What do Governors do?

Governors have three main functions:

  • We set the vision, ethos and strategic direction of the school,
  • We hold the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the children,
  • And we oversee the financial performance of the school to make sure its money is well spent.

Governors also ensure the school’s safeguarding measures are safe and effective.

We meet as a full governing board three times a year, and then have a day long strategy session in the summer term to look forward 3-5 years and set goals. 

We have two committees. These oversee different aspects of the school’s work and meet every half term.

The Education and Standards Committee monitors children’s attainment and progress, the school curriculum and approach. As part of this we visit school where we work with subject leaders, talk to children and look at books to understand the impact of the curriculum and the school’s development plan for each year.

The Resources committee monitors how the school delivers education including: how the school uses funds and ensures rigorous financial management; recruiting, developing and retaining an outstanding staff team, and ongoing development and maintenance of a safe, inspiring learning environment.

Each governor has a role within these committees and also works with a link staff member on one of our strategic priorities each year. You can see the background and role of each of our governors on their profile page. You can contact governors via the school office or on the emails in their bios.

Structure of the Full Governing Body

3 Members: Anne Davey (Director of Education Oxford Diocese), Liz Cotgreave, Rebecca Field.

Full Governing Body comprised of 12 governors: 2 staff; 2 parents; 3 foundation; 5 other

Committees: Resources; Education & Standards.

Tania Flasck

Vice-Chair, Parent Governor

Education & Standards Cmte,
Lead, Data, Mental Health & Wellbeing

Margaret Kean


Chair, Education & Standards Cmte
Lead, Core Curriculum

Rebecca Field

SEN & Safeguarding Governor

Héloïse Ardley

Co-opted Governor

Education & Standards Cmte
Lead, Wider Curriculum & Parent communication

Elaine Vaile


Resources Cmte
Lead, People

Duncan Moss


Chair, Resources Cmte
Lead, Finance

Ed Gibbs

Resources Committee

Louise White

Headteacher and Staff Governor

Jayne Gibson-Harris

Education & Standard Cmte

Gill Salt

Staff Governor


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