Priorities 2020-2021


Our priorities for this academic year are in line with our overall strategy as a school, and follow the principles we adhere to in making every decision.
They have been developed in collaboration with the full governing body to ensure that we both challenge ourselves but also take into consideration the added pressures COVID-19 is putting on our school. We hope that by sharing them with our wider school community, it will help parents understand how our initiatives relate to each other, how we make decisions and what our ambition is.


Each priority fits under one of four key aims for our school, as set out [here]. Below you can find each of those priorities and the aim they sit under.


Aim #1: Brill children move on with ‘the wind in their sails’: with the resilience, thirst for learning and values to sustain them beyond their Brill School years.

Priorities for 2020-2021:

  • Help Parents understand what a ‘BRILL child’ means and have clarity on our school vision
  • Ensure that our Personal development curriculum is in place
  • Enable our Pupil council and our digital leaders to play a more active role



Aim #2: Brill children, whatever their starting point, make progress that is well above the national average: They will have secure skills in maths and english, a depth of understanding across the curriculum, good awareness of our diverse and changing world, and the confidence to play their part in it.

Priorities for 2020-2021:

  • Secure our progress in maths and literacy with baseline assessment and create catch-up plans informed by our SEND ethos and practice. Ensure that we communicate clearly on progress with parents
  • Build our curriculum in ICT, Science, PHSE and RE
  • Review and Gap-fill to ensure greater awareness of diversity and the wider world around us
  • Collaborate and Innovate in:

- New learning models building home/ school links and resilience 
- Outdoor learning in the context of our climate challenge 



Aim #3: We have continued to attract and develop outstanding people committed to our Brill ethos. Our outward looking team collaborates and innovates alongside partner schools and organisations to inspire and improve.

Priorities for 2020-2021:

  • Link ICT, Science, PHSE, RE and Personal Development curriculum leads with an outstanding setting
  • Design and Implement catch-up strategies in Maths, Science and English, led by subject leads and coordinated by the Headteacher
  • Review key roles to support wellbeing and for succession planning, creating a strategic resource plan

Aim #4: We will develop our learning environment to enable innovative outdoor education, reduce our environmental impact as far as possible and create safe, inspiring learning spaces for 30 children in each class.

Priorities for 2020-2021:

  • Fix the water problems
  • Remove the existing wind turbine
  • Enable pupils to lead and make changes in our behaviours and approach to waste and consider how we can reduce our environmental impact