Welcome to our Year R class page!

Hello to all Year R Children, Parents and Carers! 

I am so excited for our first term together to begin, to hear about all of your lovely summer holidays and to share your 'All About Me' books. 

This will be the page where you will be able to see what we have been doing through the week, via our weekly blog, keep track of important dates and information and to access any contact details in case you need to reach a member of the Year R team. 

Our first topic is 'All About Me' - which links to your summer projects! Parents and carers, if you have any interesting facts or stories to share about you or your family tree that the children and I can explore further please let me know, as it would be great to investigate different job roles and learn more about where our families come from. 

I will be sending out an email covering PE kits, welly boots and all the extra bits that will need to be bought in throughout the first week - so keep an eye out in your inboxes.

I look forward to seeing you all on Monday morning!

Have a restful weekend, Miss Stanyer :) 


Miss Stanyer - e.stanyer@brillschool.org.uk (8.00am - 8.20am and 3.00pm - 5pm)

School office - office@brillschool.org.uk (all emergencies, pick up changes and any general updates we need to know)


Important things to note:

Communication books - your children will be coming home with a purple book in their book bag, this is for you to let our team know of any messages, notes, concerns, happy comments and for us at school to keep you in the loop with anything needed from the day.

PE KITS - Year R PE day is Wednesday and Friday. On Wednesday we will be using our resilience and independence and getting changed as part of our PE lesson, we will however be sending children home in the PE kit due to the timetabling. Please ensure to return back to school on Monday. Friday PE will be light movement in the school hall so will not require a PE kit.

Welly Boots - Please feel free to start to bring in wellies, ready for the mud and winter months ahead. Please make sure they have a name in.

Forest School will be on a Tuesday!

Friday 22nd September 2023 - Wedding Of The Year!

Today was a very special day, as it was the day that two children from our class decided to get married. It was a great turn out and all of the children came together to decorate and set up the alter. We had children on dress duties and children making sure that the guests arrived and knew where to sit. It was lots of fun and we ended with a dance party! 

In Phonics we introduced yet another new sound, 'n', parents and carers you will be able to see the order of phonemes that we will be learning and the actions that match with these in your child's home learning pack. It would be great if you can encourage the children to continue to identify the sounds that we have learnt. 

In Maths we have started our new unit - Talking about measure and pattern! Today's lesson was looking at comparing sizes. We discussed as a class what the word compare means and we said that we look at similarities and differences of objects and things. We then linked this nicely to Goldilocks and the three bears and acted out the story using our story sticks. This was lots of fun as the children were comparing the sizes of the different objects (the bowls of porridge, the chairs and the beds) to match the size of the bears. 

It was pizza for lunch, which is always a hit and Jasper has chosen Aggie this weekend for a sleepover visit!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend - see you on Monday!

Miss S :)

Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st September 2023 - Soggy Socks and Windswept Hair

What a blustery few days it has been up in Brill on the Hill! We braved the wind for our different lessons and embraced the rain during playtimes, all about learning in the different weather conditions. Over the last few days we have been really focussing on blending our phonemes to make a full word, and using these skills to read words together through our Bug Club lessons. We introduced the 'i' phoneme today and were sounding out CVC words such as 'sip', 'sit', 'tip', 'pip'. We have finished off our Matching, sorting and comparing Math unit and will be starting to talk about measure and patterns next week! 


We have been looking at emotions and how we would feel in different scenarios - we then created a class contract with Miss Cruickshank.

'I promise to be kind and not hurt our friends, not break our toys, share with our friends and play with all our friends.'

All of the children signed the contract to show that they agreed with the promise. This linked in nicely with understanding the world around us and ensuring that we are empathetic towards others. 


We also took it in turns to go around the circle and share our favourite ice cream flavours, we were all salivating by the end! I then challenged the children to remember what flavours different children said which is testing our communication and listening skills. All the children were so respectful to one and another and found it hilarious that Miss Cruickshank had 3 favourite flavours - she just loves ice cream!


We have been doing some blow painting pictures of monsters - linked to the 'Colour Monster' and exploring emotions, and also creating our class monsters for our reward of baking the cakes! We got our first whole class monster today because we were the best class at walking down the hall into the lunchroom! Well done Year R, making me proud to be your teacher every day!


I will be sending out some more maths and phonic homework tasks to be done together, if we could have the home learning folders back in on Wednesday that would be fab!


Have a lovely evening everyone! 

Miss S 

Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th September 2023 - Autumn walks and The Perfect Fit!

To start off our third week of term we had a very important job to do - it was Albert's birthday on Sunday so we all sang a great big Happy Birthday to him. This week the children have started to take responsibilities for different jobs within the classroom and being my special helper. The jobs are:

  • Snack monitor (handing out our fruit and veggies)
  • Light monitor (turning off the lights when we leave the classroom)
  • Calendar monitor (changing the date and time in the morning)
  • Visual timetable monitor (helping with the timetable so that we all know what is happening in the day)
  • Self-registration monitor (counting how many faces are in our tens frame and writing the number) 
  • Compost bin monitor (helping to take out the fruit peels to the compost bin)
  • Chair monitor (making sure that all chairs are away and children can't trip over)
  • Pen monitor (ensuring that all pens are away and pencils are sharpened)  

All children will hopefully get to take on 2/3 roles this year and will be able to show the next person how to do their job - which is looking at communication skills and being able to relay instructions to peers. 


In Phonics we have been testing our memories of last weeks phonemes (s, a, t, p), and been recapping the sounds. We played some phonic games where we had to identify the different graphemes that matched to the phoneme and the think of a word that had that sound in. I also challenged the children to tell me where in the word you can hear that sound. We then had a go at blending words that have these phonemes in 'sat', 'at', 'pat', 'tap' and the children were amazing at sounding out and then blending to read the whole word. We also practised our handwriting of the graphemes on the whiteboards, very impressive!


We have still been focussing on sorting and grouping in maths and yesterday and today we have been looking at identifying groups and creating our own sorting rules. The children are fantastic at this! We sorted ourselves out into different groups based on what we were wearing, what siblings we had and whether we liked certain foods. This links in nicely with our topic as we are learning about each other through our different activities. I then challenged the children to go into our ChIL time and to sort out the different items into groups that I had left out, for example, pasta shapes, coloured shape blocks, beads etc. 


We have been having a lot of discussions around being different and how we treat people who might look different to us. We read the story 'The Perfect Fit' by Naomi and James Jones and the children had some lovely ideas about how the triangle was feeling when she didn't quite fit in with the other shapes. The children said 'just because she is different doesn't mean she can't play with them.' We shared how she might have been feeling and what we would do to make sure someone felt included. We then made shape paintings of different shapes and made different statues using different shapes - all to show how much fun it can be when everything is included. 


In our Understanding the World discussion today we have been talking about seasons and Autumn. We talked about what we already knew about Autumn and how we know the seasons are changing. We then went on an Autumnal walk where we collected different leaves and seeds and we spoke about how they have changed. We will be using these things that we have found for an art project, which is really exciting!


Challenge for the evening - can you see anything in your house that has the 's, a, t or p' phonemes in?


See you all tomorrow :)

Miss S

Successful Second Week!

We have been busy bees down in Year R for our second week of school. We have really found our feet now and settled into our school day routine so well. I am very, very proud and impressed with the courage and confidence that the children have shown! It is so wonderful to see new friendships form, children looking out from one another and being incredibly helpful around the classroom. I am not sure if your children are this good at tidying up at home, but WOW they are super stars at tidying away at the end of the day.


Our learning journey this week has been a busy one and the children are all enjoying their Phonics, Maths and our class discussions around our topic. It is lovely to see so many hands up to want to share and participate. 


In Phonics we have introduced the phoneme (sound) 's' 'a' 't' and 'p'. Ask the children to tell you the sound and demonstrate the actions, you will be very impressed. 


In Maths we have been focussing on grouping and how we can group different items, we have also learnt what a set is. We grouped the Year R class into boys and girls, and then we organised the groups into eye colour. We had 14  children and adults with brown eyes, 14 children and adults with blue eyes and 4 children and adults with green eyes! 


We had a big class vote for our end of term treat if we collect 10 monsters by October half term. The vote was tense and we all had a pom-pom, which we had to place in our favourite idea, and then we counted the votes together. The ideas were:

  • Teddy bears picnic
  • Make medals
  • Bake chocolate cakes 
  • Ice cream party

The winner, by a lot of pom-pom votes, was to bake chocolate cakes! We are very excited about this and will be trying very hard to win our monsters. We can win the monsters by showing our school golden rules (ready, respectful and safe) and showing our listening skills. 


We did some junk modelling, where we made rockets for Winnie Witch and her journey into space. This was lots of fun, and all of our rocket ships looked awesome! 


We enjoyed some calming yoga today as we are all so exhausted after our second week!


I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

See you Monday.

Miss S

Happy Monday Everyone!

As it is now our second week in school we jumped straight into our routine and had our first Phonics, Maths and Funky Finger lessons. 


During Phonics we went on a sound walk around the school grounds, just so we can test our listening ears. We then came back into the classroom where we went round and made a sound that we heard outside and we had to explain what it was. We heard the leaves rustling, teachers talking, airplanes flying, stones crunching under our feet and birds tweeting. 


We had our ChIL time and we were challenged to carry on listening out for any noises that we could copy. We also discussed what copy means and we know now that it means to do something the same or have the same. 


In Maths we started our White Rose Unit - Matching! We looked at when something is the same and different and what this means and we looked at matching different items together and explaining why we thought that they went together. Miss Stanyer was very impressed with all of the answers! 


We had assembly where Mrs White talked about 'Love' - which is our focus value of the month and we sang a song with the rest of the school. 


After lunchtime we had partner talk where we talked about what was the same and what was different between each other. Some children have brown eyes, some have blonde hair, some are tall and some wear white polo tops. This linked in nicely with our All About Me Topic and appreciating others and being comfortable in our own skin.


We finished off the day with our first 'Funky Fingers' - ask your children why we do this! We had different activities going on where we had to practise using our fine motor skills and strengthen our fingers and thumbs. This was lots of fun!

The rest of the first week of school ...

This first week of school has flown by and what a week it has been! The children have been fantastic and have settled into the school day incredibly well. Some of the highlights include: 

  • PE, Music and French - We met all our new teachers for our wider curriculum areas and all of the teachers said how wonderful Year R are, which made me very proud! Mrs Jolly, (PE teacher) played capture the crocodiles, the children had so much fun running around and getting stuck into their first PE lesson. Madame Tate, (French teacher) taught the children how to greet each other in French by saying 'Bonjour' and 'Salut' and Mrs Nash, (Music teacher) introduced body percussion and played lots of musical games with the children. 


  • Year 5 buddies - The children in Year R got to select their Y5 buddies on Thursday and what a hit this has been!! The Y5's have already taken them under their wings in the dining hall and when playing outside. It is lovely to see their friendships blossom and the YR children are so excited to see them throughout the day. There are some pictures in the slideshow below. 


  • We shared our class story 'The colour monster starts school' and talked about how we were all feeling about starting school - it was so lovely to see children smiling when talking about how they have settled in and any worries they may have had have gone away. 


  • We spoke about school values and how this month we are focussing on the value of 'Love'. We discussed as a class all the different things we love, such as, family, friends, learning, football, playing and my favourite - food! 


  • We joined the rest of the school for a music performance from XYZ - who run our school music lessons - and joined in with the singing and clapping to the beat. It was lots of fun, and we have lots of musical children in Year R!


  • We have slowly started to introduce learning into our days where we engaged in maths and phonic activities, we were counting out the penguins after rolling the dice and taking it in turns to have a go. 


  • We played 'Wake Up Mr Bear' which is a circle time activity where the children have to listen and wake the bear up when his pot of honey has been taken from Mr Bear! We really enjoyed playing this.

The whole of the Year R team, and school, have been blown away by how amazing your children are and we are so excited for the rest of the year and to update you on all that we have been doing. 


I hope you all have a lovely weekend, enjoy the sunshine and rest up for another busy week of school!


See you all on Monday, Miss S


WOW! What a busy second day we have had! 

Today has been very busy in Year R! We started off with a very important job of naming our 'Listening Fairy' and 'Class Teddy'! We had three options of names from different children and then we had a whole class vote to decide what we liked for the names. We ended up with Sparkle the Fairy and Jasper the Teddy Bear! 

Jasper will be coming to visit all of your homes throughout the year - he is very excited!

We then went into our ChIL time and we played 'The Floor Is Lava'. This was LOTS of fun and working together as a construction team we created a huge bridge which got us from one end of the playground to the other without having to fall into the lava. Miss Stanyer only fell in once!

We played a game where Miss Stanyer challenged the children to sit super still whilst blowing bubbles, the children weren't allowed to move to pop them - this was using our listening ears and still hands, it was really really hard - but everyone did so well and resisted the temptation.

We shared our 'All About Me' books in small groups with the different teachers and I must say, they were all AMAZING! I absolutely loved reading through them all, the children talking about the pictures and sharing little facts about them to their friends. Thank you parents for helping with their summer project, you all did a fabulous job, the children were all so proud of their books and couldn't wait to share.

The rest of the day consisted of singing nursery rhymes, counting as a class (some children coming up to the front to show everyone their amazing counting on their own), playing 'Simon Says' (great listening skills YR), reading different stories, sharing as a class things that we have enjoyed over our first two days of school, playing with the Year 5's outside, some of us played football, arts and crafts and so much more! 


I hope you have all enjoyed your second day!

Miss Stanyer 

Our First Day In Year R!

What an incredible first day we have had. Parents and carers you should all be so proud of your children - they blew me away with their listening, manners, kindness, resilience and enthusiasm!

We started the day off with going over some really important rules that we have in Year R - its our 5 listening skills!  

  1. Quiet mouths
  2. Listening ears on
  3. Watching eyes
  4. Still hands 
  5. Crossed legs

We practised our clap back, listening to others and waiting our turn to speak. All of the children showed me how fantastic they are at listening and our listening wands will be filled with stickers before the end of the next week I am sure! 

We then went for an adventure around the school - we peeked into the older year groups classrooms and they were all working really hard - but we were being silent ninjas, so we were never heard! We had a play on the playground with the balls and all played together so beautifully. 

The rest of the day was spent in our ChIL time (Child Initiated Learning), going into our first whole school assembly, breaktime outside with the whole school, meeting the Year 5 class to get to know our buddies, lunchtime in the hall and practising lining up, sitting in our carpet spaces and reading lots of lovely books! 

I want to let you all know how happy and excited I am for the year ahead - today has been amazing and your children are all superstars! I am sure there will be lots of early nights - for me included - but we look forward to seeing you all back in the morning! 

Have a look at the slideshow below for a glimpse of some of today's action!

Miss Stanyer 

The Year R Team

Miss Stanyer 

Class Teacher 

Miss Cruickshank

Teaching Assistant

(Mon - Fri)

Mrs Vincent 

Teaching Assistant (Tues-Fri)

Year R Topic Webs

Autumn 1 2023

Bug Club Phonics

Click in the Youtube link to hear the pure sounds we use in class. 

Actions to accompany letter sounds

 Supporting your child's learning at home

Nurturing a love of books is such an important skill for your child to learn and will bring them great pleasure for years to come.

Please read to your child as much as possible, sharing a variety of book genres to broaden their understanding of different texts.  

The children will chose a library book to take home each week and later on in the year will also take home a reading scheme book to practise their own reading.    

Please complete any homework activities that are sent home, these will commence a few weeks into the new term. 

Thank you.

Reading Guidance 

Bug Club Reading Scheme Information

Information for parents on the new Baseline assessments for children of Reception age. 

        A guide for parents on the new                           EYFS curriculum,                   what to expect and when. 

EYFS Policy

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Useful websites




  • Some excellent numeracy and literacy resources





  • cbeebies stories


  • ABC Playschool. Videos and games


  • New and improved! Try creating your own Spot story.


  • Books for reading together with links to K&U and in particular, natural science


Information for parents on Bug Club

(Please use your child's log-in codes)




Websites for children

These offer a great number of games, songs, stories, videos etc so it is important to know the sites well in order to support and develop children's learning.


  • Nesting boxes - live streams


  • Many games, often recognised by children from their homes.                                          


  • Games of varying quality that can be played supporting areas of learning


  • Free jigsaws


  • Nursery Rhymes, including sound files for musical accompaniment!


  • Try out the Kaleidoscope painter