My Team


Enthusiasm, excitement for learning and creativity are attributes that we, as Brill School staff, value and model to all of our pupils. 

Opportunities are given for all children to explore different sports, the arts and creative workshops through a variety of after-school clubs run by Brill teachers.

Children are able to learn new skills, are supported in their development and challenged through competitions.

Our relationships with parents are valued and we encourage you to chat to us about your children.  Our 'Open Door policy' means that parents can informally chat with their class teacher before or after school or if they would like to discuss a more detailed matter, they can email their teacher to schedule a meeting. 


Mrs Louise White, Headteacher

Mrs G Salt

Year R Teacher

Miss J Clayton

 Year 3 Teacher

Computing Coordinator

Mrs R Oliver

Year 6 Teacher

Literacy Coordinator


Mrs Nicola Wilde, Acting Headteacher


Miss A Butler

Year 1 Teacher

Maths Coordinator

PE Coordinator

Miss M Chenery

Year 4 Teacher

Humanities Coordinator

Mrs E Tate

Modern Foreign Languages Teacher

Miss L Webb

Year 2 Teacher

Science Coordinator

Mr J Dickson

Year 5 Teacher

Art Coordinator

Music Coordinator

Mrs I Keeping

Forest School Teacher and Pupil Premium Coordinator

Mrs Z Cawston

Teaching Assistant, Year R

Miss M Cruickshank

Teaching Assistant, Year R

Mrs C Freeland

Teaching Assistant, Year 3

Mrs M Ellis

Teaching Assistant, Year 5

Teaching Assistants

Mrs L Green

Teaching Assistant, Year 1

Mrs H Tuffley

Teaching Assistant, Year 4

Miss P Worthington

Teaching Assistant, Year 6

Mrs T Barlow

Teaching Assistant, Year 2

Mrs H Chisholm

Teaching Assistant, Year R

Mrs J Hart

Business Manager

Office Staff

Mrs S Harding

School Administrator

Mrs N Chadbone

Admin Assistant

Mr A Birt


Caretaking and Cleaning Staff

Mrs A Cruickshank

Midday Supervisor/Cleaner