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With the Wind in our Sails


At Brill School, we place great emphasis on the development of the humanitarian subjects. Geography allows the children to explore, learn and understand the world around them in both the human and physical form. 

Our children are able to explore their fantastic local environment during forest school and visits around the village. We are always encouraging our children to look around them and identify local environmental issues as well as challenge themselves with exploring the wider world that we live in. 

By giving children the opportunity to be creative in their geography lessons, they are able to make links with the wider curriculum and really deepen their understanding of an extensive range of topics. Our children have opportunities to challenge themselves and take risks with their learning, as, with all subjects, some aspects are more challenging than others! 

Geography is a subject that the children will take with them through their adult life and will always be building on their knowledge. As always, we want to help our children develop their love of learning and their inquisitive minds. 

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