Why choose Brill School? 

Every child is an individual and at Brill we want to nurture, inspire and encourage every single pupil to reach their own potential. To enable all to develop and grow, we offer an extensive range of extra-curricular activities and curriculum enrichment opportunities to challenge and engage.  These range from tennis coaching, dance performances, Gifted and Talented workshops to art classes - excitement for all!   

Underpinning all that we do at Brill are our school Christian values: honesty, service, love, compassion, hope, thankfulness, diversity, respect, joy, peace, forgiveness and courage. Our aim, as Brill School staff, is to embed these core values in all of our pupils to support them during their time at Brill but also to prepare them for their future lives.

Our pupils also take advantage of our truly wonderful geographical location. Regular Forest School sessions enable our younger pupils to bring their learning to our local woods and the older children take advantage of our grounds and our wonderful village to enrich their science, geography and literacy lessons (to name just a few).

Every child’s experience at Brill is guaranteed to be unique: just like your child. 

Mrs L Wilkinson, Year 6 Teacher

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