCTION! The highest possible mark! I hear that Harriet is very proud of this achievement and rightly so. A HUGE congratulations from me! Maybe you can teach me a few moves when we get back to school, Harriet? 

Keeping in Touch!

teachers on: Year 4 Wow Moments!

This week Laragh has spent some valuable time talking to her grandad over the phone. She was able to ask him lots of questions about his childhood. THEN Laragh took the time to take all of her notes and put it in to a beautifully written book.  Not only this, but Laragh has also drawn a fantastic map of Great Britain and labelled the places that she has been, a very usefully and education activity (and you all know how much I LOVE geography!) 

Architects In The Making!

teachers on: Year 4 Wow Moments!

Did you know that we have our very own architects at Brill School? Georgia and Oliver have been very busy this morning, designing their own house out of lego. I think you will agree that their imagination has been working in overdrive and their lego skills are good enough to challenge Mrs Baker. A huge well done for your patients and effort guys!

Sock Puppets!

teachers on: Year 4 Wow Moments!

Maggie has already had a go at making her sock puppet, and I must say, he looks brilliant! I am loving the pom-pom hair and tartan tie! A superb effort! I can't wait to see what fantastic work he is inspiring you to create at home! 

Jenga Mania!

teachers on: Year 4 Wow Moments!

Last week Rowan spent some of his time exploring how he can use Jenga bricks to build different structures. I think you will agree that they look fantastic, and very well balanced! Rowan also spent some time doing some art, a great way of relaxing and a very calming activity. Well done Rowan! 

A Happy Hugo!

teachers on: Year 4 Wow Moments!

Hugo has been incredibly busy this week. Not only has he been busy baking a sticky ginger cake AND using this for his fractions work, he has also made a LIFE SIZE robot out of his recycling. What a great use of time and rubbish! Brilliant work Hugo! 

Super Spellings!

teachers on: Year 4 Wow Moments!

It is wonderful to see your spellings with the suffix '-ation'. Harry noticed that 3 of our school values have this ending, what a great find! Ps. Great handwriting! Don't forget to show me your wonderful spellings and handwriting :) 

A Message From Harry

teachers on: Year 4 Wow Moments!

Harry has been practicing his drawing and colouring at home, and I must say, what a wonderful job he has done. Harry has also added a little note that I think we can all appreciate. Thank you Harry!

Fantastic French!

teachers on: Year 4 Wow Moments!

It's great to see year 4 still practicing their French skills, and doing it with a big smile on their face! Keep it up! 

Year 4 Remind us to 'Be Kind!'